Armed robbery in Norwalk

UPDATED WITH MORE DETAILS - Gas station held up this morning; suspect likely same one who robbed Monroeville credit union Saturday.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 18, 2013


Police are looking for the man who is accused of holding up a Norwalk gas station this morning.

East Side Fuel, 211 E. Cleveland Road, was held up by an armed robber about 10 a.m. today.

The suspect, a white man who looked to be in early 60s, took off in a dark green Ford Ranger with an extended cab and headed north on Old State Road. He was wearing glasses, a black hat, a red hooded zipped-up jacket and jeans.

(NOTE - Pictures of the scene can be seen HERE.)

Norwalk police alerted sheriff's deputies, Milan police and Erie County authorities. Law enforcement agencies in adjacent counties also were notified to be on the lookout for this suspect.

The suspect "said this will be his last day," a police officer reported.

The Firelands Federal Credit Union branch in Monroeville was robbed Saturday morning. The suspect in that robbery, Robert Lee Jackson Jr., 52, of Monroeville, is wanted on a second-degree felony robbery warrant. Read more about that case by clicking HERE.

Milan police pulled over a suspect in a green Ford Ranger near Milan Elementary on Ohio 601 and other authorities swooped in. The driver, who matched the suspect's description, was handcuffed and put in the back of a police cruiser while authorities sorted out the facts. However, it was determined the driver was not the robbery suspect, so he was released.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said the Norwalk robbery suspect is likely Jackson.



Sounds like the guy from Monroeville's hold up. He is 52 and POSSIBLY driving a "green ford ranger".


Sounds like the same guy from monroeville!


I may be totally wrong, but I thought I heard the name Michael Burras on the scanner when that was going on. I don't know if that's involved with this case, so don't quote me on that.

Matt Roche

Yes, you heard that right. That was the man who was pulled over in the green Ford near Milan Elementary. But after determining he wasn't the suspect, authorities let him go.



Yes ,poor guy doesn't even have a Ford Ranger he has a Ford F150...


The word around Milan is they took the innocent guy down pretty hard. Guns out and threw him to the ground and he is a Milan fireman. Not sure if he was injured, but he was covered in mud from the recent snowfall and melt. I'm hoping he is ok and did not sustain any injuries.


thanks greg for the vehicle ID, I was just gonna say glad my ranger is bronze,and not green. lol Johnny be pulling over any gray haired soul in one

HS Sports Fan

I guess that's about all the excitement in Milan till the Melon Festival. Back to running everyones plates. The poor guy in the Ford F150 probably got the surprise of his life. I hope he has a strong heart and not to mention the embarrassment of being hand cuffed and held. But as a troll on here told me last week and I quote "if your not doing anything wrong you don't have any worries do you?". I'm sure that line would make this guy feel better.


Big difference from being followed out of a bar and them looking for an armed robber! So how is that going for ya? Haven't heard you whine about it lately so my last troll post must of got to ya! Good. Made ya shut-up. Now I bet you wish I would, huh?

HS Sports Fan

Breaking News and where have you been all day? Did you have to work today? It's a Holiday? No you haven't heard from me since the night you took your sweetie out for Valentine's and then came home and trolled on the computer. What a romancer. Did you have to start on those 80 hours this week? Unlike you I've had a LIFE to tend to. I don't get up in the morning and troll before work and then run right home and troll again. I'm not worried about you shutting up. You don't understand I love getting under someones skin and getting a response. I'm in my glory.


Now HS-don't be jealous that I have a nice job and homelife that I can get on my computer whenever I like, unlike you with your minimum wage welfare recipient job. Still jealous that I "rub elbows" with people better than you? HAHA! You should try to better yourself and stop thinking Bluto's is a neat place to dine. Poor baby. Don't worry. Pretty soon you will be able to retire on your $900 social security and efficancy apartment. Maybe I'll even rent to you. And you can't get under my skin. People like you are parasites that just bi*tch and complain. You don't seem to like this town or cops or paper. So leave. Have a nice day, Sporty


Can't we all get along?

HS Sports Fan

Sorry I couldn't get back to ya right away. First of all I don't live in Norwalk, nor am I dumb enough to own rental property there. I bet you own rentals in Willard also. Never said I don't like the Reflector. The Norwalk cops is another story. I just think they have more important things to do besides hiding around the corners of the bars. Living in a town that's getting a bad name for herion must be ok with you. I'm sure not jealous of someone that has worked in food service for 27 years. You call that a nice job? By the way how are the Fish McBites selling for you? And can you tell me a better place in Norwalk at 10pm to get something to eat then Bluto's? As far as minimum wage welfare recipents, step outside your home and look around. I'll bet there is no more than 5% of them in our town. I'm willing to bet my bonus was at least half of what you make a year. And I'm sure my home is worth more than yours and all the herion house, meth lab rentals you own put together. I'm starting to feel sorry for you right about now. I can see why you use the word jealous so much and know about how a low life lives. Maybe you should have paid alittle more attention in school. Just come to realize that I spit on people better then you. I hope things improve for you, maybe it's bad karma from running your mouth.


Sounds like Every FORD Truck in the county is being pulled over, anyone check Collins Area for him Jackson???


now all of the criminals in huron county know where all the police are! So glad there is no school today and the kids are home and safe. (hopefully).

yogi bear

"Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said the Norwalk robbery suspect is likely Jackson." I guess Sheriff Dane had to get his daily quote in the press; it is Norwalk's case, why is he talking to the press. Deputies also commented on Monroeville's robbery case. Guess they like to be quoted in the paper.


Check out the Ragister - Deputy Oliver is giving out info on this incident and Norwalk Police haven't confirmed anything. I'm sure Chief Light is enthralled that other agencies are releasing info on his depatments' investigation. ECSO has NO involvement in this case, it's NORWALK PD's case, not Huron County Sheriff's or Erie County Sheriff. Politicians!!!


So the guy said "This will be his last day" , wtf is he going to do ?? Maybe just off himself and save us some money?


I hope everyone at the station is okay. What kind of an a$$ holds up a gas station the day his face is on the front page of the Norwalk Reflector ? I hope they catch him Prayers go out to the staff !!!!

Good 2 B Me

Thanks for the Stellar Photos! They only showed the entire Police force looking around and a girl the appears to have just gotten out of bed wearing her pajamas. Not sure why we needed 45 pictures to show us absolutely nothing.


just get the kook off the streets!!PLEASE!!

David Deerest.

So, I went through the pics...and my biggest question is:
Since when did we allow pajamas become socially acceptable to wear out in public?
Raise the bar, people. Raise the bar.


EXACTLY! That is what i say about this whole town. Bunch of unemployed/welfare even too lazy to change out of there pj's. But i do see it everywhere. I really hope winter pj wearers don't think they look cool. just can't wait till summer.. summer pj' that's ok. but then again...they wouldn't be able to hide the blubber.


Okay, kind of off subject here but it seems like you locals expect others to worry about what people like you think over the dumbest things. Who cares if someone is wearing pajamas in public... it has nothing to do with anything and if it's that big of a threat to others, i'm sorry but they really need to consider counseling. The lady in the picture wasn't there for a job interview, she was just getting a coffee. There's a big world outside of little Ohio where lots of people doing things like this and they are socially accepted for it. You know why? Because they are mature enough to understand that little things like that don't matter. I can't believe people want to "raise the bar" over something of little importance... grow up.


i agree...shallow of people...some are just too vain.
she may have been sick or had a sick child.
you never know what some people are dealing with in their life.
never the less...
we are surrounded by kooks like the one in this story.


Sometimes I'd like to go out in pj's but I just can't bring myself to do it! I even have to be dressed to walk to the mail box.

Kottage Kat

Just flat tacky


Word on the streets is they got the guy at the resavoir by pinging his cellphone


I hope they got him..