Break-in defendant sent to CBCF

Norwalk man admits violating probation, gets sent to substance abuse treatment center.
Cary Ashby
Feb 21, 2013


A local man admitted to violating his probation and was sentenced to a substance abuse treatment center Wednesday.

Kenneth A. Bodnar, 24, most recently of 18B Gallup Ave., was ordered to spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility (CBCF). The defendant, whose second child was born last month while was in the Huron County Jail, said he wants help with his substance abuse problem.

"I want to help myself," Bodnar said.

On Aug. 21, he was sentenced to 60 days in jail for breaking and entering. The conviction was for a March 7 incident at a Norwalk tire business.

"He was only on supervision six days when he picked up the new charges," probation officer Jim Zappa said in court.

Bodnar admitted to violating his probation by being found guilty in September of two counts of receiving stolen property through Norwalk Municipal Court. He pleaded guilty Nov. 20 to theft of a credit card in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Jim Conway also held a sentencing hearing Tuesday for the theft of a credit card case. In addition to the CBCF, the judge ordered Bodnar pursue his GED. Conway placed Bodnar on three years of intense probation in both cases. The defendant is subject to random drug screens.

If Bodnar violates the terms of his probation, he faces one year in prison.



Son pronounce your last name as your friends do! "Boner" you're excused!


Dont be so hard on him


From what boner said he was going to come to our abuse facility


CBCF? What a complete surprise!

swiss family

wow.. please tell me how being charged with breaking and entering, violating your probation from that crime by recieving stolen property, and then finally stealing someone's credit card, gets you a chance of getting "Help" for your drug problem??? Are our courts now delving into your past and seeing what your problems are and Treating you for what you claim is making you be a criminal?? Are we watching our Justice system here or is it an extension of the Dr Phil show?? I thought that the Justice system was there to punish criminals...So what's next Judge? if someone comes in because of a strong list of crimes, and they tell you that their Parents never paid attention to them as a kid.. do you book them in one of the places that Dr Phil sends his guests to put their thinking back together??? the way I see it, you are a JUDGE...NOT a psychologist... do what you are paid to do.. and PUNISH them for their crimes, if you ask me, most of them have been relying on their "sad stories" to get the free pass on all the previous levels of criminal activity that they are in today, and giving them another free pass, especially from someone who falls for their B.S. and is NOT qualified to sort through their problems IS NOT YOUR JOB, you are NOT paid or qualified to do what you are doing... your job is to PUNISH them...Please DO YOUR JOB JUDGE


You're right on Swiss Family. There are no repercussions to crime anymore...UNLESS, you owe the state money. Then, and seems only then, can you get real time.

Brock Lee

wtf looooooooooser need to go to jail