First 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch last Friday's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 4, 2013


The episode has generated quite a buzz. The second episode will air at 8 p.m. this Friday on FOX.

Here are links to a couple of reviews:

Kitchen Nightmares: “Where can I spit this out?”

and Kitchen Nightmares, “Mill Street Bistro, Part 1": obnoxious fine dining for hillbillies.

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Arvy who owns Catering by design also worked with Joe at Sysco ( where Joe worked previously ) and he is an AMAZING CHEF. His business is thriving and comes from the same background and lives in the same area as Mr Nagy. Want to know Joe's previous reputation, how his peers viewed his attitude or how he treated his co-workers at Sysco ? Ask Arvy !!! Good or bad I don't know but he's a stand up guy and I bet he would tell you the truth.


That reminds me I have to order Easter Dinner .. I will be giving Catering by Design a call :)


arnmcrmn : WHAT A GREAT IDEA !!! Hey Joe, why don't you hire Arvy to be your new chef.. Oh wait, he already has a succesful business in Norwalk. We hillbillies have no problem giving our hard earned money to Catering By Design for our weddings, special events and business meeting luncheons. ARVY IS A FABULOUS CHEF. I have been at two events he catered the Vine and Dine for the Humane Society and a wedding just last month and WOW the food was A++++ Those Italians sure know how to cook.

Michael Saviador

Go back and look at the episode, ONE person said that Joe called norwalk people hillbillies, That disgruntled girl Theresa who had too much pride to work there but still managed to call Fox enough times to have Gordon play off of her to try to expose Joe as a phony. I know about 3 of you on here who are going to be offended because you're actually Theresa's family but you know she called at least 4 times to "get back at joe", just using the words she told me.

Michael Saviador

Im sure you did Estrella, wasn't it nice that the Fox paid you're bill for you and gave you a short script to recite as you sent you're food back.

Jonathan Christman

If Joe is your good buddy then you know that is a lie, unless Joe is lying to you because we had to pay for our meals on the show. I already posted American Express bil for you to view.

Kottage Kat

Where is catering by design located?
Thank you


The "Bistro" will always be a bad joke as long as Joe Nagy is in control! Smoke a little more Mikey!!