Four teens face charges in statue vandalism

NEW LONDON - Police are expecting to charge four teenagers, ages 16 to 17, in connection with damage to the 110-year-old War Memorial monument last week. Two of the suspects are from Fitchville Township and rural New London and the other two live in the village. "The (two) boys are the ones (who) damaged the statue," New London Police Chief Mark Holden said. "The (two) girls are involved because they lied to us, had possession of some of the pieces and provided false information to the investigating officer."
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


NEW LONDON - Police are expecting to charge four teenagers, ages 16 to 17, in connection with damage to the 110-year-old War Memorial monument last week. Two of the suspects are from Fitchville Township and rural New London and the other two live in the village.

"The (two) boys are the ones (who) damaged the statue," New London Police Chief Mark Holden said. "The (two) girls are involved because they lied to us, had possession of some of the pieces and provided false information to the investigating officer."

The chief said the two boys could be charged with vandalism, "maybe even theft." "The girls could be charged with some form of obstruction of official business," he added.

Police forwarded a report to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office for the consideration of charges.

Holden noticed the rifle the Civil War-era soldier was holding was broken into several pieces, most of which had been taken away, between 8:15 and 8:20 p.m. last Monday. Police were able to recover only a few smaller pieces of the marble statue, located at Memorial Park off Kirk and North Main streets.

"I was going to dinner and saw the rifle was gone," Holden said.

Witnesses reported seeing teenage boys with a basketball in the area after the vandalism incident. Another witness reportedly saw a basketball inside the memorial fence.

"We were able to recover most of (the pieces), but it's irreparable," Holden said. "We're not able to patch it back together."

One tip from a citizen provided the biggest lead in the investigation.

"Officer Josh Wilson was the investigating officer and cleared the case within 24 hours," Holden said. "He did a great job on it."

Holden has contacted Franklin Monument in Norwalk about making a brass mold to cast a new rifle.

"I don't know how you'd put a price on it," the chief said. "The replacement cost will be expensive. You'll never be able to replace it."

The Women's Relief Core erected the War Memorial statue in 1897.

Holden said an intoxicated male suspect was apprehended several years ago after he climbed on the statue and attempted to a put a beer in the soldier's hand.


PO'ed (Anonymous)

Change these little _hitheads together and let them lead the Labor Day parade!!!!!!!! Then make them clean the park up and pay for ALL the damages!!!!!!! Jail is to easy for these punks!!!!!!

Make them pay (...

Make these kids pay for the damages to the statue. What disrespect they showed! Great job by the police department!

pissed (Anonymous)

I agree with PO'ed I know some of the kids involved and They deserve what ever punishment the town of New London can come up with...What they did was wrong and uncalled for. They should have to pay for all the expenses and write a personal apology to the town and its residents.

mt (Anonymous)

These kids are so igmorant. They have no idea of the meaning behind the statue. I hope their mommies and daddies don't bail them out. They need to be accountable for every piece of that statue.

mt (Anonymous)

LOL......I mean ignorant.

sarge (Anonymous)

teenagers are worthless..Put all four of them in a hard labor camp for one year.

mac (Anonymous)

those kids should have to pay for it and also should do work around the town to pay for it and should be put on house arresd for a year so we know they wont do it anymore

Just a thought ...

Make them stay with the Gravelles for 1 year and be put in cages, lol.

mac (Anonymous)

they need to lead the town in a parade saying the were the one that broke the gun on the statue

T$Robinson.... ...

to everyone who commented , especially "mac" you are so right .. i do understand your anger , and i hope that the law throws the book at them .. i do think however, that it's about time that the law takes a look at the "juvenile " status .. like the legal responsibility age being 18 .. i think that , that is way outdated , and it's ashame that these "kids"names and faces weren't in the newspaper , like they deserved to be.. i think that by the time "kids" are 12 or 13 , they are reasonable and responsible enough to know right from wrong , and they should be accountable for their actions !!it's no wonder that the jv crime rate is so high , they know that they can get away with anything , even murder , and it will just go on their jv record , and that will be erased once they reach 18

Gas Guzzler (An...

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Mr. Unbiased (A...

Here again is an example of what ten minutes of fun to a child that has no parental supervision and proper up bringing can do. What these children have done is irrepairable and unbeleivable. They did not just bust up a statue. They busted up history! They busted up all of the dead soldiers of this country that gave their lives for a free society. They tromped on all of the living vetrans of this country. I do not know what the punishment should be but it sure would be nice to see that they went and appologized to every vetran that risked their lives in the name of freedom. Thank them for their Ipods, x boxes, and everything else that is taken advantage of in this free society!!!!!!!

T$Robinson (Ano...

thank you " Mr. Unbiased" you speak the truth , they have done more than just defaced public property , they have slapped and disgraced every veteran that has ever served a day to defend this great country of ours.. i believe that they should do jail time , and pay to repair the statue , and be put on probation for many years , but mostly , i think that they should have to go to the Ohio Veterans Home , or some facility like that , and do some hard service time there... like scrubbing the rooms , cleaning the toilets , and wheeling around and assisting all of the veterans that made this country , the great place that it is today ...maybe some of the respect and loyalty that the veterans posess , will in turn , rub off on these destructive and selfish brats

???? (Anonymous)

to sarge: i didn't like your comment about all teenagers being worthless. it is statements like this that cause our youth to act out. if they feel that people think they are worthless then that is how they will behave. i do however agree that these specific teens need to be punished accordingly. some serious community service time spent with the veterans would be excellent. not only would they possibly begin to appreciate those who gave all for us, but they may also learn alot from these people that a teacher just can't teach about history. i also feel that restitution is owed to the city of new london, this statue was a part of this towns character and that has been stripped away. all we can do is hope that the courts take all this into consideration while dealing with this case. teens are like delicate flowers, if you don't nurture them carefully they will eventually be like the rest of the weeds in the garden and i don't think that people relize this when they treat these kids like " worthless" animals. parents your teens need guidance just as much as your little ones do. this is how they learn and grow to be better people. let's think about that!!!!!

Gas Man (Anonymous)

Re Gas Guzzler
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gas guzzler (An...

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rupert (Anonymous)

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rupert (Anonymous)

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