Firelands Federal Credit Union robbed

Monroeville bank held up Saturday morning
Joe Centers
Feb 16, 2013


The Firelands Federal Credit Union Monroeville branch was held up this morning.

Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons issued a brief statement this afternoon, saying there was a robbery and that some suspects have been identified and they are trying to locate the suspects. He said nobody was injured but would not discuss if a weapon was used, saying that was part of the investigation.

Lyons said the FBI and BCI have been on the scene investigating along with the Huron County Sheriff's Office. Lyons said more information will be released as the investigation continues.

Updated information will follow at



Can you explain what's up with the DONUTS in the picture on the Facebook page?

swiss family

Please take note all of the local Judges... can you see as clearly as everyone else sees, that the lighter you make the criminals sentences in your joke of a court, the more crime comes into the area....I do believe however, that if these criminals broke into your home, or the home of someone in your family, you would do lots more than "intense probation" whatever that means.. and a stint in the drug house where they get more drugs and more connections so they really flourish when they get out because they are "Clean"....


They are more worried about herion than robberies, and breaking into your home.


That's because most of the robberies are drug related. If they find where the heroin addicts or dealers are, they're likely to find the stolen items.


Swiss. Why so determined to tuck these kids away in prison and lose sight of the key? Lighter sentences and "intense probation" may fail more often than not in loosening the grip of narcotics, but how can prison be effective? I see these offenders as children, essentially. Somebody's child, who at some Christmas past was grinning from ear to ear when they got a coveted toy. Somebody's child who at some point hoped they went to school with the right pants or shoes so they wouldn't be singled out for humiliation. No question they made some bad choices along the way. Perhaps we should show them the benefits of responsibility and happiness outside of escape. Call it compassion. Call it a helping hand. None of these kids are having a good time, and all the bad choices are not designed to irritate you.


Swiss, robbing a bank/credit union is a federal crime. They WILL go to prison.

swiss family

uh 4444444.... in case you have not figured it out yet, Huron county is getting the reputation of being "easy on crime" due to our out of touch Judges and Prosecutors.... so although I do understand that robbing a bank will get them prison time, especially if a gun was involved, but if they are not caught, it just re assures all of the other criminals that drugs are easy to get here.. and if you need to sell drugs you can make lots of money, and if you do get caught they will plea bargain it down to where jay walking is a more serious offense, and now it might seem that if you hear of a big shipment of drug's coming this way and you need to jump in on it... go ahead and rob and steal... preferably from a neighbors house or car, but if that fails a bank will do nicely.. especially if they can not locate the criminals... or if the do catch them and they try the insanity defense... 44444444444 do you see the crime rate multiplying locally?? do you think the Judges and prosecutors are doing a good job of JUSTICE??? if not then it comes as no surprise that now they are robbing banks I never said they could rob a bank and be given "severe probation" did I????


Swiss, as of right now...what does this story have to do with drugs? Please stay on topic.


You contradict yourself on a paramount level


Huron County has that reputation because you post that every single day!


Lmao haha yeah swiss is autistic


autism isn't a joke slim...not a bit funny buddy!

Richard Russell

Nothing on the FBI website about this robbery:

Oh, I forgot, it's a weekend with a federal holiday on Monday. Their webmaster probably isn't working today.

Too bad local LE couldn't have released a description of the "suspects" and their vehicle.



Swissfamily heads up -Again I would like to repeat myself- The governor of the great state of Ohio changed sentencing guidelines- not just Huron or Erie county,across the state that if you do not have a prior felony and you state your crime was because of a drug or alcohol addiction the judges and pros. attorney are required by law to either grant you intense probation or CBCF. Keep voting Republican !!!! Now as to the story- they will be getting prison time -more than likely state but it could qualify as federal. And whoever did this being an addict will not get you out of this.


LOL, taking a look at the bills sponsors as well as the votes on the legislation you speak of, it appears nearly every democrat in the statehouse voted yes for it. I would say blaming repubs alone on this one is a little off target. Let me guess, your next post will read, "It's Bush's fault?"


KnuckleDragger is right. If Kasich and friends have their way, they will privatize every prison in the state. On housing prisoners becomes "for profit", then every judge will be in the pocket of CCA (Corrections Corp of America).

Then we will see 15 years for marijuana possession and 30 to life for "herion" (as some you like to spell it). Heck have fun trying to get out of that 6 month sentence for 1st time jaywalking conviction.

And let's not forget how well the prison privatization is working in Arizona. They are paying more to house prisoners after privatization, and how many murderers have escaped there?

Think taxes are too high now? Just wait till Johnny K is done with his privatization scams.


Maybe thats the solution. Stiffer penalties for the idiots doing drugs instead of slaps on the wrist. Might really make one think twice about doing drugs.

Now The Rest of...

happyfeet 64, the sentencing guideline are changed by legislative act, not the governor, but by the way the current guidelines were changed during the Strickland years.. Don't let the fact get in your way..

Chef Mike

You are right knuckledragger, why on earth would anyone want free enterprise when they could have the government run their lives? Government does everything better. And unions - nothing makes prices go down better than unions. Heck, especially government unions. I don't know how costs could go any lower than when a government union is running something. We need more government in our lives. Yay! That will make the drug problems go away. Look how well the war on drugs has worked over the years.


Can anyone tell me the last time a robber was caught after robbing a bank/credit union in this area? I rest my case! The government insures your money that is in the bank. Your tax dollars are not involved. Some of you just rant rant rant.


Recently read that on-line thieves now far outnumber bank robbers both in the number of robberies and amounts stolen.

Bank robbery is a very dangerous "occupation."


NR: BTW, this is a "credit union," not a "bank." Legally different.


And our tax dollars pay for the insurance.


There is so much false information, damaging innuendo, and just plain stupidity on this site it is scary. It clearly shows the damage to our country that a lack of respect for the truth is causing. As an example, if Ehovemom had bother to do a little research instead of just posting the first thing that popped into her head, she might have learned that the FDIC, the agency that guarantees bank deposits, is funded by premiums paid by banks, just like most insurance policies. Oh well, she put it up on the internet, it must be true.


@ Deertracker...Did your really think before you wrote your comment??? Where do you think the Government gets the money to insure the money???
Here is a hint Einstein...MY AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS...!!!


You both are wrong. Do some research.


The FDIC is funded through premiums from members, but is authorized to borrow from the U.S. Treasury if necessary.


Reminds me of when the Willard Bank got robbed years ago. Story was robber went to McCartys - later Fazios, & bought rounds for everyone. Cops came & arrested drunk thief. Monroeville needs a bar.....


@ Firlybadboy...what you described could also be said about the wack job that shot up Newtown CT...WHO CARES about the "grin from ear to ear" in the past. We are not living in the past we are living today, and today they are druggies, robbers, murderers, rapists and terrorists who made "bad choices" and I really don't give a D**N if THEY are happy. They are still inflicting pain and suffering on others with total disregard for what the people they are hurting feel. People with thoughts like you need to pull their head out and face the truth...These people are CRIMINALS...!!!


La la la la la la. Can't hear you. It's futile Jstus, I only read what Swiss and I author.


Thanks, you have confirmed exactly what I thought about you...