Norwalk, Huron County ready to pass solid waste

Both entities will share $25,000 cost for study.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 26, 2013


As part of a past agreement, the city of Norwalk and Huron County officials are following through on a solid waste district study.

The cost of the study is estimated at $25,000 and will be shared by both entities. The study's goal is to review how trash is handled in the city and county and look at ways it could be done more efficiently


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That headline is FUNNY.


Didn't know that they were constipated.

Good catch!


...and the Golden Turd award for best headline goes to...

Guy on a Buffalo

So Duncan is being "forced out?"

Estrella Damm

Oh I get it now! Lulz.

Estrella Damm

So Casa Fiesta is closing?


So they are finally taking some Exlax


Maybe they're getting rid of Essex?


I inspected my sloid waste thismorning. I had corn lastnight and something green string like. Didn't dig too deep, butt had I wanted to WASTE some time it would not have cost me $25,000.00 to completely analyze it!


I am gonna place my Justin Bieber blow up doll on the street for pickup...what a waste of money.


A $25K study?

Call a meeting of the respective Dept. supervisors and ask their opinion - much cheaper.

Once again, this Admin. is showing itself to be a profligate spender.

Privatize it!


What a waste of tax payer money. If this city cannot predict within +/- 50K what they will bring in, in each of the following years.......they this move to hire someone at 24K is because this council is down right lazy.

And what good are 5 year studies anymore. With the volatile economy many of these predictions are wrong.


I kinda had to laugh:

The Soviets and other communist countries were/are "famous" for Five Year Plans.