Bomb threat evacuates local school

A bomb squad has been called in.
Cary Ashby
Mar 5, 2013


The South Central school building has been evacuated due to a bomb threat.

“We received a call about a bomb threat at the school,” Huron County Sheriff’s Maj. Greg Englund said.

After receiving the phone call at 1:50 p.m. today, six deputies, the Tri-Community Joint Fire District and Ashland County Bomb Squad were dispatched to the scene.

“We’ve still got officers at the scene. We’re still doing the investigation,” Englund said this afternoon.

Look for the full story in the Reflector.



Anyone in that area get a Text Alert about this?


I received a phone call from the superintendent at about 2:45, but no text.

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swiss cheese kat

1:50 p.m. is way too late. Your supposed to call them in the morning so you get the rest of the day off.


Looks like we going to have to count on the Reflector for new's for awhile, The Sheriff's Dept went digital this week so no scanner traffic. I Hope they press them for news and we don't get the watered down stuff.


Some kid not ready for their test or an idiot making trouble.
Happened in New London a couple months back and the girl got charged with a crime.
Whoever did it should also find themselves in court.


At least they called the bomb squad and fire department. That's better than New London did. They just called the cops and a few staff members and the cops went through the school searching for the bomb. The parents were not even notified until a few hours later.