Robbery suspect arrested near Oberlin

(UPDATED with full story) The suspect in armed robberies at a Monroeville credit union and Norwalk gas station is in custody.
Aaron Krause
Feb 18, 2013


A Monroeville man suspected of robbing two area businesses was arrested at gunpoint and without incident Monday night.

Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said state Highway Patrol troopers and Oberlin police made the arrest about 9:30 p.m. Monday near the intersection of U.S. 20 and Ohio 58.

The suspect, Robert Lee Jackson Jr., 52, was driving back from Cleveland when he was arrested, Light said.

Jackson was caught with “drugs and significant amount of cash in the vehicle,” the chief added.

Jackson is the main suspect in the Saturday morning robbery at the Firelands Credit Union branch in Monroeville and the Monday morning robbery of East Side Fuel in Norwalk.

(NOTE - Pictures of the crime scenes can be seen HERE.)

Light attributed Jackson’s arrest to good police work and cooperation between departments, which included the Huron County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were searching the area all evening, Light said.

“I can’t tell you how valuable it is to have a good working relationship with the other agencies,” Light said.

“It’s a huge relief” that Jackson is in custody, Light said.

Local authorities had notified law enforcement agencies in adjacent counties to be on the lookout for the suspect.

One of the reasons for their heightened concern was Jackson’s mindset.

During the Norwalk robbery, he told one of the clerks that this would be his last day.

“He apparently was expecting the worst when we caught up with him,” Light said.

Also, for someone to rob a local credit union and then turn around and a rob a local gas station two days later, their mental state could be called into question, Light said.

“You’d think most people would be gone by now,” the chief added.

“The public safety concern there was very high. He’s obviously a dangerous man.”

Light said his department was “working on pinging (Jackson’s) cell phone, tracking him wherever he was going.”

“Pinging” refers to the practice of using cell towers to determine a cell phone carrier’s location. When a person travels, he or she can be tracked though the identification of the towers to which the signal bounces. The phone will send signals to the closest tower, even if the phone is not in use.

Two people in dispatch were working constantly on that process Monday, staying in contact with Jackson’s cell phone provider.

A Cleveland police officer assisted Norwalk police during the search.

That officer kept “going to every location they could get a ping,” Light said.

Jackson, however, managed to escape capture in Cleveland.

After 9 p.m., police determined Jackson was heading westbound from Cleveland, on his way back to Huron County — likely after buying drugs, Light said.

Dispatcher Tacy Bond “with a phone in each hand was able to get a location on him,” Light said.

State Highway Patrol troopers and Oberlin police then were poised to make the arrest, which they did.

“It’s amazing how everyone pulled together on this thing,” Light said.

Several Norwalk police officers then traveled to the Oberlin area to take custody of Jackson and bring him and his vehicle back to Norwalk.

Late Monday afternoon, Norwalk and Monroeville police officers as well as two FBI agents secured a warrant to search Jackson’s Monroe Street residence.

The FBI became involved in the case because of the credit union robbery.

Light said officers were looking for information indicating that Jackson may have pre-planned the robberies. They were also looking for “any information that might point to his mindset.”

Light said officers found “some phone numbers and photos, but nothing significant.” He added officers were inside the house about an hour.

The chief said authorities found no evidence of drug abuse during the search.

Again saying it was a “great team effort,” Light thanked everyone in his department and the other agencies who helped in the investigation.

He said he wanted to get the name of the Cleveland police officer who assisted so he could send him a thank-you card.



Hmm guess the word on the street was wrong




Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation.


Monroeville PD / Norwalk PD / Milan PD / Huron and Erie Sheriff / F.B.I. and maybe the Oberlin PD all got in on the big action. I bet the OHP is mad thay didn't get a part of the big Huron County robberies.


Over load what article did you read? It said troopers and oberlin police arrested him, those are the two departments you say had nothing to do with it. You say "maybe" oberlin pd. Again the article says the patrol and oberlin pd made the arrest, how is it that neither of those agencies had nothing to do with it, but they made the arrest. I was reading the register and sounds like erie county sheriff was sticking their nose where it didnt belong and saying some things they shouldnt have been usual!!!


Sorry my comment was on there before the update was made to the story. As far as the part with the Oberlin pd I was just thinking that rt.20 and 58 is on the out skirts of town. that's why I said maybe. I will man up and say I jumped the gun and I was wrong.


I hear the young Norwalk cops will be rewarded with ice cream, candy bars, and a party at McDonalds with an appearance by Ronald McDonald for their part in the capture of the robber. Just hope they don't try to apprehend the Hamburglar at the party. Good job BOYS!


It is now safe to drive a green truck in town again without being profiled as a


yeah tell me about it i drive a green ranger and had cops staring me down all day yesterday... im thankful they had his plate number or im sure i would have been pulled over multiple times. lol thank god they got him!


glad he is in custody!
good job to all enforcements.


Great job everyone involved and high 5 for Tacy- she is an excellent member of NPD!!!!

Game time

Rumor has it that OSP raced to Oberlin last night to try and make themselves look like the hero. Talked to a officer thia morning that said OSP was never called for assistance at either robbery!!!

yogi bear

I would think Norwalk PD alerted all law enforcement agencies in the area where they were tracking him. I bet Oberlin "raced" to that area also.


Game Time - I don't get it, he didn't rob a bank in Oberlin correct...or did he..maybe I missed that in the article or another article. I would assume that if someone robs a bank, they give that information to every cop in the area. So if they are pinging his phone, every cop available should be RACING to the area to get the bad guy....who cares what cop it is as long as they get him. I take it you don't like OSP...again who cares who catches the bad guy as long as he is caught. Who knows what this guy might have done next..and all you care about is who caught him....unbelievable!!

Game time

No what us citizens care about is OSP not talking themselves up all the time and posting articles not even related to this area.


You definetly don't like the OSP! If you are talking about the large drug arrests, those have been in this area, on the turnpike. It is the turnpike, but it is still this area. I say they work pretty hard, if you follow the rules, you don't have to worry about them BOTHERING you. I have never had a run in with them, but then again, I follow the obviously don't. The more police the better, I feel much safer with more police because I follow the rules. The ones that don't want more police are the ones that don't follow the rules. Or you have tried to become a state trooper and failed to do so!


knock it off you imbeciles!! :D
it's all our job to follow and enforce the law.


Its not my job to enforce anything...maybe his or yours, but not mine. The only job i have is to follow the speak for yourself. My job is talking to customers..dont see any law enforcing there


Go ahead and
i do agree with some points you've made and...
i do speak for myself...thank you
its all our job to follow the law.
its all our job to be aware that others aren't busting the law.
let me guess ...
if it was you getting robbed or you see an old lady getting robbed...
you'd be the one crapping your pants!
not sure i want you on my team but Thanks Again
The End


Seems as though the NPD was so excited about themselves they were telling people that they were pinging the suspects phone it was actually in this comment section hours before the arrest it's amazing someone didn't tip him off

police chaser

According to the police scanner....OSP dispatch advised that NORWALK called OSP for assistance. They also said that he was involved in 3 robberies. OSP was on State Route 2, Route 20 and Ohio Turnpike. Wakeman was also contacted and so was Erie and Huron County Sheriff.


Seems it never ends. Is this a p!ssing contest or search/apprehension of a criminal. Does it REALLY matter who did what? The people of at least a 4 county area was at the mercy of this man. Not knowing where he would turn up. Am I glad this is over yes, do I care WHO caught him NO. He was caught, he is in jail, end of story. This p!ssing contest is what is wrong with most of the country. Noone can work together. It is all about who is the best and who has more clout. I just want to say thank you to ALL those invovled and ALL of those that helped catch this criminal.


Before you all get your thongs in an uproar - let me start by saying that I am glad he was caught. It was a good job by everyone involved. The only thing that I am questioning in this article is this - while "several" NPD officers drove to the Oberlin area, who was watching over us here? How many officers should it take to go pick up one man??


I was thinking the same thing I could see sending two officer and a tow truck. And by the way that photo in the first story looked nothing like the guy in the second. I could have walked right by this guy and not known it was him...Just say'n


I'm glad they gave the credits makes it feel more like a soapopra


Who will correct my spelling there?


Annette mcLaughlin would have him in a heartbeat! She is my hero!


The freakin' guy obviously feels more comfortable in a prison setting. He did everything he could do to get caught. I don't care who caught him and how. I really don't believe he was a threat. He just wants the comfort and routine of living in jail. It's easier. He doesn't have to worry. He pretty much said so on the last robbery.

PS. One can't get pinged on their cell phone if the battery is removed. Stupid people know that.