Foursome facing charges after home invasion

Ex-girlfriend, current boyfriend and another man allegedly enter home and assault her ex; 3 children later removed from their residence.
Scott Seitz
Mar 5, 2013


Four Greenwich Township residents are facing a number of charges after an incident Friday night at a Fitchville Township residence.

Jeremy Sax, 34, Brittany Fernekees, 23, Larry Thornsberry, 35, and Treva Campbell, 29, who all live at 5034 Ohio 13, were arrested Saturday morning by Huron County sheriff deputies at their Greenwich Township home.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said the incident took place about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

"We received a call at 9:27 p.m. Friday from Fisher-Titus who said they had an assault victim at their emergency room with a head laceration," Querin said.

"Sgt. (Chuck) Summers spoke with the victim who indicated he wanted to file a police report that his house had been broken into and he had been robbed and assaulted," Querin said. "He said he had been robbed and assaulted with a firearm by several individuals.

"Now, the victim claimed they used a firearm, but deputies never found a firearm upon searching of the home," Querin said. "That doesn't mean one wasn't used."

Querin said the situation began to develop Friday when Fernekees, who used to date the victim, went to the U.S. 250 home in Fitchville Township to retrieve her laptop computer.

"Originally, only Brittany (Fernekees) went inside the residence to get the laptop," Querin said. "Later, Larry (Thornsberry) and Jeremy (Sax) came into the house without permission and began to assault the victim.

"The victim alleges he was beaten with a firearm and he was later treated for a head laceration and released," Querin said.

Querin said Sax, who was now reportedly dating Fernekees, also demanded $40 owed to him by the victim.

"The victim said they stole $400 from him but $400 was not recovered," Querin said.

Querin said when a group of officers arrived at the Greenwich Township home Saturday morning to arrest the four suspects, heroin, syringes and several spoons were also seized at the residence.

"Three children were also removed from the house and placed with relatives," Querin said, adding Children Services will conduct its own investigation in that matter.

Sax, Fernekees and Thornsberry are facing robbery and burglary charges, while Campbell is facing complicity to robbery and burglary. All four were arrested without incident.

Additional drug-related and child endangerment charges could be forthcoming, Querin added.



i see it as JUNKIES robs JUNKIE


Heroin......healthy choice,not. Think of what you could do w/ the money spent on drugs. Pay bills? Add to college fund for those kids? Health care? You are a problem we dont need or want. Leave the county ,then leave the USA for ever and ever. Find drug etopia in Mexico. Rehab, really, how very little does these programs really work. You know Heroin is addictive and still you chose to use.


That is just it, they do NOT pay bills or other things,they live off the system. They have no money and that is why they STEAL!


How do you know they live off the system?


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What's with the smile? Does she think she just won some type of award? Way too many smiles in people's mugshots lately, smh!


wait til the monkey starts scratching and biting, the smile always disappears..


She's smiling because she knows she's gonna get away with it all!


I love tattoos on the neck and face. It just screams WELFARE!!!!! God what a lovely bunch of winners! I want to grow up to be just like them.

Yall Make Me Sick

You might just get you're wish! You sound very immature!


it's gonna be a trend. im getting my eyebrows inked right now!


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his eyebrow tattoos say "Norwalk's Finest". what a great reputation Norwalk is getting.




get bent! these people are walking punchlines. they serve no other purpose than to make others feel better about themselves. I feel fantastic knowing that I AM better than these idiots!


If it wasn't for the heroin people we wouldn't have a norwalk newspaper.


These four are unemployable and a burden on the government I vote for a very long prison sentence, or deportation. How about Afghanistan?


I completely agree. I wonder if moron number 2 will be chanting "love your pain" as he celebrates his prison nuptials with his much larger cellmate?


2 of them worked and paid taxes!


Okay there is nothing wrong with neck tattoos 1st off and just bc someone has tats doesn't make them a loser or means they live off of welfare! Okay peace said there but as for those disgusting POSes karma you assh*les its a bit*h! Treva and Jeremy are brother and sister and have always been no good! Same goes for Larry and Brittany! Honestly I laughed my ass off when I saw this! All 4 of them deserve what they're going to get! I hope they rot in there! Worthless waste of human flesh!


Have to agree with you on the tattoo issue.
I have alot of ink,some you can see and some you can't.
My life and story,my skin,my reason,class and taste.
Might add not a fan of face or above the shoulders.
Although i know someone with tattoed eye make-up.
Sometimes people wear their heart on a sleeve.
Mine reads the names of my children and grandchildren.
Well aware of the judgements against ink and i'm taking it with me when i go!
However,I don't rob and steal or have a drug or alcohol problem and blame others for my choices or shortcomings.
Some people are just out of control and worthless.
Seriously...that guy is just creepy!


Remember just a year and a half ago, brittany was the one being interviewed on the front page of the reflector throwing john to the wolves,saying he made her do stuff or burnt her with cigs smacked her around,beat her up.Times have changed or the real Brittany is showing true colors. She fooled everyone back then,see if she can do it again.Lets see if there are more fovors she can do for Seth Fry. lol. what a joke Norwalk is


Ur in my prayers bro. And for all of u wishing the worst for someone..ur pathetic. getting online and bashing someone when u see they are down and out is some punk sh*t. i bet you wouldnt talk like that to their face. yea the town and surrounding cities have heroin problems but NO treatment rehabs..its impossible to get help without insurance. if u have never went through an addiction then u have no clue. my brother might have needed this to happen to help him. God doing for him what he cant do for himself. he has kids and is still young. how u guys can jump on here and hide behind ur fake names and talk trash about all the addicts in that community is crazy. what they did was wrong but to bash them so u feel better about urself is pathetic.


ADDICTION is a CHOICE. Once upon a time they made a choice. A choice to USE DRUGS. Seems these people never want help until they get caught. They are down and out because they CHOOSE to do it. THey choose to use drugs, they choose whether they goto work or not, and they choose to rob/steal from people. I feel better knowing people like THIS are behind bars.


I get so tired of them trying to use the "no insurance" excuse. If they weren't a piece of crap in the first place, they likely would've had a job with insurance. Also, if they had a job, they might be too tired to go and party and get high all day. It's a cycle that never ends. Maybe if they actually worked for their money, instead of stealing crap to sell, and not living off food stamps (which they probably also sell), they would appreciate how hard they worked for it, and not waste it on drugs.




I think you mean the sister. I agree with you if that's who you're talking about. Its not her fault she has a brother like that.



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swiss cheese kat

@ lace it up
You would lose that bet. Just say no to drugs.


Sounds good