First 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch last Friday's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 4, 2013


The episode has generated quite a buzz. The second episode will air at 8 p.m. this Friday on FOX.

Here are links to a couple of reviews:

Kitchen Nightmares: “Where can I spit this out?”

and Kitchen Nightmares, “Mill Street Bistro, Part 1": obnoxious fine dining for hillbillies.

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FYI, Cops is NOT a "real" reality show. You know the opening scene where the police are busting down the door? Took them 4 takes to get that right.
I know for a FACT!

Case Breaker

@slimwhite56- I would rather be a hillbilly than live in a rundown town that everyone is trying to flee from!


Joe has been always great to me but I have witness his temper to his staff. Food is hit n miss, prices are high, portion are small but the service is great. It ashame he has great venue but between his attitude, prices and quality of food his bistro is doomed.


The arrogance this guy exhumed during the show was a huge turn off. He claimed to be a trained chef from some of the finest chefs, but then says during the restaurant part that he is not a chef. Everything this guy says is a lie and thats not hard to see. Fresh fish? I guess fresh fish to him is fish that is fresh once you pull it out of the freezer, thaw it and then try to cook in oil.

35 bucks for a steak in Norwalk? Once again, this guy thinks that because he serves Elk and charges 35 bucks for a steak that its some gourmet place...well...wake up isn't. Just because your prices are way high, doesn't automatically mean its good food......a mistake MANY restaurants make.

Joe said he's barely getting by....breaking even. If his food was SO GOOD, he would be making money.


f you missed it, you can see the full thing on youtube here:

Michael Saviador

not one person but a disgruntled EX employee went out of her way to "try" to call norwalk "hillbillies" & expose Joe, She couldnt cut the mustard in the kitchen & obiously there's a reason she doesnt work there anymore. Check Gardners cams, she beat feet outta there every shift just 2 get to the Yukon aisle before 9. I would love to see each and every one you "qualified" critics work a farm and at the same time run an establishment that does NOT even belong it the same sentence as BERRY'S....keep watching and commenting because all of you because you're couch's are better suited for you then even the Wendy's window. I laugh so hard just reading this CRAP because you all cant even put together enough food stamp money to even go OUT to eat. Keep Laughing, the last laugh will be on nothing that concerns any of you.


Good friend of yours? If he is, you should be able to look in his freezer and tell us if there are frozen oysters, outdated items from the grocery store, old bleu cheese, etc. And if you do that and you have never seen anything like that then you can say we are a bunch of whatevers. But I don't think you can. I think you know he served this sh*t and you just want to stick up for a friend. That's commendable. But it still makes him a liar that tried to pull the wool (or elk skin) over people's eyes and he was caught. So if you have eaten there and you say the food is so good, doesn't say a lot about your taste buds, now does it?


And by the way- I made 6 figures last year- no food stamps needed-so I DO know good food...actually from here to Florida. His is garbage. Enough said.


Taste in food is subjective. How many times do I gotta say it... i'm not really standing up for Joe since it's been said that most of his food has been out of date but telling others what food tastes good and what doesn't isn't for you to decide, it's the people eating it.


I'd say 90% of the above post make zero sense. lol What the heck are "Gardners cams?" What's in aisle 9??? Who here said that they were "qualified critics?" I'm guessing that MSB patrons must not be "qualified" enough to critique their own meal? Can one use "food stamps" to eat at Wendy's?? Really, how hard is it to "cut the mustard" in a restraunt kitchen in Norwalk, Ohio? Just a few questions for all those "qualified critics" to ponder. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Joe did a great job of "exposing" himself to the community. He didn't need any help from the "disgruntled EX employee."

Estrella Damm

@ Michael Saviador. Why continue posting after you have been proven to incorrect with your statements. You have no credibility with anyone on this site. BTW, is this the farm where he shipped in the animals right before the shows taping. Interesting fact there.


Holy Crap is this Joe defending himself under a different identity...Joe your food sucks, your arrogant, a fake, a phony. If this is one of Joe's friends or family we don't care about your opinion because your just as arrogant, pompous, ignorant, and phony as he is.


It was not all for show. The restaurant really does lack in all aspects of being a success. My wife and I have been there. Food was just okay and certainly not worth the high price that you pay for it. The attitudes (from the owner to the server [who seemed scared]) stunk and now knowing full and well that the menu is anything but farm to table, I will not spend one more dime in that establishment. If I want fine dining, I will drive the distance to Cleveland and spend a little bit more than MSB and get great food and wonderful treatment.




OK, I just watched this on line and it was obviously scripted for the viewers' enjoyment. But since I live in the southern part of the county I rarely go to Norwalk and have never been to this restaurant. Is this place as bad as the video portrays or should I take a trip to Norwalk and stop in Joe's place for a hot dog just for the h&ll of it? Thank you.


The food issues were NOT scripted. my Friend was there with his Aunt and she found the rock in her food. shes not one of those people that say "oh i can be on TV if i find something in my food?" no she found it that way.


OK, thank you for your reply. Appreciated.


You'd have to get an "Elk" hot dog. lol


Actually, I love elk and all venison but I think I'll stay down here now. LOL! Thank you.


Wow, was a nerve hit there? AWWW. Joe doesn't need anyone to antagonize his behavior, what you see is what you get. Keep telling yourself what a stand up guy Joe is and that his establishment is wonderful,then go spend your money on expired/frozen food and put up with his callous attitude. Just because you choose to throw your money away there does not make the rest of us food stamp recipients. You sound like a child fighting on the playground. When you have known someone for 30+ years, then maybe you have a valid argument. BTW, I would rather eat at Wendy's, at least I am getting what I pay for. GO RAMSEY!


This place is a joke! The only training this guy had working with other chef’s is being their personal dishwasher. You want good food – Go to Bluto’s! ¼ of the price and the wings are awesome! All us Norwalk “hillbilly’s” go there! HEHE :)


Just for the record, nothing was scripted. What you saw in this episode was exactly what happened. Of course it was edited, but, nothing said was manipulated or taken out of context. The things in the freezer and Joe's overall attitude and the way he treats his customers and employees is right on. The pictures shown by the ex-employee were totally truthful! I should know, I was there and saw similar things, it was embarrassing to have been associated with Joe Nagy. What was shown on the show was just the surface of what really goes on in that kitchen! I could write a novel about every highly questionable practice that Joe considers "quality food". I'd make a substantial wager that what was shown in the freezers is still sitting there right now, just waiting to be thawed out and served up as fine dining.


It seems to me most of you are acting like little kids on the playground and making jabs at each other and being totaly off-topic. You dont know anything unless you were there.


@cwby419 by now I'd actually say that's a pretty good metaphor, lol


cwby419 - WTF you talkin about. From reading these comments, tt is pretty much all on topic except for our friend Michael Saviador who is a little out there.

Michael Saviador

All these COUCH COMMENTS tell us one thing~! you dont have the fortitude to address joe in person, its pretty easy to bash the guy who 4/5th of the staff got 86'd already knew was only there to be on television, as for John you sir are a lying piece of work because there is proof that old Gordon paid you're bill because you act as if you're a pillar of this community. I know one thing, Ill bet my bottom dollar you ALL are watching from your comfortable couch's Friday.

Jonathan Christman

WRONG! here is a link to the relevant portion of my American Express bill

I was not paid anything to attend. I email a reservation request the minute I saw it hit this paper. I was onsite at a client in Petaluma, California when I sent the request and I ate at Johnny Garlic's in Santa Rosa that night which is one of Guy Fieri's restaraunts, and I had an awesome Kobe beef steak there by the way.....

Jonathan Christman

You can also email me if you are afraid to call me. My email is a real hard one I know.....


I would never address Joe in person because I wont ever visit that dump.

Michael Saviador

By the way its also documented that "chef" ramsay did NOT step foot into Berry's all have lots of oppinions that you're entitled to on this site but not a clue what it actually takes to being a National TV show to ohio, let alone norwalk. Cmon you guys all live here you know you'd rather go to wendy's because its easier on your 7 kids and pocketbook.