Driver may get license suspended after police cruiser hits her car

Officer's vehicle spins out and collides with parked car while en route to emergency involving injured trooper.
Mar 7, 2013


An Ohio woman’s license may be suspended after a police cruiser collided into her parked car.

Franklin Police Officer Josh Rammel was en route Feb. 27 to Interstate 75 for an emergency involving an injured Ohio Highway Patrol trooper when his vehicle spun out and collided into Amanda Conklin’s parked car on East Sixth Street.

Conklin, a Franklin resident, said she had just returned from Walmart and had been home for about 10 minutes when the Franklin cruiser hit some ice turning left from Anderson Street onto East Sixth Street. She said the police officers investigating the crash said the city would cover the damages.

“I was upfront about not having insurance,” she said. “They still said the city would cover the damages.”

However, when Conklin contacted the city’s insurance carrier Monday, she was told the city would not be paying for the damages because the officer was responding to an emergency.

Police Chief Russ Whitman said state law exempts the city in a collision when they are responding to an emergency. He said if Conklin would have had insurance, she may have had her damages covered by her own policy because her vehicle was parked on the street.

“The unfortunate thing is when we send the accident report to the state, her license is going to be suspended,” Whitman said.

Whitman said the cruiser was towed from the scene and will be repaired. He has not seen any damage estimates on the cruiser.

Conklin said she took her vehicle to a collision center who told her the car was totaled. She is now without a working vehicle.

Rammel was cited for failure to control. Whitman said the traffic citation would serve as his departmental disciplinary action.

“The lesson learned here is to make sure you have insurance,” Whitman said.

Conklin said she spoke with a lawyer who told her the city was exempt from liability when making an emergency response.

“I guess I’ll be taking them to small claims court,” she said. “That’s going to be my next step.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Trooper Brent Hill, 26, of Franklin, was reported in stable condition and has been moved from the intensive care unit at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, according to patrol Lt. Matt Hamilton.

Hill was hit by a car that lost control on a snowy I-75. He sustained a broken leg and suffered head trauma. He is a newly-commissioned state trooper assigned to the highway patrol’s Lebanon post.

“He continues to improve each day,” Hamilton said.

The patrol said Hill was investigating a one-car accident on northbound I-75 just after 11 p.m. when he was hit by a second car that had lost control on the slippery road. The car sideswiped the patrol car, then struck Hill and the first car.

A field training officer who was with Hill wasn’t hurt, but a supervisor said he was shaken up.

Hamilton said the incident remains under investigation.


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Simple Enough II

Ha ha, you have to have insurance to drive in Ohio, but you can be an illegal Alien, no insurance and all you get is a summons!


Woah Woah Woah, so she gets her license taken away because the stupid cop hit her car? thats not fair to her because she parked her car in a legal place, there were no signs saying (No parking right side of street) its the officers fault he was going fast and slid into her car, in no way should she have to pay for this. i call BS


She is losing her license because it is illegal to drive without insurance in Ohio.
However, since this is Ohio and not No-Fault-Insurance Michigan, his insurance should be covering the accident that he caused. That part of the story seems like a screw job by the city.


You dont have to insure a PARKED car though. I take Insurance off my classic cars in the winter. I have storage insurance on them. But its not illegal to not have it, just dumb. I take the girls side.


Not me. She said she was driving the car and said she had no insurance. GUILTY!



BULLISDEEP's picture

IN the street you do.


She said she just got back from Walmart 10 minutes ago. What did she do, call up and cancel her policy right after she parked it. Derp.

BULLISDEEP's picture

They cite the cop ,and then don't pay for his accident.
This is wrong.


exactaly what im saying!

BULLISDEEP's picture

I agree with you
If the city was exempt from liability when making an emergency response.

Then how can they cite him , they are saying he is guilty ,so the city should pay to fix her car no matter what.
If he hadn't hit her they wouldn't have known she had no ins.


She is being cited for no insurance - the accident is irrelevant.


she isn't being cited for anything. hope she wins her small claims.

Sitting In The ...

So basically if your car sitting on the side of the street and a police officer totals it responding to an "emergency" you better have insurance and have fun with that deductible. If he didn't hit your car then guess what your tax dollars pay the repair cost for cruiser. Boy must be nice to wreck cars and just get a new one for free....


What if that officer was on the way to an accident/situation that YOU or your CHILD was involved in? Everyone sits and curses the officer. He was doing HIS JOB. If all you officer bashers think you could do it better, then have at it. The woman had NO insurance and was driving the vehicle (she admitted to just parking it), that is ILLEGAL! Although most that do not have insurance KNOW they are breaking the law and a suspended drivers license will not stop her from driving either!


The fact that she was driving without insurance doesn't negate from the fact that the officer or city should be held responsible for repairing/replacing the car.


She should get driving without insurance and 6 mo. license suspension...period!
Get well Hill.


Her car does not need to be insured while just sitting there, parked. That's the law.


Agreed. If she was even just sitting in her car, it's her loss. Car is in park, not running, not occupied, with no keys in it.....She got screwed.


"Conklin, a Franklin resident, said she had just returned from Walmart and had been home for about 10 minutes when the Franklin cruiser hit some ice turning left from Anderson Street onto East Sixth Street.".....from the article....she ADMITTED TO DRIVING IT and just parked! That is ILLEGAL

jack langhals

Laws mean nothing.We have laws now for everything and most of them are only enforced on the law abiding citizen.Who do you think the gun laws will apply too?The lawyers have destroyed this country with their laws !There is 545 of them idiots passing them everyday for over 200 years.

hit the road jack

Not that I think the law is 100% right but if you remember when you bought license plates you signed the paper saying you would have insurance,no if's or and's or but's about it,not only that your car is sitting on a public street,which gives the cops jurisdiction,sitting in her driveway is a whole different story.