Norwalk school board pulls levy from May ballot

School officials want to consider proposed cuts and possible additional state revenue before going back to the voters.
Aaron Krause
Feb 25, 2013


The Norwalk City Schools board of education voted Monday night to remove a 6-mill, five-year emergency operating levy from the May ballot.

School officials say they want to further consider proposed cuts and possible additional state revenue before deciding how much they need to ask from voters.

Look for the full story in Tuesday's Reflector.



Good for you Norwalk BOE, I respect you for being good stewards of your communities money.

run for the hills's picture
run for the hills

Wow, they must have listened to Swiss Family and realized he was right in his ramblings. (sarcasm)

swiss family

You are very welcome!!!!!... and thanks... you made me cry...lolol

Guy on a Buffalo

Good for them! Way to look out for the taxpayer!

Kottage Kat

Great job
Well thought out strategy
Wish BM had this wisdom and concern for the community

tell it how it is

sorry that they're too busy worrying about the students.
Jeeze are you ignorant.


Not much of a betting man, but if I was, I would bet they will come back and it will be even "worse". Just my thought. We'll see.


Well thought out strategy? Hahahaha....they pulled it because they knew it wouldn't pass! Now they will come up with another list of cuts in order to try to scare the taxpayer!


They pulled it because there is the "potential" to get money from the State if some of Kasich's proposals go through, thereby reducing the amount of money they would need from taxpayers...but don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.


Some "cuts" are still goin' through because the expected state revenue will not make up for the budget deficit.

Educate 'em, the best and brightest leave, local tax base is not replenished, the dynamic is unsustainable.

The school system and taxpayers will re-visit this issue in the near future.


Agree, it will likley be re-visited in November and hopefully the millage requested will be less.


I couldn't agree more, until we create local jobs our local education will be a ponzi scheme, when the students leave for better pastures there will be less to replenish the tax base. It is the responsibility of our local leaders to create a tax environment that will foster job creation, anything less and the debate of education funding and class warfare will continue.

Kottage Kat

Not my fight
Trying to stay somewhat positive for the taxpayers
If BM passes their levy I will have to sell my home
Just hoping for the best for all

Truth or Fiction

Only two schools in the area got additional and may I emphasize additional - new money from the State of Ohio. Norwalk receiving approximately $860,000. Sandusky City schools also got an large sum infusion of new money.

Edison Local Schools got zero. No new money. That is why you have a levy. Contact your State representative and ask why the money is not distributed more evenly.

Now The Rest of...

Once again the official voice of the Edison BOE appears. Once again any increase in state funding is PROPOSED at this time subject to legislative approval.