Suspected drug dealer pleads innocent

Two drug defendants get trial dates.
Cary Ashby
Feb 28, 2013


Two drug defendants entered "not guilty" pleas to their separate charges Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Paul J. Duncan, 24, of 30 Senior Drive, Greenwich, is charged with possession of drugs (THC) in connection with a June 29 incident. If convicted, he faces nine months to three years in prison. His trial is scheduled for May 29.

Kurt R. Miller, 29, of 57 Baker St., is charged with trafficking in heroin in connection with a March 1 incident. If convicted, he faces six to 12 months behind bars. His trial is set for May 16.

Both defendants are out on a $5,000 bond and are subject to random drug screens.



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On a serious note , this stuff is getting old. The guy selling the weed is facing 9 months to 3 years in prison... FOR SOME WEED BROWNIES OR WHATEVER HE WAS SELLING! This junkie Kurt Miller is only looking @ 6 to 12 months behind bars. He will most likely end up with a slap on the wrist and some rehab. I've never known ANYONE to die from smoking pot, now heroin on the other hand I know some people that have OD'ed and that stuff. Marijuana doesn't ruin families , make people steal things, and do crazy things just to get your next fix. It's all bullsh%$,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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I have no idea why your comment hasn't been removed by moderators yet, telling people to kill themselves... there have been recent articles of recent addicts who were strong enough to get over their heroin addictions and did they have to kill themselves? No. YOU are the one who should be ashamed, hopefully those who are trying to kick their addictions are strong (and smart) enough not to take your advice.


Thank you.


When Kurt Miller is convicted, take him to Mexico, drop him off for good, stop ruining this state, dont come back, we dont want you.


When it comes to entering a plea in court, "innocent" is not an option.


Duncan = drug addict. Any relations to Det. Billy? lol

Estrella Damm

No relation.

Estrella Damm

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