Baby-shaker sentenced to seven years

Judge gives man 'very little credit for time already served.'
Scott Seitz2
Mar 1, 2013


A Norwalk man convicted of breaking the leg of his former live-in girlfriend's infant son was sentenced to seven years in prison Thursday in Huron County Commom Pleas Court.

Christoffer M. Mills, 21, formerly of 309 Edwards Road, was living with the girlfriend, her mother and the mother's live-in boyfriend at the time of the July 19 incident. The child was 9 months old.

"The judge told him he could apply for judicial release after five years," Prosecutor Russell Leffler said. "That doesn't mean he's going to give it to him."

Leffler said one of the sentence's stipulations was Mills would receive "very little credit for time already served."

"About one day per month," Leffler said.

Leffler said he was pleased with the sentence.

"I asked for seven or eight years and the judge gave me seven," he said.

"The child is doing well," Leffler added. "The child is still in foster care and doing well."

Mills "lost his temper" and broke the child's leg, Leffler said previously, which required the infant to be hospitalized and wear a cast.

Mills had previously pleaded guilty to one count of felonious assault. In exchange, the state agreed to dismiss another felonious assault charge and one count of child endangering.

The felonious assault charge is a second-degree felony.

In late July, the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services (HCDJFS) alleged the infant was abused and neglected. Huron County Juvenile Court records indicate the child was brought to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with broken bones July 19 and three days later, came back with "symptoms of injury."

The boy was transported to Akron Children's Hospital, where Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard interviewed Mills. The sheriff has said Mills was "deceitful" at first, but Mills eventually told him "the child paid the price" for his temper and he injured the boy.

Doctors determined the infant sustained various rib fractures, a tibia "with past and present fractures" and a broken wrist, according to court documents.


wow are you kid...

You make me sick

Sit n Spin

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I hope this little boy is doing better and pray he has no lasting emotional or psychological effects or memories of this.
I also hope this guy does the max time and suffers endlessly with broken legs and limbs!
what a monster!


Thank God. Let's see how far his temper gets him in the can. Human Scum.


This has ummmm well alot of holes in the story to be completely honest. The child is back in the mothers care, that was done as of that day. Also he isn't a baby shaker that would imply he shook the child no he BROKE his wrists, legs and ribs to which he admitted to. You guys ALSO forgot to mention how he was so about "Poor Chris Chris Chris" instead of having any real true remorse for the actions he committed during the heinous crime, which this was recognized by the judge. Also he has served 251 days and was credited those days so I think that is a substantial amount due to the age of the victim. Other than that everything is factual but I will say follow up on your leads there reflector or do the community a favor and don't write a column on it period!


Rope. A tree with a strong branch. Leave him for the birds. Nope. Let's put him up in a controlled enviroment, feed him , and let him watch tv.


Hope baby is fine now. mama, you dont need a boyfriend for quite awhile, spoil, love and nurture your child, he deserves it , make him number one in your life, dont trust anyone, you are his mother, thats your job,goodluck.

Simple Enough II

Well I hope the grandparents of the child step in and monitor what environment this child is raised in, better for good family members to do that than some useless government agency. Would have seen no problem if family members were allowed 10 minutes alone with the tough guy.


Wow they sure do know how to mess up a story!!! Anywho,thank you demented dreamer for clearing things up,and the mother and baby is doing great,the love between them two is like it never even happend,,but this pos is gonna get what's coming to him!!!


Ps demented dreamer this story is also in sandusky reg and also says baby is still in foster care which we both know is false!!


This so called person should be subjected to the very kind
of treatment that he dosed out to this poor little 9 month
old baby boy. I will gladly donate my time & assume all damages that will befall his body & attitude & I only want 10 minutes of his time in an closed & empty & locked cell. But I must tell you that he will end up pugilistikly
beat up & battered with a broken nose, caulifloured ears, & a couple broken bones just to make things physically equal. I think there may be more grown men out there that would dearly love to even the score for this little guy that was so severely mistreated for such a long time. My offer is a standing offer but if it can be worked out, I'd like to tune him up before he hits his next 7 year home. He has no idea whats coming his way once he gets out of detention. Hope someone will take me up on my offer.


I think we should all look at the prison registry that he will be put into. Find 1 convict on the list and mail a letter telling him what this guy did. Everyone send 1 letter to 1 different convict and soon it will get around the prison and he will have no place to hide. Then he gets his, you don't get into trouble and after, we all put $5 on the prisoners books so he can have his Ramon Noodles. Win Win situation.

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swiss cheese kat

He is not a baby shaker, he is a baby bone breaker. Mr. Sietz must write these articles in his sleep.

mama t

Scott Seitz
it was 9 fractures, 9 months old...Sandusky register did a far better job, then Norwalk reflector on this story....unreal! how does one write a story and make a story seem far more innocent. this was horrible what happened! this babies life may result in not walking forever, lets Pray not, he is almost 16 months old still not walking yet. I don't want to elaborate on this filth of chris mills, well at the least, maybe when karma / eye for an eye / call it what you may, hits chris, maybe you Mr. Seitz could report us the true facts on that... I am sure the reflector will delete this anyways. I am very disappointed with the reflector story on this article, "BABY SHAKER OMG MORE LIKE BABY TORMENTED ON SEVERAL OCCATIONS" ATLEAST 9 DIFFERENT TIMES..THAT WE KNOW OF...THAT RESULTED IN 9 BREAKS TO THE BONES OF THIS LITTLE 9 MONTH OLD..AND THE BEAST THAT ADMITTED TO DOING THIS ONLY GOT 7 YEARS, THESE ARE FACTS!!!! I SAY PLACE CHRIS MILLS IN A PADDED ROOM FOR THOSE 7 YEARS HEARING A BABY CRY DAY IN AND DAY OUT, A CONSTANT REMINDER OF WHAT HE DID. AND THAT STILL WOULDN'T BE GOOD ENOUGH!

Brock Lee

bubba will handel it