New Casa Fiesta is Norwalk's 'Cancun'

It certainly was worth the wait. The new Casa Fiesta held its grand opening Monday night and packed the house for the Norwalk Area-Huron County Chamber of Commerce event and ribbon-cutting.
Jul 25, 2010


It certainly was worth the wait.

The new Casa Fiesta held its grand opening Monday night and packed the house for the Norwalk Area-Huron County Chamber of Commerce event and ribbon-cutting.

The restaurant officially opened to the public today.

Owner Ramon Ornelas was thrilled with his new restaurant, located in the old Ponderosa building on Milan Avenue.

"Actually, this is what I had in mind for a long time," Ornelas said. "Great people in Norwalk. I am paying back the people."

The old restaurant, located farther south on Milan Avenue next to Vargo's, simply ran out of room for the expanding business. "We were very happy there for seven years," Ornelas said.

The new restaurant can seat 235 people, compared to 140 in the old one.

"This was my plan," he said. "It's better than what I though. There were a lot of heartaches, but we got it."

The restaurant includes an outside patio and bar. "This is the real thing," Ornelas said. "You won't see anything like this around."

"I thought it was beautiful," Chamber Executive Director Melissa James said. "There is a lot of activity out there at Norwalk Commons. I think when you get a gem like this, it will start sparking other folks to make the move.

"One of the guys said to me when you walk in it feels like walking into a resort in Cancun," James continued. "They have paid so much time to detail. They have added a lot of choices to their menu. The community that came out last night was just thrilled with what Ramone and his staff have done."


freebird (Anonymous)

hello will be going to casa fiesta tommorow, i will let you all know my opinion sunday or monday.

Norwalk City Co...

Ralph, quit embarrassing yourself and learn the meaning of irony.

NorwalkTaxpayer, I'd smoke you in an IQ test after being lobotomized, so do yourself and your pompus short sighted opinions a favor and don't play that card. Just come out and admit you have a problem with the Berry's and all will be forgiven. Hiding under the guise of pretending to be concerned about how Norwalk's taxes are used when it comes to such a petty issue as this. Please. Way to fight the good fight, carry on soldier.

Observer, you are way too intelligent and far sighted to be on this forum. You must not have any grudge held against the Berrys that clouds your judgement. Very well put.

re: observer (A...

Downtown is a ghost town, except for the bars at night.


Norwalk City Council: Anytime you're ready to take that IQ test, let me know! :-) I don't have a problem with Berry's at all. We eat there 3-4 times a month, and yes, I'm under 40. No problem with the Berry family or the business. I grew up just around the block from the family, and have been on friendly terms with them since day one. I just don't agree with Doug B.'s proposal.
Just because my opinion doesn't match yours, it doesn't mean its short-sited. In fact, it could mean just the opposite.
BTW, what's your agenda here, besides putting others down?
If you were a member of Norwalk City Council, I'd like to see how you'd vote on the matter, especially if the majority of calls you received were against the proposal.
As far as Berry's moving out of downtown, will that really happen? I doubt it, but let's say it does.
1) Does Berry's currently own the building housing the restaurant? If so, would they try to sell it to buy/lease a new location? If so, would those new lease/business mortgage payments offset any extra profit made at a new location? Would it lead to even more red ink?
Could Berry's get it's liquor license transferred to a new location?
Is Berry's really ready to take a risk, in hopes that outdoor alcohol sales would "save" the business?
2) Realistically, how many new people would a new location attract, especially on the city's extreme north side?
Take into consideration traffic, accessibility, etc.
3) If Berry's does indeed move, does that spell the end of Downtown Norwalk? If so, it what way? What other businesses will be affected? Name three.

Ralph (Anonymous)

Norwalk City Council: I never knew the entire future of Norwalk's uptown business district solely rested on Berry's. Next time you're uptown, poke your head into all of the stores and inform the owners they mean nothing to the business community. Make sure to tell them no matter how much they try or grow their business, they'll never be as important to the community as Berry's. I'm sure they'll be forever in your debt for informing them of their place in our town. Remember, it's either Berry's or bust when it comes to uptown. Last thing, I understand the meaning of irony but I'm not quite sure about ignorance. Since without a doubt you have to be this year's poster child for it, maybe you can enlighten all of us? You know, before you have that lobotomy. Will we notice a change in your writings after the procedure?

guess who???? (...

guess I will be eating at casa more often, hope to see you there robinson. Sounds like a great place, I can't wait!!

T$Robinson (Ano...

to "guess who " hey i was there at Casa Fiesta on saturday night , at about 7:45 or so , we had a great meal and a great time , we even had a few drinks after our meal .. i was looking for you "guess who " whom i am assuming is Sharons drunk brother , but i didn't see anyone really gulping them down , like someone would with 25 dui's , so i am afraid i missed you .. i will be back again this friday though , usually at the same table , so i hope to see you there then .. stagger on over and say "hi" if you would like

gas guzzler (An...

hey has anyone noticed that the Norwalk gas stations are gouging us for our hard earned money ?? why else would gads be 30 cents higher per gallon in Norwalk , than in any of the other local towns ??? i would really like to hear a logical explaination on this ??? please , everyone , quit buying the overpriced local gas , until they lower their prices to be more competitive with the surrounding area .. please , let's all stand together , and show them that we won't stand for it any longer

get it together...

I wish I could say how the food was at the new case but after waiting for almost 40 minutes on what was supposed to be a 10 minute wait on Saturday night only to be told it would be at least another 20 we walked out along with several other parties. Even though there were empty tables all over the restaurant. Four girls stood up at the cash registers and either talked with each other or blew up balloon after balloon. They might be able to afford people walking out now, but give it a little bit and the new factor along with customer's patience will be long gone. I always thought that was one of the most organized and hard working restaurant staff when they were at the old location, but obviously things have changed. Hopefully things will get better there, but for now I doubt I will go back to see if it does!

Someone get Ral...

Ralph, way to go overboard on your comment. Those with no leg to stand on often resort to an extreme, ridiculous argument. Zoooooooooooooom look out Ralph. There goes the point you just missed that Norwalk City Council clearly spelled out.

american (Anonymous)

now, this is for all you casa pukefesta lovers!!!!first of all, i had been recently informed that the owner went to mexico& brought back some people from there to work at the new location.also,they stated that he pays them all cash under the table!this info bewilders me.can he legaly do that?what about taking taxes out?unemployment,workers comp.,etc.i don't feel comfortable about that,if this is true,he is taking jobs&tax from local folks!!by the way gas is $2.52 a gallon in bellevue today!

re:gasguzz. (An...

hey buddy-i think you need to make a bolder statement about this issue! i'm getting the impression from this forum people may not care!i replied back to you once last week, but the reflector must have taken it off.i wouldn't know why,there was nothing bad or anything in it!but i hate the high price too!a couple of days ago, a family member told me that mick cole owns the gas stations in norwalk that started with the highest price first& the rest of the stations in norwalk followed him.

service (Anonymous)

if they don't have decent service, what good are they?

interview (Anon...

hey-i wonder if joe interviewed any of the employees while he was there?they tell you more about a place that the owner would!!by the way,i hope they have seperate restrooms for ladies & men.when i was at the old location they told me it was unisex.i didn't believe it until i walked up to the door!how gross for a restaurant!!

Proud To Be a L...

I think it's sad that people are making comments about illegals working there. I am happy to say that I am marrid to a Latino man. He is legal to be in this country but yet people still assume that since he's Mexican he's an illegal immagrant. These people come to our country for a better life, they work so hard and half the time they don't make nearly as much as you or I would. They don't complain or even ask for days off. I know that if America was ran like Mexico I'd jump at the chance to live somewhere else so I could feed my family. You people should be ashamed of yourselves to say the things you have said. Our country has way more problems going on than to argue over who's cooking our food and cleaning up our messes. You should put yourself in their shoes before you open your mouth to judge them.

dissapointed (A...

I went to the new casa last wednesday night. I ordered a margarita and received it 15 minutes later. I then asked for water which I never received. Our meals came before we got silverware which I then asked for, never received and had to get up and get it myself. After ordering another margarita upon receiving my meal I figured I wouldn't get it until quite a bit later. Well quite a bit turned into after we were all finished with our meals which was also the first time the waitress returned to check and see if we were doing ok...The woman gave us our check smiled and walked away... no thank you, no i'll take this whenever you're ready. Nothing just a smile, like she didn't speak english or soemthing.?

my review (Anon...

here it goes, i went to casa fiesty saturday night, um from first impression busy busy busy, me and my girlfriend kinda wanted to sit outside, i guess you have to request that cause we got seated in a corner, inside . bad view, we waited along time for our food , cant blame the cook when he has 500 orders to fill.the service was great and the food was good not poor not great either. my only real complaint was where we were sitting the music was way too loud, had to talk loud to my dinner party.
all and all i would give them a B+. .. ill go again when not so busy.

Fed Up (Anonymous)

Dissapointed: Yout comment was fine until the end. Bad service is bad service, does it make it worse because she's Mexican? If you were at The Road House and had a bad server would you have said that maybe she didn't speak English? Probably not, you would of just said you had a bad server. I just don't think it's fair that people are bringing the race of the employees up, if it sucks there than it sucks. It shouldn't be because it's ran by Latinos. I had terrible service the other day at a French Restaurant in Port Clinton. Should I comment on here that they must have a bunch of French people working there that don't know what their doing. Maybe they only speak French. If I would of had an American server my food and service would of been better. People of all nationalities make mistakes, that doesn't give us the right to single out certain ones and talk about them. I pray that one day you wake up and realize that they are human too and deserve to be treated equally. Just because you were born here that doesn't make you any better than them! This isn't just for you dissapointed, it's for everyone that made racist comments!

Reflector Staff...

A comment posted by "american" has been removed from this post for libelous content.

RE: Fed Up (Ano...

“Disappointed” did not mention that the waitress was Mexican, but questioned if the waitress spoke English. As a citizen born in the USA, I have nothing against immigrants. After all, our country is a melting pot of immigrants. However, I am against immigrants coming into this country who expect the rules and language to chance to suit them. COME TO AMERICA LEGALLY AND LEARN THE TRADITIONS OF THIS COUNTRY IF WANT TO LIVE IN THE USA- this includes paying taxes, learning English.

We are the ones fed up! Wait until you walk into the local Target or McDonalds (what is more American than that?) and the workers are speaking Spanish. Another thing, you live in area where the “temporary workers” are working in the fields. I live in the Southeast, wait till they start building your homes in the North. I know of many situations where known illegals working on houses have relieved themselves (in more ways than one-no punt intended) in duct work, attics, etc. (even 500K homes and up!) Again- our traditions are not being followed, in this case, sanitation.

Think about it, there is a really dark side that comes with all the pouring in of immigrants- poverty, disease(lack or immunizations), gangs (preying on their own race due to their illegal status), drain on the taxpayers to mention a few. We, Americans, regardless of nationality or race, have the right to voice our opinions and question the status of others in our country. Again, come here legally and be willing to follow the laws and traditions of this great country!

Ments (Anonymous)

I agree that people should only be here in America if they are legally documented, that's only fair. Here in the USA we have no official language. So if someone decides they want to only speak Spanish, that's their choice. You can't order someone to start speaking English. When it comes to traditions, who's traditions are they supposed to follow? White, black, chinese, german, jewish, catholic, lutheran or is there a tradtion set in stone by one official group? As long as they're legal and follow the laws of this country, no one can demand anymore from them than that.

to the Reflecto...

hello, can you please tell me that when a comment is removed from this post for containing libelous content what is done with it?does this mean your going to sue this person for maybe not understanding they had something in the post that they shouldn't publicly?thank you for your time..

dissapointed (A...

Re: Fed up, my comment was certainly not racist! Wow if you think that a comment like "she just smiled, like she didn't speak english" is racist, then you have NOT experienced racism. That sentence in my blog was not even meant to be directed towards the fact that my server may have been from Mexico. In fact the woman that waited on us was the woman pictured above. She spoke english well. My comment of "she just looked at me and smiled" would have been a comment I would have made if I would have been writing about any other restaurant where I may have received the same experience. It just happened to be a response to an article amidst a bunch of blogs about immigrants. So hold your horses before you throw the racists bomb at me. I am not racist and I stand by my comment about my service at casa fiesta. My server did not do her job of attending to the needs of my table, not even 50% of the way. So take it as you want, but i am merely defending my comment by say that a racist intent was not my purpose. And a lesson for you, do not indicate that you know my values and morals...being racist and thinking that I am better than another by once sentence in a comment that I made online.

Reflector Staff...

RE: to the Reflector Staff; If a comment contains libelous, threatening, or obscene content, we remove it. No further action is taken.

Berry's - come ...

I am on the city council in my city and my husband is active in the county government. We would love to have a restaurant/business like Berry's in our downtown area. With restaurants failing and family businesses struggling to compete against large chains we have found it important in our community to keep the sense of a downtown area which serves the community. We have some storefronts for sale and I am sure we could assist in finding one to your liking. From my observations and talking to your employees you pay above minimum wage and a restaurant your size employees roughly 70 people, gives to the community and works to make the city a better place. Would you consider selling your building and moving the business? I will call you Mr. Berry!

Question? (Anon...

Regarding this entry: Reflector Staff wrote on Aug 8, 2007 10:37 AM:

" RE: to the Reflector Staff; If a comment contains libelous, threatening, or obscene content, we remove it. No further action is taken. "
just curious about your qualifications for a libelous, threatening, or obscene comment? It seems they are ridiculously considering some of the trash you have allowed to be posted on "everyone's" website. Norwalk has gained fame for a lot of unfortunate things...the Norwalk Flu being one of them. This site is another. YOU GO JOE!

re: come to our...

Do you have a city park close for the sale of alcohol? Seems that he feels thats the only way he can make a buck!

Berry-come to o...

Doubt you're on city council otherwise you would know you have an ordinance banning drinking in public. To change the ordinance is beyond one member of council. You must be on council in Berryville.

big fan (Anonymous)

this is undoubtebly the best place in Norwalk to eat. The people are very friendly. Hasta Luego

haven't been ye...

I haven't been to the new Casa yet, and am really looking forward to getting there after the novelty wears off a little bit. BUT, it is obvious to me and anyone that I have spoken to, that the city of Norwalk wasn't prepared for the influx of traffic that the theatre, Casa Fiesta and future restaurants and shopping in the area are producing. Traveling on 250 is a nightmare - any time of the time!