Forgery defendant to be screened for substance abuse treatment

Probation officer says defendant would not be a good candidate for court's program.
Cary Ashby
Feb 20, 2013


An Erie County resident is going to be screened for possible acceptance into a substance abuse program.

Former Attica resident Benjamin C. Shepherd, 26, was indicted in October on two counts of forgery and one theft charge all in connection with an Aug. 14 incident.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said Shepherd's probation officer, Dexter Chandler, decided Shepherd wouldn't be a good candidate for the court's substance abuse program. While the judge didn't elaborate, he said he is willing to have Shepherd possibly go through the Benchmark program in Erie County.

Shepherd, who is out on bond, is subject to random drug screens.

The next hearing about intervention in lieu of conviction is March 18. The trial date hasn't been rescheduled.


swiss family

according to what is written here.. his crime had NOTHING to do with any drugs or substance abuse.... why NOT sentence him for the crimes he committed, instead of trying to play "mother Hen" and use your special powers to convince yourself that his problem stems from drug and substance and send him away to the vacation drug house where he learns to get better connections???? Our local Justice system is a complete failure and a Joke.

swiss family

Is this our new standard now.. Are the Prosecutor and Judge going to surmise every crime committed, and see if they are somehow a "victim" to their own drug and substance abuse, and send them for Help instead of punishment? if that is the case than nearly every criminal has a substance problem, so lets do away with the Prosecutor and the Judge and just let the Police send all of the criminals to the "drug connections house"


I agree. Too many times "substance abuse" is used to excuse criminal acts.


This kid used to be such a nice and good kid, it's so sad what drugs can do to you!!

Brock Lee

he have to be very sorry to get cbcf