What do you need to see on 'Kitchen Nightmares' to make you want to eat at Mill Street Bistro?

Norwalk restaurant takes a beating after first episode aired last week.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 7, 2013


The second "Kitchen Nightmares" episode featuring Norwalk's Mil Street Bistro airs at 8 p.m. this Friday.

In the comments section below, please share what you would need to see in the second episode that would make you want to eat at the restaurant?



Doubt we will see anything on the show - Ramsey edits to make it sensational, otherwise no viewers. My advice would be a Friday or Saturday date night package like Mon Ami - a set price and small menu option that people can afford. If you are going "upscale" - lose the polos and dress the part and up the decor. Otherwise, turn into a sports bar and revise the menu. Also, how about an "upscale" brunch buffet on Sundays? Have saute stations, etc. Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk!


You have some very good ideas. I agree. But IF he is actually serving expired food, there is NOTHING that will get me to eat there.




Reality TV is all about sensationalism. He knew it when he signed on to have his establishment featured. As with all the "kitchen nightmare" type shows, he will rise to the top by show's end. Its sort of a reverse type of advertising. It can backfire, but look at all the commotion it has stirred up already! Don't think for one moment that all of the area populous won't be nose first into the flat screen come Friday!!


IMO, the editing done speaks for itself as far as any promotional gain Joe or Chef Ramsey was seeking. I feel sorry for the locals that have to put up with a dude like Joe "I'm a trained chef/food salesman pro, blah, blah, blah"!


NO FFING WAY!!!!!! I don't care if anything was diced and sliced to make it appear more dramatic- the man has no business preparing, cooking or any other area of food the man couldn't cut it as a salesman! Why would you think after that show anyone would want to tread down that path and risk getting sick? I probably have more cooking experience watching Rachael Ray and Emeril(Man vs. Food?)and preparing meals for my family than that narcissistic jacka**!!!!

Bada Bing

no way never again! He thinks were all hillbilly's,well who do you think would keep his business going,that's right all the people he just talked down to. Food is no good,prices are to high and place looks like a bar! I don't mind paying more for a good meal,but it wont be there!


Question: What do you need to see on 'Kitchen Nightmares' to make you want to eat at Mill Street Bistro?

Answer: A banner hanging over the entrance which reads "Under new management."




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Contango- HA HA, that is a great answer! I think that I will watch the 2nd episode, maybe try it for myself. I don't know. After reading a lot of comments online, it sounds like he may just be as big of a jerk as he looks on tv.


Contango ~ completely agree. I would never eat at this place after watching the owner in action.


I would have to see a new owner


Nothing will get me to eat there. Even if the food is great, Joe will still be an a-s, you can't change stupid.


Was only ever there for an occasional lunch with co workers or after a fun tuff game of softball with my girls.
Back when it was just a good 'ol sports bar.

Kottage Kat

Do not watch T V
So NADA would be my response
I prefer to cook
Cheaper, faster, and service is good

Kottage Kat

my house
have contango give you his chili recipe
It is awesome
I use it and love it
Thanks contango


does it include beer?...please do share

Estrella Damm

I'd like to heard that Michael Salvidor has been hired by a new owner as manager and head chef self trained by European chefs serving farm to frozen to dethawed to raw onions to fork catch of the day. I also would like the new owner to call the place "Small Man Fake Bistro". I would eat there if that happens.


I heard that the former cook is now at Berardi's in Huron?


Yes, I am!!They have more class and serve better food than Joe can cook up on his best day! They never have or ever will claim to be something that they're not! What they have done in the past 30 years speaks for itself, Joe can only pretend that he will ever match the integrity that they have, because, they know the value of good employees, your only as good as the people that work for you! Joe is a wannabe.


I will never eat there. If you aren't smart enough to toss the 3 year old stuff out before the first show then your not smart enough to run it correctly after the show. He doesn't have what it takes to run a restaurant or anything else. Let him and dishwasher Mike go someplace else. But maybe they should stop at Wendy's on the way out of town. At least they would get a good burger there!!

Kottage Kat

Do have say " I am a Republican " and would like a table 4--( fill in your #).


nothing would make me want to eat at this place now. if me and my spouse want to go have a date night, I guess we will just go to Sandusky.


You could hire a personal chef for a night to cook and serve your meal for you! You make the menu!! I know someone like that!


I think it will take a year or maybe two of good food, reasonable prices and people saying "this place really changed for the better". Until then, I think he sees a slight increase in customers after the second show, solely out of curiosity, but if and when he returns to his old tactics, the place will probably end up in new management because he will sink this restaurant of a ship yet again.

Whiskey Tango F...

nope wont take another show,this place is done!

Whiskey Tango F...

nope wont take another show,this place is done!


They need to revise the menu to make everything cheaper, and it should include Soup Beans and Cornbread, Biscuits and Gravy, Grits, and Collard Greens...at LEAST! Then some of us might eat there.


I will not eat there because I can't afford to eat there. Plus, I KNOW that for the most part, he HAS gone back to some of his bad ways, and will continue to go back to more bad ways as the excitment of the show wears off. I also know that he has begun to NOT pay his bills (insufficient funds). I also know that not only does he use bad foods but also tries to pass his vegetable "seconds" as the "same greens that the big chefs use all over the world". So before the show, his ways were bad and then they got a bit better. But now they are inching their way to bad again. Even on his Facebook page, he erased all the bad comments and left the good comments up from back when he had a better chef which confused some of the people who went there to visit the Facebook page ("how come there's so many good post here if he is so bad?"). Those good post are from last year and this years fakes and friends. Maybe, if he is smart, he'll go publically and apologize to us all and turn a new leaf. Fact is, WE COULD USE A NICE PLACE TO EAT that's down home and not so danged high priced. How bout some Greasy grit gravy and gizzard greens, a big fat pie and mobo beans with oven baked woodchuck and sweet potatoes.
Yep, I'm a hillbilly.

And the wife will have a side of roosterfries with that.