Commissioners make decision regarding sheriff's cruiser request

Sheriff Dane Howard was seeking the OK for a lease-purchase of six new sheriff's cruisers.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 22, 2013


The Huron County commissioners approved the lease-purchase of six new sheriff's cruisers at Thursday's meeting.

The vehicles are 2013 Ford Utility Police Interceptors. The lease-purchase agreement requires four annual payments of $48,102. The commissioners are responsible for funding county vehicles.

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waste of more tax money in a down economy.


Did anyone really think the Sheriff would get told no on new cars? The Sheriff Dept needs new cars because the pd has new cars. The Sheriff Dept could save on mile's and gas if they would leave the cruisers at the jail.




Get ready Huron County; it's coming with good ol Tommy Boy Dunlap. You watch, Englund is pushing for new cruisers of course cause he wants a shiny new cruiser to go along with his shinny new shoes. Sorry Greg, but it's true and you know it. Pretty soon Howard is going to want to buy a cruiser for everyone of the employees @ HCSO. Bottom line is, every employee owns a vehicle so why can't all of them drive their OPV including Howard. That would eliminate he gas crisis @ the S.O..

The commissioners need to put a stop of the transport deputies taking those cruisers home as their OPV. One cruiser is in Norwalk and the other goes to Bellevue. Under retired Sheriff Richard M. Sutherland, Dick utilized a van as a transport vehicle. So why can't Howard request a van and put those two cruisers on the road. So Howard, stop whining about your cruiser crisis or let Jamie run the S.O..

Hum I just realized HCSO has 4 extra cruisers sitting on 25 from the following deputies who recently retired: TAP MC DB and GE-aka(shinny shoes). So why does Howard need 4 more cruiser? By the way, when is Ted coming back? Pretty soon I hope.


Well I would think that he would now be taking 10 older cars off the road and putting them up for sale. I do hope that money go's back in the general fund of the county to help pay for the cars he got. I also hope these new car are given to road Deputys and not used by others to go from home to the Sheriffs office. I would have liked to have seen Howard clean out vehicles from the inpound lot and got rid of the Sheriffs cars that are no longer used before he got new cars but that would be asking for to much I guess.


So what is a Utility Police Interceptor? Would be nice if Scott would supply just a tad more info.


When ya can't buy, ya rent.

hit the road jack

I seen some of these the other day in Chicago coming off the line at the Ford plant,they actually look pretty neat with the smoked out windows and the body style,I was impressed with the way they looked,of course I would buy anything but a Government Motors vehicle.

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swiss cheese kat

$48,102 would buy a truckload of donuts.


i have been saying it for years that all the employees should be driving their own vehicles back and forth to work; i would be safe to wager that at least $40,000 a year is spent on gas for the officers to drive back and forth to work alone; they also need to get on the same page with juvenile court so they aren't driving to fremont 3 times a week or more picking up juveniles this should probably be done once a week or build our own juveniles facility; the county spends huge money on two or three beds in another county to house our juveniles; maybe since the commissioners want to spend money maybe put it in the old jail to house our own juveniles that would save lots of gas and wear and tear on our vehicles; the intial cost would be great but in the long run would save us in the future

swiss family

I am not sure if you made a mathematical mistake, or what.. but if you are claiming that the department would be saving $40,000.00 a year on gas... that comes out to somewhere just short of a thousand dollars a week....????? that can't be right.. I think you might have your information, or your math wrong

Sitting In The ...

Are we taking any bets on how long it takes before ones totaled?....


At falt or not at falt accident?

Sitting In The ...

At Fault...seems to be a safe bet given their track record....hahaha

hor mone

I caint pursue nobody.