Storm dragging its feet through Midwest

Light snow showers and flurries may cause some problems on the roadways.
Feb 28, 2013 reports snow lovers will be pleased to see that the bands of snow that fell through much of the Midwest Wednesday will continue today.

However, these light snow showers and flurries may cause some problems on the roadways.

Although snow is expected to fall from northern Michigan through the Ohio River Valley Thursday, little to no accumulation is expected for most of the area.

Up to an inch of new snow is possible in locations that get a heavier band.

This snow will linger through the day, allowing for rain to mix in with the snow from southern Ohio and Indiana through Kentucky and northern Tennessee to Nashville.This nuisance snow will make for yet another day of tricky commutes for the area, recovering the roadways with a dusting of snow.

Slick spots are most likely in the morning; In addition to cold air from Canada rushing in behind the storm, falling morning temperatures will be cold enough for rain and slush to refreeze.

To avoid travel complications, give yourself some extra time to get to your destination so that you can drive cautiously.

Thursday, higher snow accumulations are expected in the Northeast, where the center of the storm will move through.

Highest accumulations today into Friday morning are expected in Maine where up to 6 inches are possible. Pockets of 1 to 3 inches are possible in northwest Pennsylvania and northern New York.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Courtney Spamer, a meteorologist for


Cliff Cannon

" Storm " wimp is more like it. Where is our snow ?


noooo snowwww !

Cliff Cannon

@ onegirlarmy: I thought for sure,you we're going to "convert" to the snow loving religion after our last chat. Of course,no one is more religious than when they are a new convert. So,I had expected you to be leading the " where's our snow " prayers. :)

onegirlarmy are not only an awesome're funny too!
Enjoy this wimpy white stuff.
I haven't liked snow since i had to walk 5 miles in the blizzard of 1978.
Here's a "snow prayer"...
Cold white wet and yucky....don't see much of you....and feel so lucky!
Have a great day!

Cliff Cannon

@ onegirlarmy: Thank-you very much for your kind words. Quick question: Is your 5 mile hike in the '78 blizzard one of your all time favorite stories ? Thought so :) Great week to you.

P.S. Nice poetry


:)=78 Waterbury Conn.
Was digging it!

Cliff Cannon

onegirlarmy:That is cool,you " dug" living in Waterbury. "furniture" had dealers in Torrington,Danbury & Southington in your neighborhood.So I'll testify,that you choose a beautiful area to live in.


Thanks it is beautiful there.
I was just a Dad loved it there and may i just add...
Hamonassett beach is a great place,every child should get the chance to see the ocean.
The old historic boardwalk i used to walk for miles is gone now due to Sandy.
Lucky for me...some memories never fade.

Cliff Cannon

@onegirlarmy: Thanks for sharing those treasured memory's.And to think,some people don't think 'blogging' is good for anything.