2 sent to hospital after collision in Norwalk

Accident takes place at intersection of Old State Road and Cleveland Road (U.S. 20).
Aaron Krause
Feb 22, 2013


Two drivers were sent to the hospital after their vehicles collided at a Norwalk intersection.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the accident scene, click HERE.)

Sierra L. Mason, 18, of 171 Ohio 61, was driving a Chevrolet Silverado north on Old State Road on Thursday afternoon when she came to the stop sign at the Cleveland Road (U.S. 20) intersection, Norwalk police said. Mason then drove her vehicle into the intersection, where it collided with a westbound Chevrolet Cavalier being driven by Vicki L. Rogers, 44, of 2667 Hartland Center Road, Collins.

Mason and Rogers were transported by North Central EMS ambulance to Fisher-TItus Medical Center. Neither were listed as patients on Thursday night.

Mason was charged with a stop sign violation.



hope you are ok vicki.
didn't get a response back from you...may have changed your number.
praying for you.
damn girl...i'm sorry...you can't win for losing!


SOOO.. The driver of the Chevy Silverado was transported to the hospital WHY!? The truck doesn't even have a scratch on it! (from the pictures) I wreck cars for fun and don't go to the hospital...Insurance pains...Insurance pains...hahaha!

David Deerest.

Stupid people like you make MY insurance go up...how do you know the person didn't need treatment? She got slammed in an intersection, no fault of her own, according to what I've just read. You wreck cars for fun?? What? DEMO DERBY??? maybe you should go to the hospital, you may have hit your head in that last accident of yours.

David Deerest.

So, it was her fault...but why scream insurance pains when it's her fault?