Mindy McCready, 37, is found dead

Troubled country star reportedly kills herself on her front porch, the same place where her former boyfriend killed himself one month prior.
Feb 18, 2013


Country music singer Mindy McCready was found dead Sunday night in Heber Springs, Ark. She was 37.

McReady’s death was confirmed by the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office. She reportedly died from what appears to be a single, self-inflicted gunshot to her head. An autopsy has been scheduled.

She was found dead on her front porch, the same place where her former boyfriend, the father of her younger son, had killed himself one month prior. McCready's two children remain in foster care and were not home at the time of her death.

McCready’s 1996 debut album, “Ten Thousand Angels,” went multi-platinum, and two songs off the record, the title cut and “Guys Do It All the Time,” were No. 1 country hits. Four other studio albums followed: 1997's "If I Don't Stay the Night" (which was certified Gold) 1999's "I'm Not So Tough," her 2002 self-titled album and the 2010 critically-acclaimed "I'm Still Here."

Overall, McCready's four studio albums accounted for 12 singles on the Billboard country singles charts, including "A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)". Although she had not charted a single since 2002, McCready received significant media coverage regarding her personal life. "I'm Still Here" is available on Amazon and iTunes. McCready sold more than three million albums according to the RIAA.

In the last decade, however, McCready’s music took a back seat to her often-troubled personal life, which included legal problems and the revelation of a long-running affair with married former New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens.

The last few months of McCready’s life were a series of tabloid headlines.

In January, the singer’s boyfriend, David Wilson, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. But questions surrounding the circumstances of the shooting led authorities to keep his death under investigation.

In an interview with the NBC newsmagazine “Dateline” in late January, McCready denied any involvement in her live-in boyfriend’s death after a reporter asked her whether she had shot him.

“Oh my God, no. Oh my God, no,” she responded. “He was my life. We were each other’s life. There’s no way to tell where one of us began and the other ended. We slept together every night holding hands.”

After Wilson’s death, McCready, who had struggled with alcohol and mental health issues, checked into an inpatient rehab facility for treatment. Her two sons — Wilson was the father of her younger child — were removed from her care.

In 1997, McCready became engaged to actor Dean Cain. The couple broke up the following year.

McCready also dated former NHL hockey player Drake Berehowsky.

In December 2003, she began dating aspiring singer William Patrick "Billy" McKnight.

In August 2004, McCready was arrested in Tennessee for using a fake prescription to buy the painkiller OxyContin. Although she initially denied the charge, she pleaded guilty and was fined $4,000, sentenced to three years probation, and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

In May 2005, she was stopped by Nashville police for speeding, then arrested and charged with driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. A jury later found her not guilty on the charges of DUI, but guilty of driving with a suspended license. That July, she was charged in Arizona with identity theft, unlawful use of transportation, unlawful imprisonment, and hindering prosecution.

On May 8, 2005, McKnight was arrested and charged with attempted murder after beating and choking her. After reporting to People magazine that she had cut ties with McKnight, McCready was found unconscious in a hotel lobby in Indian Rocks Beach, Fla., after attempting suicide in July 2005. She was hospitalized for a drug overdose after consuming a large amount of undisclosed drugs with alcohol.

An arrest warrant was issued for McCready in June 2005 for violation of her probation when she left Tennessee without her probation officer's permission. She was also charged with not reporting to her probation officer during the month of July. She was finally arrested in Florida and returned to Tennessee. She faced a hearing later that year on charges of violating her probation on a drug charge by failing to check in with her probation officer and leaving the state without permission to go to Florida.

The couple eventually got back together and McCready became pregnant. In September 2005, while she was pregnant with McKnight's child, she attempted suicide again by overdosing on antidepressants. In March, 2006, McCready gave birth to a son, Zander Ryan McCready.

In July 2007, McCready was arrested in Ft. Myers, Fla. She was charged with battery and resisting arrest for an apparent scuffle with her mother.[39] The following week, she was taken into custody at the Nashville International Airport for violating probation. In September, McCready was sentenced to a year in jail for violating probation. In addition to the jail time, she was ordered to serve two more years of probation and perform 200 additional hours of community service. She was released from jail in December.

In June 2008, McCready was arrested in Tennessee for violating the terms of her probation set in September 2007. Sentenced to 60 days in jail, McCready turned herself in on Sept. 30, 2008. After serving half of her sentence, she was released early for good behavior on Oct. 31, 2008.

Earlier that year, in April, the New York Daily News reported on a possible long-term relationship between McCready and baseball star Roger Clemens that began when she was 15.

Clemens' attorney Rusty Hardin denied the affair, stating that Clemens would bring a defamation suit regarding this false allegation. Clemens' attorney admitted that a relationship existed, but described McCready as a "close family friend." He also stated that McCready had traveled on Clemens' personal jet and that Clemens' wife was aware of the relationship. Clemens issued a statement saying only that "I have made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry." McCready described the relationship as being sexual in nature.

On Nov. 17, 2008, McCready spoke in more detail to Inside Edition about her affair with Clemens. She stated that their relationship lasted for more than a decade, ending when Clemens refused to leave his wife to marry McCready. However, she denied that she was 15 when it began; she said they met when she was 16 and the relationship became sexual only "several years later".

On Dec. 17, 2008, paramedics were called to McCready's Nashville home after an apparent suicide attempt; they transported her to a hospital after finding wounds on her wrists. On May 25, 2010, McCready was hospitalized in Cape Coral, Florida, for a possible drug overdose; she may have had a reaction to Darvocet her mother had given her. She was released later that day and returned home.

A pornographic videotape of McCready and an ex-boyfriend referred to as "Peter" went on sale by Vivid Entertainment in 2010.

In April, 2012, McCready gave birth to her second child, a son named Zayne. The child's father, record producer David Wilson, was found dead on Jan. 13, 2013 at McCready's home, of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Cleburn County, Arkansas, sheriff's department has opened an investigation into Wilson's death. Following Wilson's death, McCready released a statement in which she referred to him as her "soulmate" and "life partner".


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so sad!


selfish way out if you ask me. She never once thought of those two kids of hers..There are alot of people out there that are worse off than she was..just a selfish way out!


NR where is the "Like" button?


@blue angel, you are clueless


NO I am not clueless... it is a selfish, senseless act...i dont care how many demonds you have... work thru them... I have, done and am still doing... you are the one who is clueless!

tell it how it is

how is that clueless? This lady attempted suicide at least 3 other times as stated in the article. She obviously didn't care what would become of her children.

I feel bad for the family, but this woman did not care about anyone but herself. Her history speaks for herself.

swiss family

I have to agree....Blue Angel, you are clueless


and whatever!!!


Why is this news? On a lighter note...my dog just ate taffy.


Blueangel ill pray for your disgusting hateful soul!!! You have no clue what was going through her head at that moment! That is between her and god!!! Why are people so mean!!!!!???????????


@slimwhite56...I DO NOT have a disgusting, hateful soul... It is my opinion..that is what this blog is for...OPINIONS...and I DO have an idea of what was going thru her head.. so you can't say that cause you do not know me...I am not trying to be mean... It is an awful thing that happened,.. there is plenty of help out there..get it!! shame on you for what you said here... You do not know who I am and never will... your clueless!!

swiss family

@ BlueAngel....I am sorry Brenda.. but you do have a hateful and mean soul, and I do know who you are....You are speaking on a topic that you do not understand, and have no compassion for. You are correct, there is help out there... but if you have ever checked into therapy.. which might be a good idea in your case Brenda, you would now that the first 3 or 4 session are spent determining who you are insured by and how much of the cost they will cover... In my opinion , they forget that it takes courage and desperation, to admit that your pain is so bad, that you need to speak to a professional about it, and like I said, the"clinic' or Organization wastes valuable time, focusing on their assurance of being paid, when sitting in front of them so destitute, that they literally feeling like they are so despondent, that they are hanging on by a thread

You are trying to get some insight, into someone who has lost touch with reality , and yet you are assuming that they should have rational thoughts and reasonable reactions.. at that point they do NOT.. If I had to guess what she was thinking... just like you are doing, I would imagine that she was still very despondent over her boyfriends suicide, and probably felt that it was her fault, which starts her on the path of spiraling out of reality, where she sees that no one is safe because of her, she probably felt like poison to people she loved, and at that point, she probably felt like she was saving the people around her, from the pain and torment that she sees as being attached to people she let be close to her.. So if you can see it in that light Brenda, you will see that she was not thinking selfishly, like you are implying... but she was sacrificing her life and the evil that she sees that attaches itself onto the people that are close to her, and selflessly set them free by removing the "poison" in her life , which she sees at that point, as being herself

Brenda, I know you want to believe that you understand her situation, but you do not..if you would research suicides, you would find that in talking to the people that survive their attempt at suicide, most of them will tell you that they tried to "off" themselves, because they felt like the unlucky charm in everyone close to them, and that by removing themselves would be the answer to allow them to have a happy life.. that is NOT being selfish.. it is the most compassionate answer , to solve the pain that people close to her seem to have to endure.. that is NOT being selfish... in their unstable thinking, that is being selfless....I would question the decisions made by her doctors and therapists for allowing her to be alone when she was in so much pain , and with such irrational thoughts..


It is NOT between her and god, suicide is a SIN.

swiss family

oh yea... that's right God promises that he will NOT give you more than you can handle... right????if that were true, there would NEVER be any suicides... obviously these people have more than they can handle to get them to take their own lives... in my opinion


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It seems slimwhite56 gets to post anything in this forum with no retribution.


Wish I did know you so I could pray for your aweful heart


Why don't you just go to the obituaries and bash everyone there you dreadful being


whatever dude!!


I have a bigger heart than you or anyone else would ever know about!! so there!! hugs to you!


Awe ty for the hugs! Ill hug back. I needed. That! That's why I'm so mean on here I'm lonely. I'm 2600 miles from home and have no one that tells me they love me! I get depressed alot too but can't get help!


She shot the dog then herself. Just after one of her kids lost his Dad. There was some very bad wiring in her head. She took everything from one of her kids. I hope it brings the boys closer. The kids don't even have the dog to hold and cry on. Prayers for the poor kids.

swiss family

it is tragic... she did shoot the one dog, but I think she had 3 dogs altogether...yes , she was messed up I watched her on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew.. and she was kind of a mess then... and that was when things seemed to be better in her life...I Pray for her soul, and pray that she is at peace..Personally it does not affect my everyday life, but selfishly I wish that any song writer , like she was, would survive the trauma she put herself through.. I think that had she survived after trying to kill herself, she might have been able to write and sing a song to help people get through those tough times that we all face..kind of like Vince Gill did after his brother died, or Eric Clapton did after his son fell out the window to his death..............rest in peace Mindy


BlueAngel...I have to agree with you! It was a selfish act!! Those boys will grow up without a mom, and one of them without their father as well. I have a friend that is fighting to LIVE every day because of Cancer treatments. It is a tragedy but there is help out there for people that want it. Maybe there is more to the story of her boyfriends death after all!! and BlueAngel, you are entiteled to your opinion and don't let anyone bully you into thinking you can't express it. This is what the comment section is for.


@fedup2..THANK YOU!!


This is so sad and such a horrible tragedy...I loved Mindy and her music since I was a little girl...R.I.P Mindy you will be missed but NEVER forgotten!!!!

tell it how it is

@BlueAngel, I agree with you. While this is a tragedy, it's all on her. I feel terrible for the family, esp the children that will always have to suffer from this woman's horrid life and the reputation she left behind for them.

Suicide is NOTHING but a selfish act that only happens when people decide to not care anymore. They could find help, they choose not to and instead want to hurt everyone left behind. I will NEVER have sympathy for anyone who commits suicide, it's a way out not a way to make things better. It's a wimpish act.

If people continue to make this a huge deal and turn the people who commit suicide into "victims," more and more people will continue to commit the act. Until it's shown as an act that doesn't deserve real attention, people will still think it's a way to make people "pay"


@tell it how it is......THANK YOU!!


Usally suicide is a selfish act.


I'm a person who suffers from a mental illness. I've also had issues with drugs and alcohol due to my mental illness. If you've never had to deal with any of these issues - then good for you - you are a lucky person. There is help out there. I agree with that. HOWEVER, it can take years of working with your doctor trying different medications and dosages before you feel the least bit human.

A person thinking about suicide ISN'T thinking about how they want to hurt everyone they leave behind. The people around someone suffering from a mental illness, drug addictions, or whatever problem they have can cause a lot of pain to their families and/or friends. I was flat out mean and rude to my family and friends. I lashed out at them every chance I could because I felt miserable and nothing I was trying was working. I honestly felt like I was watching myself from a distance and had no control over my actions. It's hard to explain to people who've never suffered. I think come times people resort to suicide because they can't take the pain they feel anymore. Nothing they try is working. They are hurting and destroying everything in their path. They feel like it's easier to remove themselves from the entire situation. They won't be in pain anymore and won't be causing those around them constant pain. It's not because they don't love their family and friends, it's because they do love them. I know it might not make sense to some of you but at the time they feel like they are setting everyone free.