First 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch last Friday's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 4, 2013


The episode has generated quite a buzz. The second episode will air at 8 p.m. this Friday on FOX.

Here are links to a couple of reviews:

Kitchen Nightmares: “Where can I spit this out?”

and Kitchen Nightmares, “Mill Street Bistro, Part 1": obnoxious fine dining for hillbillies.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



I was trying to be nice to you before...your an idiot. That is the last reply I will give you. Everyone on here has said there piece and what has been said by 98% is the same thing, just by different people and different wording. Obviously YOU don't have a clue and maybe YOU should eat at Wendy's. Then you will understand that Wendy's is a lot better than his food will ever be. And yes- I will be on my couch, watching my t.v. and to just p*ss you off I'm going for a Wendy's Classic before the show starts! GO WENDY'S!!!!


be nice wasp :)


I appoligize to you DiamondGirl:)


I love Wendy's but the one in Norwalk is a sad one. Seems dirty and depressing, and the bathroom looks and smells like a septic tank blew up.


Yeah. He probably had someone ask him if they could get it for him. Atleast that's what I would do. "grab me something from berrys" lol


Wow, you really are in bed with Joe eh Saviador, kinda thought he went that way! The staff quit because Joe is a self-centered, bi-polar egomaniac that will always think his CRAP he calls fine dinning is the best. Working with that man was probably one of the worst experiences I ever had, and I have no problem telling him that to his face!! So keep on ranting my friend, it puts you in the same stupid light as your friend Joe!



Mike Halpin

People get that Michael Saviador is Joe Nagy right?

If you go back and read all of Michael's comments ( in that light they all make a lot more sense and goes along with the attitude shown on the show Friday.

Note: My username is my real name, I know Michael (Joe) is very particular about that. Crazy enough if you google "Michael Saviador" ("Michael+Saviador") it only goes to articles on Norwalk Reflector about Mill Street Bistro.

So Michael I guess I will quote you by saying "your fake screen name must mean that you have alot to say about other people but dont want people to know what kind of life you lead."


Guessing we were all thinking it, just not saying it. lol It always cracks me up when certain posters bring up the "You must all be on welfare, food stamps, have 15 children, and no job because we can take two minutes from our day to post a comment. And then (certainly in this case), they are the ones who come across as uneducated with their (not there, or they're) spelling and gramatical errors! I swear, I just get a giggle out of it!

tell it how it is

that is actually really funny...I think you're right

Jonathan Christman

I have just been informed. Michael is the freaking dishwasher.....


Thanks Mike!! At least he can't delete all the negative posts on this site. I'm sure he'll threaten legal action, but, we both know he can't afford it!


He reported my first post because I hurt his feelings and they delete it!! Said I personally attacked him!!! Crybaby Joe!! You asked him to come to your place! Your ego bit you in the as* didn't it!? To bad! Take your egomanic crappy food elsewhere! Norwalk doesn't need you!!


Technically, since Norwalk is located in a rural area, pejoratives for residents would be "hicks" or "hayseeds," not hillbillies.

Residents of WV, KY and TN that came to OH for jobs after WW1 and WW2 were often referred to as hillbillies.

The politically correct term is now: Appalachian-Americans. :)


I have nothing against Joe. My husband I have been there several times years ago. We stopped going for several reason. The food wasn't very good, the first time we ever went there Joe commented he would never have " wings" on his menu because it was " greasy bar food". We Love wings :) But the main reason we stopped going was because joe would never let us just eat he always came over and told us story after narsasistic story about how great he was, what a great chef he was, his background in food service and how great his farm was. We didnt mind at first but time after time, it got old , FAST. I am not trying to be mean, but wow joe just let us eat in peace. I know how vicious people and boggers can be on this site and I am sorry if things they say are cruel and hurt your feelings. I have nothing negative to say about Joe personally he was always nice to us, but we didnt go there to talk to him. The food was c+ at best. we now go to Zinc or Crush in Sandusky because it's ALWAYS great food. the price is high, sure but we don't mind paying over $100 for dinner if it's worth it. I'm so sorry Joe, people really should have to put their real names and not hide behind these facades. Most of them would never comment such hateful things. However, for the sake of your business don't let all the foolish comments upset you, just be a better business owner and take pride in your Bisto & your staff. Show all these people they are wrong and run a thriving business :) :) :) The best revenge is be successful !!!!!! Best of Luck !!! Oh and I will be happy to go to MSB and tell Joe EXACTY what I am writing on this blog !!!


I agree, Joe's food is what it is but he should at least take the criticism and put more effort into his business. I think that would be a better direction for Joe to go in rather than give up just because people are saying negative things about him. There are people in this world (chef or not) that go through many struggles before they achieve success, and Joe could be one of them if he takes the time to better himself and his business.


I have never eaten at MSB, nor have I ever wanted to. I have been told my many people that the food is terrible and the atmosphere is worse. After watching the show friday night, I hope Joe has the common sense to pack his bags and "GTFO" of town because I am sure after Part II airs this friday, he will be more hated than "Honey Boo Boo"

Jonathan Christman

I would not agree that the atmosphere is bad. I do like it there. I think they did a great job of fixing the place up. The wait staff has always been really friendly too. Even when Joe walks around and talks to you he is really nice. I have never had a problem with him. I have seen other customers who did not like their food and Joe has been rude to them telling thme they do not understand the food. I have also seen him be not so nice to his staff, but again he has never been that way to me. It is a pricey meal though....


When I said atmosphere, I wasn't really speaking about the actual restaurant itself-I was referring more to Joe yelling at customers, employees, etc. The food could be amazing but screaming and yelling would overshadow the food

Jonathan Christman

Yeah, that was annoying when that happened. I felt sorry for the people who sent their food back. If he would have just came out and played the "customer is always right game" he would have a much better reputation. He could have told them "I am sorry you didn't like it could I get you something else" and he would have a repeat customer. Instead he came out made them feel stupid and probably hav never came back...


the guy is not right in the head,,,every thing from farm to plate..he forgot to say we freeze it first,,,,OMG Mcdonald got better food


We have been there twice since the show was taped. Both times the food has been good. If the food is fresh and good, I don't care if the guy is a jerk, just stay in the kitchen or out on the farm.

Michael Saviador

i know joe personally but i am not Joe Nagy, however i see all you coat riding fools for what you are. Grow a set a get there, otherwise log off.

Mike Halpin

What is "a set of get there"?

Back to what I was saying that is not your name then right? I can't find a 'Saviador' in Huron County at least or a Michael Saviador anywhere, except here.

Can you ask him when this was recorded? Just wondering. Just wondering the time delay in some of these. After watching another KN episode I found that the place was closed 5 months after their KN national television debut. (Burger Kitchen LA)

I wish the best to Joe and to any business owner in Norwalk and elsewhere. I hope he can honestly watch this and listen to his critics and see what needs to be done to make his business a success. I hope you can tell him that Michael.

Next time I make the trip north toward Lake Erie I will stop in. I will probably read the yelp reviews first though or maybe KN will do a return visit.


@Micheal have to be Joe. This is his form of advertisement that goes hand in hand with his attitude on the show. "grow a set and get there", great advertisement.....derp! You could only fool people for so long before they realized what this place was....overpriced bar food. Until you can man up and say I was wrong, apologize for duping customers.....your place will fail yet again. Your my way or the highway attitude isn't working.

Swamp Fox

Michael or Joe whoever, you do seem to an unusually keen interest in this subject.
Been at Mill Street three times, once since the taping of the program. Wife and I enjoy fine dining in the metro Cleveland area and while traveling. Mill Street, food average, Elk chili was good, atmosphere OK, employees no complaints thought the menu was very limited after the program taping. Considering quality of food, price seems a little high. Disappointed in amount of frozen items. Was once told by a chef that a fine dining restaurant should have a very small freezer, most of your ingredients should be fresh its better to run out of fresh than use frozen, eight gas burners, large grill, large oven, no microwave or deep fryer. When looking for fine dining it is not the price, its the quality you receive. Will be surprised he he is in business by the end of this year, drove past a couple of nights does not appear business has picked up.


After watching the episode I will never go there to eat. My opinion is his actions were arrogant and crude. He not only treated his employees wrong, he lied to his patrons. seeing what I witnessed through the show he is no chef at all. For the sake of mill street bistro, he should let someone else take over so that the bistro has a future.


Maybe wait until part 2 airs to base your opinion on the place? Maybe Ramsey finally breaks through to him and he makes changes? I hope the restaurant can survive because there is definitely a need in Norwalk for a good sit down place to eat. Hopefully they get their prices right and food better.


Sadly, I already happen to know that there were a few changes but not much has improved. I had friends go there last week and their steak was overcooked, and he came out and told them that they were wrong and he wasn't going to remake it

Jonathan Christman

I am dissapointed to hear that. My friends went there the day before Valentine's Day. He said his pork chops where very good.