Romeo and Juliet?: Sex offender gets 90 days, told to stay away from victim, 14

The girl, in a letter to the court, declared her love for Ramirez, saying: "He's the finest man I know."
Cary Ashby
Mar 6, 2013


The attorney for a convicted sex offender equated the consensual relationship with the victim with something worthy of William Shakespeare.

"There is no greater tale of woe than of Juliet and her Romeo," defense attorney Tom Nicholson said.

Nicholson used the quote Tuesday at the sentencing hearing for Jose R. Ramirez, 19, of 27 N. Main St., Willard.

In mid-January, Ramirez pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. The conviction is for a consensual July 7 incident involving a 14-year-old girl.

"If she were a few months older, it would have been a misdemeanor type of situation," Nicholson said.

The Willard Police Department investigated the case. Police have said the victim's parents reported their daughter wasn't where she was supposed to be, but "was with someone else."

It's unclear how the girl and Ramirez became acquainted.

The girl, in a letter to the court, declared her love for Ramirez.

"He's the finest man I know," said Nicholson, while quoting the girl.

Ramirez has been taking GED classes. He recently started a seasonal job in Mansfield and plans to work a local farming job in the spring.

"I've been staying off drugs," said Ramirez, who apologized for committing the sex crime. "My family is in Texas. The only communication I have with them is through (the) phone."

Classified as a Tier II sex offender, Ramirez must register his address every six months for the next 25 years.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced him to 90 days in the Huron County Jail on the work release program. That means he was released from custody Tuesday and will receive a reporting date from the jail.

Ramirez must pay a $250 fine and undergo drug and substance abuse counseling as part of his three years of probation. No restitution was requested.

Last week, the defendant walked into the main courtroom nearly two hours late for his original sentencing hearing. Since Conway already had issued a warrant for Ramirez's arrest and Nicholson no longer was in the courthouse, a deputy arrested Ramirez and took him to jail.

Nicholson said his client never called anybody about being late.

If Ramirez violates his probation -- which includes obtaining his GED and not having any contact with the victim, he faces 18 months in prison.



looks like a fine young man to me..


How many "men" has this girl known, anyway? Hmmmm?


Who cares how many men she's known? He is a 29 yr old MAN and she is a 14 yr old GIRL. These pedophiles know how to pick their victims, from broken homes and seeking love and affection from the wrong places. I don't know either of these people but clearly he broke the law and clearly she is confused. How dare you blame the victim who is only 14 and not a grown man who seeks out children!


Please get your head out of the sand and take your blinders off... there are many many 14 year olds who don't behave like 5 year old children and who certainly are NOT innocent... they know more of what goes on than you think... I did and that was a long time ago. I'm not saying what he did was right. But it takes two to tango and she clearly didn't want to stay away from him.

Personally, I think she needs a chastity belt it may cool her horniness a little. And like it or not these kids are getting hornier at a much earlier age nowadays.


I kinda think that's what Clarence is saying. I can only fault the parents in these situations and the upbringing of the child.

Cary Ashby

He is 19. That was a math mistake on my part! I corrected it in the story.


Well that is a huge mistake! It takes him from being more than double her age to making it the same difference as me and my wife. Still a problem though. I didn't get with my wife until I was thirty.


The kid is only 19.. not 29. that was a misprint clarence3.. big difference. Or are you one of those closed minded people that think 14 year old girls still play with Barbie dolls and don't go out and sleep with 19 year olds? get real.


Well TRUTHbewrong..?? I had a step daughter who at 14 would have declared her love for her shoes, and married them if she could have... So sorry 14??? "Only love" RIGHT


I hear ya on that!


oh another closed minded person.. well 14 year olds these days have sex with older guys and I would call them victims.. that's just ridiculous.

what the?

I could be wrong, but when this story first came out....didn't it state that this guy was 19?

Again, I could be wrong here........

Simple Enough II

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swiss cheese kat

They marry young in Mexico. Press 1 for English. Para español oprima dos.


Ramirez should have controlled himself and found someone of LEGAL age. To quote a movie, "Under 18, they're protected by law. Over 65, they're protected by nature. Everything in between, they're fair game." I'm confident once his fellow convicts learn what he has done, justice will be properly served.


I don't know about that one... cuz there's alot of women over 65 who still have sex also, they are alot of women over 65 that these young punks go out and rape. So the nature thing doesn't really wash.

Chef Mike

Truthbetold, you sound like SUCH an open minded person. So much so that your brain has fallen out.


im just being realistic.. unlike some of you.


Yup just yup ....


mmmm hmmm..

Yall Make Me Sick

It don't matter he's 19 & she's 14. He is suppose to be the adult in the situation. Yes kids do lie I know this. But as a parent we trust our kids an then they lie to us. Bust that butt & be the parent NOT THE BEST FRIEND!!!!! There will be time for that when they are grown but right now they need structure & guidance & someone to look up to. So be a role model for your child/children. It's NOT society's fault when your kids mess up can't blame it in tv shows or friends. Don't let them watch them shows or hang with them friends that are having all the bad influence on them. BE THE PARENT FIRST!!!!!


Your right most 19 is an adult but if they have a choice to either get a piece / oral or stick it in an ori'fice or mr hand which one do you think they're gonna choose?

Yall Make Me Sick

It's his fault for NOT thinking with the right head!!!!


yeah, BUt maybe he had just bought her a new set of kneepads he wanted her to try.


Well, it's just a good thing drugs wasn't an issue here and it was just a 14 year old girl, he might have been sent to prison or something. At least he's doing some time, 90 days. Dalton, a repeat offender on multiple felonies doesn't get any time, WTF??? Maybe if this guy would have just told Conway he "would never do it again" he wouldn't even have gotten the 90 days.