First 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch last Friday's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 4, 2013


The episode has generated quite a buzz. The second episode will air at 8 p.m. this Friday on FOX.

Here are links to a couple of reviews:

Kitchen Nightmares: “Where can I spit this out?”

and Kitchen Nightmares, “Mill Street Bistro, Part 1": obnoxious fine dining for hillbillies.

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tell it how it is

Then that's surprising to me, as my family was told we could not schedule a reservation, via the correct site, because we were too familiar with the restaurant...


I can't wait for the next show!! Here's my non-biased opinion (never ate there, nor know the guy)of the first part. The guy made himself look stupid, especially with the "fresh" comments. But, he obviously was egged on...for the show. He wasn't exactly treated with respect from the beginning tho. Ramsey attacked him right off the bat,the went to eat at Berrys..really? Berrys? The restaurant looked beautiful -- and Ramsey wasn't throwing up cleanliness (maybe next part?) but normally he's walking around talking about how dirty and gross everything is...and didn't look that way to me. I don't see them in the "health department" rants in the maybe the guy does know something. Unfortunately, his staff doesn't respect him.. So he must be a pompous jackbutt. I can't wait til next week..then I might visit:) or I might not. (being from running restaurants myself, I personally feel that mill street has potential...but maybe just not the right guy running it).... Time will tell.


And another thing, I never heard him say the word hillbilly...did he? I thought that was the disgruntled ex employee saying that.


The funniest part was the red faced hillbilly trying to rat out Joe for saying people around here are hillbillies. America while watching that part thought 'Joe's right'


Gotta wonder why Mr. Nagy would ask for Mr. Ramsey's advice in the first place.

The MSB staff directed Mr. Ramsey to Berry's for a meal. Mr. Berry should be proud to know that some consider his to be the best in town.


I'm sure Joe in his egomanic mind figured this would be free GOOD publicity. I guess it backfired. I ate there once. Thought the food was lousy, small prtions and definately was not fresh. Sorry Joe. Close up shop and go elsewhere. You got showed up by the favorite hometown restaurant that you don't even want mentioned in your place. Jealous? You should be! His place is a joke.

Estrella Damm

Sad selection in Norwalk, I'd list them in this order:

1) Jimmy's BBQ
2) Berry's
3) Brian's Buffett (Hibachi only)
4) Berardi's
5) Bob Evans


I'd put Uptown Cafe and Chef's Market above all in your list. I'd take Jimmy's off of it. That place is clean, but I don't care for the food. (been to quite a bit of BBQ places so I guess I like my brisket to be cut properly and not shredded)


Oh, so someone called us in Norwalk, Hillbillies? LOL That is the only degrading name he can call us, because "Hillbilly" is the only derogatory word that is NOT protected by popular culture. [use your imagination at what words ARE protected by pop culture no-no]


The Hillbillies have a long and proud tradition:


It was NOT all for the show ! I personally know someone who was on the SHOW. No one lied. Joe proved to Ramsey he serves a bunch of slop at high prices. He does not want any advice he did it all for publicity. Before the show was even filmed i was at a local even where joe said I did'nt have to go to him...that M***** F***** is coming to ME! ??? He cant handel the truth. in less then 24 hours of the airing of the show he closed his facebook page down for comments after deleting all the bad ones. He cant take the heat and should stay out of the kitchen.

Sitting In The ...

I agree he was just exposed as a fraud and was absolutely disgusted he was allow to serve food that expired years ago.

Michael Saviador

Just to clarify, noone was allowed on the guest lists from the area because Fox paid everyones bill, the producers were there having people send certain things back for a reason. Joe didn't call anyone a hillbilly, That big redheaded ExEmployee with an axe to grind wanted to meet gordon so bad she called Fox & gave them every bit of drama they wanted. Watch next week as more of Fox paid customers come in and ill bet on the last night of service magically nothing comes back. Oh yeah one person from the community was actually accepted in. Mr Centers who writes for this distinguished newspaper is on the episode as a "food critic".


Never knew you would keep that many pics on her phone for an axe to grind. If she only had 1 or 2 I would say you are correct. When you have 10+ seems it's just garbage food all the time. Sorry. Can't side with you. He did close his facebook page. Why not come on and say it was staged or something to save his face? No. He just can't handle the truth and he is not even close to being a cook...let alone a Chef. Period. I know Teresa. She is a nice person. She didn't do it to grind and axe. He did it to himself because of his ego. Shut him down..BOYCOTT HIM!!! Ya- I'm one of those Huron County Hillbillies too...and proud of it.

Jonathan Christman

You are full of crap. I paid my own bill, it was over 200 bucks with the appetizers and wine and I was paid nothing. I did send back the elk medallions, before Chef Ramsay even ordered his. I have eaten them there several times without complaint, but this time they sucked. I am just a regular guy, live here in Norwalk right on Marshall St. You can call me if you'd like and I can give you all the details of my hour outside in the tent with the production assistants and my hour and a half sitting in the restaraunt. 419-668-9962 is my phone number leave a message and I will call you back. Yes, Jonathan Christman is my real name.....

believe it

Jonathan, I watched the show and I'm curious how much of it was staged or scripted? Did Joe and Ramsay really scream at each other or were they told to do it? And did you just order your food normal or did the producers tell you to try to find something wrong with it? I'm curious about some of the background stuff that led to the show on Friday night.

Jonathan Christman

We ordered off the menu just as normal. In fact no one spoke to us at all except for the wait staff and Ramsay himself who was a funny and charming guy. We conversed with him the whole time we were sitting there. We talked about the meals we had had there previously and what we thought of the place. Which was positive by the way, He asked up specific questions about each one of our dishes and what we liked and disliked. HeNothing seemed scripted or planned. There was a lot more that went on that didn't show on camera such as the whole micro-carrot thing. That went on for a while with Ramsay complaining about putting food on the plate and then telling him not to eat it and the cost of putting that on a plate for someone to not eat and throw away. Also the scene with the cake was much longer in real life with Ramsay complianing about weed and flowers on the cake. While we were there was Ramsay's first time at the restaraunt while operating and with Joe. I could see from the several interactions I observed with Joe and Ramsay that there were going to be fireworks. I have been to the restaraunt several times and I have heard Joe yelling and screaming at people in the back. I have also seen him treat customers rudely who did not like their meal. In fact, I wasn't eating my elk medallions and the waiter, Bill, saw me and asked if I wanted him to take them back. I said "no" at first, but he said he didn't believe me. I told him I didn't want Joe to yell at me for sending them back. I have not been bac to the restaraunt since the filming, but it has only been a timing thing. I will go back there without any qualms since all of the other meals I have had there have been fine, just didn't like the medalions on that specific occasion.


I'm pretty sure that I know individuals and families from Norwalk and the surround area that ate there during the taping of that show.

Estrella Damm

You are either a liar or misinformed. We are local, we attended, we paid for our own food. That is a fact. I don't know you, so I don't know if you are a liar or misinformed.


So, who's paying you, sounds like Joe to me. If your basing your information on what Joe tells you, your a fool.


That isnt true I've seen 3 people on the show..One I went to school with and she had her family there..all local. A former teacher of mine was there seen him on the show. And a patron I have seen at the Eagles from time to time...those are 3 I know who were there with their families living in NORWALK. Big your wrong and a liar and as delusional as Joe

Whiskey Tango F...

If the hillbilly comments are true, I guess someone needs to remind him he put himself here, Norwalk didn't change. Taco Cart guy is looking for a location, give him a shot! Yummy Dos Gringos... Hurry up spring!

Lillie Chaos

Usually in a work place there is one or two employees who try to make excuses for the owner or manager. I watch the show often. The employees will state the "boss" is overwhelmed or grieving for a family member, whatever, but usually you find some redeeming quality but I was surprised this gentleman had no support. NONE. These people need those jobs in this economy and pretty much kept their mouths shut. The poor guy cooking in the kitchen was scared to death someone was going to turn on him any minute. Is that any way to have to function? Gordon Ramsey usually does great dining room and kitchen makeovers also.....lots of money in doing this show. Could that have been the incentive? Gordon Ramsey goes to these places to help them in his over-the-top personna. Win, lose or draw...this is one of the best episodes I have seen. I just feel sorry for the people who work there. I bet that poor little blonde Rebecca is not there any more. If I am wrong someone please correct me.

Sitting In The ...

I don't know who's a bigger failure this restaurant owner or the Huron Co. Health Department who obviously didn't do their job by allowing food that expired in 2010 to be served to the people of this community.


@ Sitting In The ...:

Good point. I had a similar thought while watching the episode.

We've eaten there on special occasions a couple of times. But after this episode we are having serious second thoughts about ever again visiting the MSB.

Estrella Damm

She is too busy making sure places that have existed in town for decades have multiple sinks for employees to wash their hands in and costing them thousands of dollars.


Agreed. She is bullying good restaurants over silly items.


As far as the whole hillbilly thing goes, I think that's what Joe called Norwalk people because it's not really a cultural area, not that it's a bad thing but that's my view of it being someone who has been out to bigger places. Norwalk has it's nice people though so I don't stand for the stereotype. But to be fair, Joe shouldn't have stooped to the level of name calling especially if he wants area residents to be respectful to him in return. Whether he's a good chef or not is irrelevant, tastes in food is subjective but if a person running a business in the area expects to be treated nicely by the residents, they have to remember the "to each his own" rule. The rest as far as the food being properly cooked and all is in the responsibility of the owner running the business.


My wife and I went there 2 years ago. We both got food poisoning.
We did like the decor, service, etc. But that meal DID cause our sickness.


you really are all hillbillies if you don't know the difference between what is 'real' reality tv and what is not.

COPS is a 'real' reality show. the housewives of beverly hills and kitchen nightmares (just to name 2 out of 100) are not. sure the guy might be an oaf and if he acts at all like he does on that 'show' then don't grace his restaurant with your presence.