Monroeville bank robbery suspect identified; authorities seek help with locating local man

Firelands Federal Credit Union was robbed Saturday morning. Police say a local 52-year-old resident is responsible.
Cary Ashby
Feb 18, 2013


A local man has been identified as the suspect who robbed Firelands Federal Credit Union on Saturday morning.

Robert Lee Jackson Jr., 52, of Monroeville, is wanted on a second-degree felony robbery warrant.

Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons said prosecutors with the Norwalk Law Director’s Office authorized the warrant Sunday. “We’re looking for him,” Lyons said.

“He got out of prison about a year ago (for) kidnapping and robbery. He has a history of violence and theft and robbery,” the chief said.

Jackson has brown hair and green eyes. He is 5 feet 11 inches and weighs about 235 pounds.

Anyone with information about Jackson’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Monroeville Police Department at (419) 265-2345.

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One thing they left out of his description.......He's STUPID!


Sorry about the dbl post.


They also forgot to mention child molester glasses and he does have a sense of humor as he enjoys placing chicklets under his top lip.


If you look close at his white shirt collar its ruffled as if someone grabed him up prior to the picture


This dude sure looks a bit familiar. Looks like the guy that hung around J/V Brant, the thief from Greenwich/Willard. Except maybe that guy was a little bit rounder with less teeth.
Nice to see Monroeville making headlines again. Kids egging and this. I wish we'd construct us a white painted brick-o-block wall for mug pics of our home town brothers and sisters and kids.

hit the road jack

He's probably down in west by god by now,when the few bucks run out he'll surface.


"hit the road jack"...Where is down in west? Never heard of it before.

hit the road jack

West by god? West Virginia.


gotta admit...LOL'd at that :-)


If one knew how to survive in Appalachia, there is a very good chance that you'd never be found alive.


try looking at the legion.


You can find him in every young woman's dreams...what a hottie!


I wonder if he was the one who robbed Sunrise fuel station today, every Ford truck in the county is being stopped! Scanner is going crazy with registrations on every Ford TRUCK!

HS Sports Fan

Now the sheriff says the suspect in the Norwalk robbery is likely Jackson. Monroeville is mainly traffic cops, the Kid Cops in Norwalk seem to be mainly for traffic anymore and all the State Patrols with their psychic powers that can spot drugs in cars going by them at 70 mph, throw in the Herion and Erie County Sheriff departments and no one has found him yet? And he's been in a 10 mile radius on Rt.20 for 3 days. What's going on? Will they catch him or will he kill himself first?

swiss family

why would he kill himself.... seriously look at the picture.. if the guy shaved, grew his hair out, lost the glasses, he would blend into society pretty well... not locally of course though

yogi bear

Kinda looks like you Swiss.

swiss family

wow you are right... I hadn't noticed.... except I don't have a blue shirt


Word on the street is he got caught today at the norwalk reservoir


Anyone else hear that?