Concealed carry report shows record number of licenses issued in 2012

Huron County sees 222 new licenses issued.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 2, 2013


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has issued a report indicating that more than 78,000 concealed carry licenses were issued in Ohio in 2012, the largest number since licenses were first issued in 2004.

According to statistics reported to the attorney general's office, county sheriffs in Ohio issued 64,650 new licenses and 12,160 renewal licenses in 2012, or 78,810 total licenses. The number of new licenses is also the largest in a single year since licenses were first issued in 2004.

In Huron County last year, 222 new licenses were issued and 58 renewed.

"As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I am pleased to see more Ohioans than ever before are exercising their rights under Ohio's concealed carry law," DeWine said. "I look forward to continuing to work with Ohio's county sheriffs to provide information to Ohioans on this law's usage."

The attorney general's office compiles an annual report as required by law about the number of licenses issued each year. Each sheriff must report concealed handgun license statistics quarterly to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission within the Ohio Attorney General's Office.



Just remember that registration of weapons in any form only makes it easier for "authorities" to confiscate them later when the 2nd is eroded by our fearmongers in government positions.

Silver Bullet

That is just an ignorant comment, or maybe it's just stupidity.

Second Opinion

If anyone is ignorant I would say its YOU Silver Bullet!
Read the news, these are the very issues that the left have been talking about.

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swiss cheese kat

@Second Opinion, Is that the MSM news?


There are 370 MILLION known registered guns in the U.S. Not including what is in private collections and on military bases. So if you are shallow enough to think they are going to walk in and take anyones guns, you really have no idea what you are talking about. I'm tired of ignorant people saying this. Can't you see that they are taxing the h*ll out of the ammo so you won't be able to afford to shoot anymore? The price of a new gun is out of reach now for the average guy. So all of you out there that panicked and bought everything in sight are not only very misinformed but you just made things harder and out of reach for the average blue collar guy that want to take his kid shooting. Brilliant bunch of idiots. Thank god I have mine and don't have to buy anymore. Sheesh. Get real and learn something instead of listening to a bunch of nut cases.

Jonathan Christman

The price of a new gun has not changed much. I have bought a couple of new ones since the first of the year and they were priced appropriately. One was purchased at Dunham's the other at WalMart both were in the $300-$350 range. But there are some guns that are harder to find and this has caused them to go way up in price on the used market.

Just Another Voice

I agree Johnathan. The ones I bought were priced appropriately, and not inflated because of the 2nd Ammendant scare tactics. The ones boosting the price are individuals selling their firearms at an outrageous price to the people who don't want to wait with their name on a waiting list at a store. I chose to wait.

Silver Bullet

Thank you WASP, you hit the nail on the head!..You can't fix stupid!

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swiss cheese kat

@ waterbuffalo
You are contributing to the fearmongering. I'm also tired of ignorant people saying this.

Whiskey Tango F...

glad to see more responsible people protecting themselves and their loved ones. When seconds count the police are minutes away.


This is the fifth year in a row the NRA has said the President is gonna take our guns away! Just curious who the fear-mongers are?

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swiss cheese kat

@ beastrump
Uhhh, the NRA is not saying anything about the president taking away anyones guns. Please get an education.


...well, betrump, I don't have at hand how many counties there are in the contiguous United States of America...

...but 222 ccw's per county times the total number of our nation's 'myriad' counties must surely equal an eyebrow raising sum of newly registered concealed gun carriers; who have have joined an even greater number of same...

...all of these folks are, for the most part, vetted, law abiding citizens with clean backgrounds...

...there is, of course, a reason for this recent surge, and it is proportional to the lack of faith citizens have with a government that is supposed to provide for the common defense; not cripple and errode it... or use flim flam like Uncle Joe (shotgun) B, our VPBS artist...

...I truly doubt any of our ccw folks, old or new, would bend knee, hand over their weapon/s, to anyone they think would dare to snatch away their constitutional right to protect themselves...

...and ...who are 'they' (the current socialist goons in the White House) going to send to confiscate the guns? I would think most of 'our' soldiers (men and women) have families whom they 'love and respect' who would shed their life and blood to protect their kin if the constitution was ever twisted so badly as to actually foment an attempt to "disarm" their loved ones in the nation... our soldiers would 'have' our backs, not stab them...

...don't blame the NRA for fearmongering, betrump... NRA membership doesn't even begin to get close to the number of CCW permit holders who, day by day, grow more wary of an administration far left of center...

...the biggest fearmonger in the nation? his portrait is screwed onto the wall of every government building in the country.




the fear monger is that box that sits in your living room with talking heads that spew fear inducing garbage. They wanna take away your guns but, what happens everytime the word "gun" is mentioned in the media? Gun sales surge, as indicated by the ccw permits, and we all go on with our lives. Are you also building a bunker? I'd love to sell you one. I heard on tv, that they might make bunkers illegal. Nah just kidding.


the fear monger is that box that sits in your living room with talking heads that spew fear inducing garbage. They wanna take away your guns but, what happens everytime the word "gun" is mentioned in the media? Gun sales surge, as indicated by the ccw permits, and we all go on with our lives. Are you also building a bunker? I'd love to sell you one. I heard on tv, that they might make bunkers illegal. Nah just kidding.

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swiss cheese kat

@ TheGravyWhisperer
Well said. Its hard to educate the masses of sheeple who undermine their own individuality and most likely will give up their rights because they cannot think with their brain.

Chef Mike

Well, betrump, there are many politicians of the left that have proposed laws to confiscate guns after Obummer exploited the Sandy Hook shooting. The NRA offers suggestions to protect Americans, while Obummer offers more "no guns allowed" signs. Who is the fear mongering party?


Relax. Most natives here always have had weapons to dispatch sick animals & or slaughter beef, deer, etc. This old harangue of "gun grab" has been around a long time. feel your fire sticks will stop H.A.R.R.P or drones? Get educated & just live life, it is too short.


nice Kurtje. The "they're takin our guns crowd" are gonna sheet their pants when those drones become walking and talking robots.


At times I think Kurtj is an automation then other times he seems to really think.
Could be two using the same account

Silver Bullet

If they try to take guns from the people I hope they send more than local law enforcement, because they will need back up!

Second Opinion

"WE WILL TAKE ALL WEAPONS" New Orleans police chief with armed military entering homes with guns drawn and without search warrants.

One woman in her 70's had a gun for protection and four cops attacked her and she didn't do a thing to cause their concern.

You talk big Silver Bullet, but when the time comes you and those like yourselves will show your true colors. Talk is cheap and its usually the loudest from those who run when the tribulation starts. I've seen many like yourself, the shooting starts and all the bragging of the past turns into race for safety.

Silver Bullet

Well that is against our constitutional rights (i.e. 4th amendment) Grow some balls and stand up for whats right...Idiots like half of you people on here are the reason America is the way it is today. I feel bad for the up and coming generations.


You guys can feel free to name call all you want. A CCW does not make anyone safer. It only tells the authorities that it is likely that you are armed. Gun registrations only tell the authorities that you own a firearm. (And in some cases, the public too.) No one can deny that people in federal and state government positions are moving towards legislation to limit your rights to own firearms. So please feel free to keep berating and displaying how intelligent you all are compared to dumb old "tin foil hat" wearing people like me. ;)


a ccw definitely makes people safer as long as the person with the ccw actually knows how to use it. That's what training is for. you dumb old "tin foil hat" wearing person.

Silver Bullet

I'd much rather have a CCW in case I ever need it, than so to say "bring a knife to a gun fight"

Second Opinion

You are not required a CCW to carry! You can open carry any time you want in Ohio. As a matter of fact I think we should all start doing this so the public will get used to it instead of the typical mental conditioning that the press has produced of there not being guns on the street. Why is it people think they should cover up their guns? If a criminal see's it they will leave you alone, if they don't know your carrying then they will assume your an easy target. I believe open carry fends off the crime before it happens while CCW trys to stop it after its initiated.

Second Opinion

Yea, I don't have ANYTHING to be concerned about. LOL!