$400,000 stolen at Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Discovery of missing funds leads to grand jury indictment.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 25, 2013


Ohio Inspector General Randall Meyer has issued a report of investigation identifying a theft of $440,000, resulting in the indictment of a former employee of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities by the Montgomery County Grand Jury.

After the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities received a call from a bank questioning the validity of several checks, a joint investigation was launched by the Ohio Inspector General and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The investigation revealed Douglas Carter, a department of developmental disabilities employee, cashed 146 fraudulent checks resulting in the theft of $440,000 from Ohio taxpayers and residents at two developmental centers. Carter committed the thefts while employed at the Montgomery Developmental Center in Dayton, and the Warrensville Developmental Center in Cleveland.

“Carter abandoned his duty to protect some of our state’s most vulnerable citizens, and instead chose to victimize the developmentally disabled and the Ohio taxpayers to gratify his own desire for cash, cars, and jewelry,” Meyer said.

Ohio Inspector General Report of Investigation file number 2012 CA-00025 is available by clicking on the link below.


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Kottage Kat

This is terrible
As the FORMER caregiver for a multihandicapped child it makes me sad to think anyone could steal from these people
Lowest of the lowt