Firelands Federal Credit Union robbed

Monroeville bank held up Saturday morning
Joe Centers
Feb 16, 2013


The Firelands Federal Credit Union Monroeville branch was held up this morning.

Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons issued a brief statement this afternoon, saying there was a robbery and that some suspects have been identified and they are trying to locate the suspects. He said nobody was injured but would not discuss if a weapon was used, saying that was part of the investigation.

Lyons said the FBI and BCI have been on the scene investigating along with the Huron County Sheriff's Office. Lyons said more information will be released as the investigation continues.

Updated information will follow at



So is the average homeowner supposed to feel bad when, this "child grinning from ear to ear" breaks into their house and is SHOT? Everyone makes a choice. You can choose to try drugs, you can choose to steal, you can choose to rob someone, you can choose to do the RIGHT thing. Yes these people need to be LOCKED UP and taught a lesson. I teach my children right from wrong, why is that so hard? Many of these people are repeat offenders. They get a light sentence, see it isn't so bad and DO IT AGAIN. Sometimes a worse crime than the first. Where do you draw the line on the "free pass" thing?




Was just pointing out that it seems all the repubs. blame dem. and vice versa. Personally, I like to take step back and watch them go at each other.It's more entertaining to me.


You don't know me or my political, religious or any other views so don't presume you do.