Man offers $500 reward in burglary case

Victim: Township residents are under attack.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 1, 2013


Tiger Road resident James Janey said residents who live in the townships are under attack.

"Because of the drug problem and all the burglaries," Janey said. "I think the cops are just overwhelmed."

On Nov. 30, Janey's Townsend Township home was burglarized.

A large sum of money along with other items were stolen from the residence, he said.

"It just didn't seem like the police were very interested in the case," Janey said. "No fingerprints were taken."

When Janey returned home about 10:30 p.m. the day of the robbery, he believes the burglars might have bailed out the bedroom window.

Janey said there were a few burglaries in that same area of the county with four days of each other.

"But nobody knows about any of this," he said. "This needs to be publicized."

Janey, 66 and an ex-Marine, has lived at his Tiger Road residence for 42 years.

"If these burglars keep breaking into people's houses, someone is going to get hurt," he said.

So, to try and move things along, Janey is offering a $500 cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the break-in.

He has posted a reward sign outside his Tiger Road home.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Bill Duncan is investigating the case and provided details Wednesday.

Duncan said these burglaries, which included one nearby on Greenwich-Milan Townline Road, are likely related.

"These occurrences all took place within days of each other and the items taken all follow the same M.O.," Duncan said.

Duncan said Kevin Loyer, of Norwalk, was arrested and later confessed to the Greenwich-Milan Townline Road burglary.

Duncan said Loyer did not confess to the other two burglaries.

"It is such an isolated area it is very reasonable to think all three are related," he stressed.

Duncan also said Janey didn't report the burglary until three days after it took place.

Lt. Mike Cooksey (retired) processed the scene and indicated fingerprinting was not an option three days later after the incident.

"We're still investigating," Duncan said. "If we receive new information, we will act on it."

Anyone with information can call Janey at (419) 541-7510 or the sheriff's office at (419) 663-2828.




We can only thank the judge for the lenient sentences of all the druggies in the county. My entire street was broken into and when they were caught they were out the next day. Then they were arrested three days later breaking in to another house. They got the minimum sentence and work release because they said they were super sorry and blamed It all on the drugs.

hit the road jack

Whats the matter,you knew who they were and when released and didn't take care of this yourself? called NO BALLS!


should have put dead or alive on the poster


catch them, take them to Mexico, let them steal from the drug lords, see what happens then.

Sitting In The ...

I agree with UPUT these criminals don't care if they're caught, because then they can appear in front of Conway and turn on the waterfalls and honestly he either doesn't care or is gullible enough to believe them. When Conway is up for re-election we need to find a judge who will actually do their job.

swiss family

I have to agree.. I think that our "Justice" system is non existant... I think though that in the Court, there is probably the Defendant, and the attorneys and the judge...I wonder if disgruntled citizens went up to actually watch this mutilation of Justice.. if the "team" who makes all of the Plea deals and then gives real criminals a laughable sentence, would actually make the connection that it is OUR Community who is suffering by their lazy and inept version of Justice


tattoo "THEIF" on their foreheads!


And then put STUPID on their chin for not spellin THIEF correctly...


Maybe a few of the "released" crooks need to show up dead on the courthouse property???? Justice not being served correctly could spur lynchings.