New Casa Fiesta is Norwalk's 'Cancun'

It certainly was worth the wait. The new Casa Fiesta held its grand opening Monday night and packed the house for the Norwalk Area-Huron County Chamber of Commerce event and ribbon-cutting.
Jul 25, 2010


It certainly was worth the wait.

The new Casa Fiesta held its grand opening Monday night and packed the house for the Norwalk Area-Huron County Chamber of Commerce event and ribbon-cutting.

The restaurant officially opened to the public today.

Owner Ramon Ornelas was thrilled with his new restaurant, located in the old Ponderosa building on Milan Avenue.

"Actually, this is what I had in mind for a long time," Ornelas said. "Great people in Norwalk. I am paying back the people."

The old restaurant, located farther south on Milan Avenue next to Vargo's, simply ran out of room for the expanding business. "We were very happy there for seven years," Ornelas said.

The new restaurant can seat 235 people, compared to 140 in the old one.

"This was my plan," he said. "It's better than what I though. There were a lot of heartaches, but we got it."

The restaurant includes an outside patio and bar. "This is the real thing," Ornelas said. "You won't see anything like this around."

"I thought it was beautiful," Chamber Executive Director Melissa James said. "There is a lot of activity out there at Norwalk Commons. I think when you get a gem like this, it will start sparking other folks to make the move.

"One of the guys said to me when you walk in it feels like walking into a resort in Cancun," James continued. "They have paid so much time to detail. They have added a lot of choices to their menu. The community that came out last night was just thrilled with what Ramone and his staff have done."


Crystal (Anonymous)

My family and I moved south and that is one thing that I really miss besides family. Casa Fiesta is a great place to eat and the food is great too. My family always goes once a week and they always remember everything about you and your family. Thats why we always go when we are in the area and we miss the place and food greatly. We just wish they were down here in the south!!!!!

customer (Anonymous)

my family went in there a couple of years ago,& the waitress was very rude to us.needless to say we have not been back!i do know others that eat & drink a lot in there,& they like girl said"after u get a couple of drinks down your to drunk to realize how the help is acting."by the way do they hire all nationalities?

doubtful (Anonymous)

many of them are fresh off the border (twenty of them every year) hope they don't still drive their minibikes in the front door when they had the old location in Bellvue.We were trying to eat at the time.just disgusting.someone should call ice

Norwalk City Co...

An outside patio & bar?


Lainey (Anonymous)

Casa Fiesta is the best thing that has happened to Norwalk. Our family and friends go every Thursday night and we have always had a great time. The entire staff is very pleasant and extremely hard working. The the food is just fabulous! We attended the open house and the new Casa Fiesta is just beautiful. It was definitely worth the wait. See you Thursday!

J.G. (Anonymous)

WAKE UP PEOPLE!! there are some adults in this town that enjoy adult beverages, and we appreciate Casa Fiesta for a nice place to go locally for great food & beverages.. if it's not for you,, then don't go,, but WE will !

Phil (Anonymous)

It never ends in this town, if you are not a member of the Old establishment "good ol boys club" you are tarred and feathered. Hard working people bettering themselves and there families, isn't that the American way? Casa Fiesta has made a good name for themselves and we should welcome business to this town rather than continually pointing out the negatives! Trust me, I was in the restaurant business for 10 years and I know how some people can be.

??? (Anonymous)

and why was Berrys turned down ?cuz they not from mexico? wonder how many palms were crossed on this one, BTW how many of these people are LEGAL?????? JUST ANOTHEER EXAMPLE OF HOW THE AMEICAN DREAM DOES NOT WORK FOR AMERICANS!!!!!!!

???--corrected ...

and why was Berrys turned down ?cuz they not from mexico? wonder how many palms were crossed on this one, BTW how many of these people are LEGAL?????? JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW THE AMERICAN DREAM DOES NOT WORK FOR AMERICANS!!!!!!!

hey Phil (Anonymous)

u shoulda seen the mess they left in the Old Caparaol in B-vue it was nasty

Marie (Anonymous)

we have seen alot of restaurants come and go in Norwalk,
Casa Fiesta has managed to stay open for 7 that speaks for itself.. the people in Norwalk & surrounding areas want them here! The servers are friendly,very neat & clean, great service and the food is excellant.. i am grateful that they are still here..


I can't believe people are still trying to compare Casa's service of outdoor liquor sales to Berry's request for the same. Both are fine businesses that offer different menus.
But as far as alcohol, Casa is serving it on THEIR OWN PROPERTY, not city-owned property. There's a big difference.
It's too bad there's some people that don't know the difference, and it's a shame all some people can do is focus on negativity.

Ralph (Anonymous)

It never stops amazing me that no matter how much a fellow American works to make themself a better preson, someone always brings in what kind of race they are. It's better to keep your mouth closed and make someone question your ignorance than to open your mouth and prove them right. I agree with Norwalktaxpayer 100%.

Saddened (Anonymous)

Some of these comments are very sad. Either we're still angry about Berry's or we're denigrating a successful establishment because of race. Both are petty and should be beneath a place like Norwalk. I happen to agree Berry's should have been given the chance to serve alcohol in Bresson park, but that's over with and the decision was made. That Casa is taking advantage of land it owns (and by the way Norwalk residents had the chance to vote on approving their liquor license for Sunday sales on last year's ballot, if I'm not mistaken, and it passed) is not the same issue in any way. By the way, for all those complaining about potential "illegals" at Casa, I'd be curious to know how this denies you the "American dream." If you don't want to work there, and based on some of the comments I doubt those spouting off do, what does it matter to you. These folks just spent a bunch of money to build a new location, injecting a nice cash flow into the area. Small minded people are the greatest drain on society.

Cool!!! (Anonymous)

I'm so excited to go to the new Casa!

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

Casa is a great place to eat. The food is good and I have ben in there too many time to count and I have never once been treated rudely or have seen anyone else being treated rudely. They are good people serving great food. Viva la Casa

Beth (Anonymous)

I love Casa Fiesta! It is the best place in Norwalk to eat. I'm glad I don't work there. I'd be HUGE!!!!! I've always had nothing but great service at Casa Fiesta. It's one of the few places you can actually see the owner there welcoming patrons, and coming around to make sure your food is good. That's how you keep customers.

Norwalk City Co...

Thank you for your money Norwalktaxpayer. (lol what a ridiculous name). Big deal tons of people are taxpayers stop thinking your opinion matters more than others just because you pay real estate tax. So do I, but I don't put it on a bumper sticker or username.

Bottom line here folks is it would be no big deal and a nice touch if Berry's could serve wine & beer with food downtown. Other businesses in the area would benefit, however you'd rather pump up 250 N out of town towards Milan. Silly, petty and short sighted by all of you harrumphing crabs.

Ralph (Anonymous)

You're making fun of someone's username, berate them for having it and you choose Norwalk City Council? Aren't they the ones that shot down the whole alcohol in the park deal? So you decide to name yourself after the same group that doesn't support your viewpoint? Interesting.....


Norwalk City Council,
Did I say my opinion was better than anyone else's? If so, please show me where/when I said that.
You don't know me, or a thing about me. However, I come across people like you everyday.
It's people like you who hurt forums like this. If you don't have anything intelligent to say, then stay out of it, and let the adults talk.

T$Robinson (Ano...

to " Norwalktaxpayer" .. thank you for your straight talk and being able to see things the way that they really are .. Casa Fiesta is a great place to eat , and they do a great job of taking care of their customers , there is a hugh difference in what they have done , and what Berry's wanted to achieve... they are allowing drinking on their own property , whereas Berry's wanted to serve alcohol in a city owned park,, there is no way to even compare the two requests .. why can't people see that .. anyway , it is refreshing to hear a voice of reason , in these forums , for a change .. have you ever considered running for city council ?? you would have my vote , based on what i have seen so far !

college grad (A...

hey is everyone aware of what they are calling the summer"gas out" ?? someone has started a movement , or a protest against the norwalk gas stations , to try to get them to stop overcharging all of us for the outragious price they are charging everyone here , when we can go to any other town , in any direction outside of norwalk , and get gas for as much as 20 cents cheaper per gallon !!! i am tired of being taken advantage of by the norwalk merchants , and i am joining the protest , and i hope that you will join us in "gas out" too

Observer (Anonymous)

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Berry's moved out of downtown and opened a new place near the commons where they can run their highly successful operation as they see fit without having to beg permission from the short sighted city council. That would be the beginning of the downtown ghost town.

El Pasao reside...

As a frequent visitor to Norwalk, I have been to the original Casa Fiesta and have been treated well and enjoyed the atmosphere. I currently reside in El Paso, Texas which borders on Juarez, Mexico.

For those of you that are questioning the legality of the employees of Casa, our government has procedures that must be followed when hiring. I am confident that Casa would not risk their business license to hire "illegals" just to save a few dollars.

Living on the border has given me a new respect families that want to better themeselves and come to the US. People from all over the world, Mexico included, apply and recieve green cards to work and live legally in the US. Do not assume that just because they are Mexican, that they are illegal. Do you go to a chinese restaurant and assume that they are illegal? Of course not.

El Paso is 85 percent Mexican heritage - legally. The people here are very hard working and only want to succeed. Try not to judge those in Norwalk who are of different heritage than yourselves. Didn't all of our families immigrate here at one time or another?

Try to remember that Casa Fiesta is just a restaurant - trying to succeed in a very difficult industy - think about supporting them instead of boycotting them.

Everyone desrves a chance. I look forward to visiting the new Casa next month when I visit Norwalk again! Maybe I will join Lainey on a Thursday!


T$Robinson: Thank you for your support and kind words. To answer your question, yes I have considered it. I've been approached on more than one occasion, but I have other commitments that have forced me to decline.
Maybe someday though...I happen to think the current Council and Administration are doing a fine job.

Richard (Anonymous)

Hey, College Grad: If you really want to try a "Gas Out", just go to Casa and you'll have all the free gas you need for a few days ! Just kidding -- it is a great place for fine, authentic Mexican food and I love all the employees who work there. customer - if you received rude service at Casa, maybe it was the way YOU were acting, because they have nothing but wonderful people there. They are a hard working bunch, legal or otherwise. All I have to do now is find our favorite table, C2, at the new place. BTW, C.G., what school did you graduate from - No Shift Key U. ?

nothing better ...

Hey, don't compare Casa to Berry's. Casa owns their property Berry doesn't. Casa has good food Berry's doesn't. Casa has good prices and good service, Berry's doesn't. So there Hasta Luego Amigo.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

OK, Casa has good food but, Berry's is not bad.

RE:Richard (Ano...

I'm an adult almost in my 50's.YOU{as you capitilized it}for whatever reason are entitled to your own opinion. So BUG OFF mine!I'm probably one of the most quietest& polite people one would ever encounter!And I have tolerated a lot from some people.More than what most people would tolerate!I have heard that a lot.So that is MY-opinion & I'm sticking to it!And by the way Dick-quit picking on people & PLAY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love casa (Anon...

Congrats on the new place. It looks great and food and service is as usually very good. As far as this stupid Berry's issue...give it a rest. Many people in this town are not happy with the service, prices or the quality or lack there of in their food. I remember not being able to wait til sunday or friday to go to berry's for some good home cooking and great friendly waitress'. But come on people, it is not been the same since Doug took over. You can't compare this place to Berry's. And to the comment about taking Berry's out near the commons....are we so quick to forget the Homestead? He had a good place with liquor and still managed to run it in the ground. So anyway....good job Casa...finally a nice place to eat.