New sales tax on sprawling host of services part of governor's proposed budget

Ohio taxpayers could be in for $300 refund, state Rep. Terry Boose says.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 21, 2013


State officials are busy reviewing Gov. John Kasich's proposed budget.

The Republican governor's proposed budget also includes a 20 percent cut to the state income tax, a 50 percent cut to small business income tax, a cut to the state sales tax, a broadening of that sales tax on a long list of new services never before taxed, an increase on the severance tax for oil and gas drilling, increased use of student vouchers, a new public school funding formula and the use of federal Medicaid dollars to increase health care coverage for the state's working poor.

During his State of the State address Tuesday, Kasich did not mention his proposal to apply a new sales tax to a sprawling host of services such as movie tickets, professional services of lawyers or accountants, repairs and construction, digital purchases such as music or books, and advertising. While more things would be taxed, the rate would be reduced.

In a story published in Thursday's Reflector, state Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) discusses details about the budget proposal currently moving through the Ohio House of Representatives. He also revealed that Ohio taxpayers could receive a roughly $300 refund later this year.

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Government giving money back to taxpayers? Whowouldathunk?


Wooooahhhhh......getting money back. Don't worry Contango, the working class people will like this, the non working class people will be on here soon to gripe about these cuts being centered toward the rich.

I like this more things people buy and use in terms of services and take less from their paycheck. If you don't buy a lot or go out a lot, its a win win for you.


arncrmn, if they move the tax to other things and reduce your income tax you'll still be paying about the same amount.
They are just hinding where they are picking our pockets in different ways.


While you are correct in saying that it will all equal out in the end, this is a step towards the 'fair tax' which is has overwhelming support across the country from tax payers - regular citizens like us - not the clowns in the Washington, DC. A 'fair tax' is designed to tax the purchaser a higher sales tax instead of having an income tax AND a sales tax. If you don't spend your money at the movie theater, you aren't going to be taxed for going there, it becomes a choice issue. If you choose to spend, you are going to be taxed.


What about expanding medicaid coverage? How you two feel about that? Do you think if they expand medicaid that it'll drive up hospital costs thus increasing health insurance which is being mandated? Reducing rates but, taxing more things. I'm all for the small businesses tax cut. But the lawyers and accountants? Anyone who has a lawyer or accountant usually uses that as a tax deduction. Taxing it kinda cancels out the deduction, right? Good stuff and some bad. It also says "could" recieve money back. I remember getting refunds checks back a couple a years ago as well. But, those came from obama, i didn't like those very much. I'll probably just donate my money back so they can keep fighting the war. Gotta love government handouts as long as they benefit us. you'll get to keep a whooping 20% of the state tax taken out of your "paycheck". Maybe that'll help to cover the school levies that pass in the next few years. If they're giving money back then, they're taking it from some where else. Not all bad though, good for small businesses, we need it. Just too bad this happens when the end is so close. Maybe if the world can weather obamy for a few more years, ol' johnny can jump in and save us from the apocalypse. Tune into the CPAC for more on 2016. God bless.

Estrella Damm

Looking forward to paying the new tax on attending high school sporting events.


Consumption taxes. What's wrong with the concept of: If you don't use it, you don't pay the sales tax?

Even no income tax TX has a surplus and Gov. Perry wants to return the overage to the taxpayers.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Consumption taxes for my money is the only way to go at all levels of gov't. Think about no tax codes,no IRS, no nothing but paying taxes on what you consume.

Best of all matters not if your a drug dealer, a preacher or a president. If you consume it----you all pay equally. Which of course,is why on a grand scale. It will never happen.


@ CC:

Agreed. Progressive taxation (one of Marx's Ten Planks), is loved by the politcal ruling class. Gives 'em the authority to get in everyone's business.

The U.S. may eventually see a VAT tax. However, that will be in addition to, not a replacement of the Fed income tax.

Aside: I read today where Magic Slim died. Never saw him, but I have a few of his cds. In memoriam I'll play one tonight while fixing dinner.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Trust dinner went well.Naturally,Friday dinners almost always go well T.G.I.F. and all that.

" Magic Slim " You got me there,had never heard of him. So I looked him up and wasn't surprised to find a blues man being from Mississippi.

Once heard Elvis in an interview say; " rock and roll music is really just gospel and blues music put together "

So thanks Magic Slim for helping that process along

swiss family

Please stay WITH the topic.... thanks


You too are "off topic."

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : You da' man

Brock Lee

they tax air next hold you breth