Heroin blamed on Norwalk burglaries

Local man pleads guilty to felony charges.
Cary Ashby
Feb 20, 2013


A Norwalk man pleaded guilty Tuesday to two felonies for a local burglary and the separate theft of a pistol.

Cory B. Smith, 24, of 40B Corwin St., will be sentenced April 3 on one count each of burglary and theft of a firearm.

Smith faces two to eight years in prison for the Dec. 2 burglary on Erie Street. He also could be sentenced to nine months to three years for the theft of a firearm for a Nov. 27 incident on West Chestnut Street.

The Norwalk Police Department investigated both cases.

"In these cases, the Norwalk Police Department was investigating a number of burglaries in the city of Norwalk," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

When the Erie Street victim came home, the person found their home ransacked. Kasper said Smith later gave police a written statement in which he admitted to helping steal a TV, some jewelry, guitars and other items.

The West Chestnut Street victim reported the theft of a 9 mm pistol, a TV and laptop computer. Kasper said Smith stole the gun from under the mattress and the culprits had ransacked the person's residence.

Police took photos of the crime scene. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification examined some fingerprints, which authorities matched to Smith, who was arrested in early December.

Kasper said police used information from Smith, which led to officers using a search warrant at 14 E. Harkness St. An investigator has called the residence "a heroin house."

"He has been on heroin for some time. That was the reason for the burglaries," Kasper told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

Officers recovered some of the jewelry and TVs at the East Harkness Street residence.

"But they were not able to recover the pistol," Kasper said.

In a plea deal Tuesday, the state agreed to dismiss two counts of burglary, three theft charges and one count of safecracking. A Huron County grand jury had indicted Smith on a total of eight felonies in connection with incidents on Nov. 22 and 26 plus Dec. 2 and 7.

Smith earlier posted a $30,000 bond.

Also arrested during the burglary investigation was Norwalk resident Mark A. Noller Jr., 37. He is scheduled to go to trial March 26 on one count each of burglary and receiving stolen property in connection with a Dec. 2 incident.

Noller is accused of stealing some TVs, an iPad, watches and some jewelry when he "hit a couple places in Norwalk" with Smith, prosecutors said.


swiss family

is anyone setting up a betting board... I say.. "intense probation" $40.00 to the Police department for a drug test, and 6 months in the drug house...pretty smart on his part to tie it into drugs , otherwise without the drug involvement he really would have been sentenced to some actual punishment


No one is that stupid to take that bet lol.....

Just Saying

Are you looking at that mug shot?! I'm thinking smart is way out of his league!


This headline is typical of what's wrong with society today. Let's blame "heroin" and not hold him accountable. He's a victim of drug abuse, this poor boy. Heroin is completely at fault.


I doubt any of you know what a heroin addiction or any addiction for that matter, is like. Who the hell are all of you to talk crap about or judge him? I swear 90% of you have nothing better to do than to sit on NR & SR all day reading stories and putting your opinions where they are not needed nor wanted. NONE of you besides him KNOW what his addiction was. Coming from an ex-addict herself (clean 5 years); addiction is one of the HARDEST things to overcome. I know plenty of people who are unfortunately still fighting their addiction. Yes, I know I know.. all it takes is to say "No". But, sorry to break it to you not everyone is as strong minded and will powered as you all claim to be. Most of you may not have a drug addiction, but I'm sure somewhere in your "perfect" pathetic life you have a fault. Be it family problems, marital problems, spousal abuse, mental abuse, a mental health condition etc., the list goes on. Just because his problem happened to be drugs and yours isn't, what the hell makes you all so much better than him? NOTHING. No one is perfect & No one should be sitting around judging, because I would be willing to lay my life on the line that ALL of you who've commented on this article or any other of the articles involving him, bet that ALL of your hands ARE NOT clean.

Cory is 80+ days sober, just to let you all know.


The day he decided to try heroin is when I became better than him. You sound like a heroinite yourself. Good for you standing up to a bunch of people and defending your buddies actions. He wasnt born a heroin addict, he made himself one. Get over it, he's trash. Not to say he can't change, but he's trash now. Look at his eyes, his hair, and his charges.....I see why you say he's a good person. lmfao


he was born into disfunction and addiction.
mom set a great example!!!
mike lowe didn't help either...lol

Mr. Touchdown

So you're defending this POS because he's an addict & you're a former addict...Sure, everyone has some kind of problem in today's world but not everyone does drugs or goes around burglarizing & stealing & infringing upon the rights of others! He needs to be locked up for 2 reasons...
#1. So he's not out burglarizing & stealing from the rest of us who seem to know right from wrong & actually work for a living.
#2. So maybe he can actually kick his addiction...
The slap on the wrist the courts have been handing out to all these druggies isn't helping anyone! Just back to doing more stealing & drugs in a few short months.


And what if he DOESN'T go back to doing and stealing more drugs? There have been reports of local people who have quit drugs including Heroin, and Cory could be the next one.

swiss family

"Miss Everything"... first off I have to tell you that you chose the perfect name for yourself, because on this story , you sure did "miss everything". First of all you are wrong when you say that the bloggers have no idea what an addiction is like.. I can tell you, that of the people that I know that post here, 2 are RECOVERING alcoholics, and when I say that I mean one has been clean and sober nearly 20 years, and another has been clean and sober for 6...I also knowe many of the bloggers on here who USED to be addicted to Nicotine from smoking.. and they have quit... that also takes will power and strength and it does NOT happen on it's own.. they work their buts off ,and go through all of the same withdrawals and agony that any drug addict would go through... so for you to make it seem like this criminal has a condition that he can't control, and we should not judge him.. is B.S.and makes you a perfect enabler, and you are helping him continue down his destructive path .

you also claim that everyone on here also has problems... DUH , of course everyone has problems... but everyone that you mention, all of the "marital problems", or "spousal abuse" or mental abuse" and "mental health conditions" none of those problems cause anyone to feel entitled to go out and steal from other people... or break into their homes, so essentially their problems do NOT have much of a need for them to be judges by their community... I wish I could say that about all of the druggies.. I, personally do not care one iota if this moron wants to shoot heroin, or smoke crack m or whatever his little stoned and stupid head tells him to do ... where I do care is when he gets the community involved by committing crimes such as he has, to his friends and neighbors.... when it gets to that point, and it is in the newspaper.. then it becomes all of the communities business, because now we need to protect ourselves from trash such as this..in my opinion


My oh my how you make me laugh Swiss. Nicotime... really?? what a joke. i decided one day that I wanted to quit smoking & that I did. It did not bother me one bit. Alcohol, yeah thats a close one. This just shows how much you do NOT know about heroin or addiction. YOU, Swiss, are a moron :)

swiss family

I have an idea.. why not research some facts..... the people who do the studies have and still say that breaking an addiction to nicotine, is just as hard if not harder at times, then breaking an addiction to heroin..so you must be calling all of the scientists morons too ... huh????


bad company...period!

HS Sports Fan

My theory would be to stop the drug from entering the town altogether. I don't think these kids went to Cleveland or a bigger city to get addicted. Yes, the decision to do the drug was thiers and it's something where you just have to be smart enough not to do it the first time. But there seems to be easy accessibility to the drug in Norwalk. I am not the only one to have said this on here, but the police force seems to be VERY YOUNG and the priorities seem to be aimed in the wrong directions. In baseball if a teams not winning who do they get rid of first? Someone needs to get the team on the right track. They seem to be targeting the small guys and expecting them to narc on the bigger ones. I believe the ones responsable for bringing the drug in are a couple steps higher than the ones their lead to. I have not seen to many big dealers busted. I have pissed and moaned about them, but whatever the State Patrol is doing to stop drugs from entering Ohio seems to have been very effective. Norwalk is a small town and it needs to and can be done there. Should a State Patrolman be put at every entrance into Norwalk? Whatever it takes I guess to stop this herion takeover. Instead of everyone fighting back and forth on here, you tax paying citizens in Norwalk need to band together and demand action and that someone be accountable. You deserve that much. You live there and I'm sure are not happy with the label it has taken on.

swiss family

what you say is very true.. we need to stop the drug problem in this town, and county.. I think maybe the wrong turn that you might have swayed to, was to seemingly make it sound like it is because there are many young officers on the Norwalk Police roster, and that might be the reason that the drug problem is growing.. I think that might be a small part of the problem, but here is where I see the biggest problem.

It is pretty easy to see that even the small time dealers have their guard dogs and weapons to protect themselves in case any law enforcement people get too close, Now imagine what the bigger dealers are capable of doing for busting up their operation.I think we can agree that dealing with drug dealers is more dangerous to your own personal protection and the safety of your families as well..compared to dealing with speeders, or drunk drivers. So basically if an officer does make a big bust you can bet that they are pretty likely to feel the threat from the big dealers.. I think it used to be worth it for them to take that risk, and go after the higher ups, but they see , just like everyone else sees, that when these dealers, even the smaller in town dealers go to court, our team, of inept Prosecutor and Judge combination , give them a plea deal and reduce their severe charges done to a slap on the wrist...But the revenge factor for the officer still exists, so sadly, I think that Law Enforcement Officers have top wonder why they should put a target on their family and on themselves, when the Judge just lets them go.. So I think that they would focus more on drunk drivers, and speeders, because at least for those crimes, there does seem to be some punishment, and the officers life is usually not in danger.I think the answer to most of our crime and drug problem, is influenced more by our Judges and all the reduced charges and Plea bargains... If they would do their Jobs correctly , I believe it would make a world of difference.. in my opinion

HS Sports Fan

Thanks for the reply. What you says sounds about right on. Funny a good source told me that same thing today but left out the Prosecuter and Judge part. I will go to Sandusky from now on when I need things. I will feel more safe and won't have any punk thug cops fresh out of Ehove to contend with. Since we're all their looking for. I'll deal with Perkins since they don't seem to be ducking anyone.


Ok, this is how I see it. Catch the burglers, put them in jail, take away their drugs. We have to stop the crime in this county!


MiSSEVERYTHiNG = ENABLER! Go hug a tree or something.



Brock Lee

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