FTMC to break ground on north side this spring

The new facility will be located on Milan Avenue property between Bob Evans and TSC.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 16, 2013
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Design plans for a multi-purpose medical office facility on Norwalk's north side are being finalized by Fisher-Titus Medical Center with groundbreaking scheduled for late spring.

Fisher-Titus President Patrick Martin previously announced plans to expand sevices to the north end of Norwalk with the purchase of property on Milan Avenue between Bob Evans Restaurant and the TSC (Tractor Supply Company) store.

"Since purchasing the property, a team has been working on the project to determine the best combination of services for this area of our community," Martin said. "Over the years, residents have expressed a desire for additional Norwalk locations for various hospital and other health-care services."

A story with details about the facility was published on the front page of Saturday's Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.


Estrella Damm

What no Applebees?

Kottage Kat



Hum. Wasn't the initial planning of this under the previous Admin.?

Guess ol' "Jobs, jobs, jobs" Duncan's sychophants need to fool themselves into taking credit for "whatever" they can in order not to continue to look like hypocrites.

And yes, jobs are good - "regardless" who feels the need to take the credit.


Winnie, this has nothing to do with the Mayor. What gives you that idea? Fisher-titus is adding on, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with the "previous Admin", or the current one. Complain, complain, complain...

Kottage Kat

BET he taught his wife how to " nag"




Hey, more jobs to the area.....isnt that what we want.

Kottage Kat

Not taking credit
Simply saying
This the day the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Kat leaves humming." You are my sunshine "
The contango theme song
Have a great weekend Twinkies
Will I see you tonight at the concert?!


KK writes:


"Not taking credit" "Simply saying"

Yea, no inference there. :)

Kottage Kat

Hope they sing " Love me do" and I will think of you

Kottage Kat

You are so much fun
parkside Susie gets the credit
Happy now snookims


Love all the new FTMC Facilities and the jobs they provide, however it’s time for FTMC to start providing better care to its patients. Every time a family member or I have been there the care was not as "state of the art" as the facilities. I was told many area hospitals refer to FTMC as “Fisher Price” and some area college programs no longer allow clinical studies to be done through FTMC due to poor experiences. Invest some of the improvements into the care and less the facilities.

swiss family

BadBoys....I hate to disagree with you, and I have heard people refer to Fisher-Titus as Fisher price, but I do not think it is because of the low quality of care, but just because the names being so similar it tends to make such a connection with some dim witted people.

If you would look at what we had as a hospital here 10 years ago, and compare it to the high tech, high quality medical care that we now have, I have to say that Mr Martin has put his heart and soul in to this adventure, and I know of many, many people that feel that the care that they got at Fisher-Titus, was better than they feel they would have received at any of the "Big name" hospitals.. I can say, having been a patient there many times, that the staff, and organization out there is top notch, and in the past few years it went to a one story country hospital to what it is today, and 3 story, unrecognizable from the past, medical facility that can handle treatments that they couldn't have touched several years ago..I hate to see Mr Martin retire, he is an amazing man and organizer, and he doesn't just see a vision of what could be... he makes it happen, and for that I think the community needs to publicly thank him


Friend of ours had a heart attack 3 weeks ago. They said they couldn't handle his condition so they shipped him to Elyria. What exactly is the Heart and Vascular Center? Isn't this supposed to have "state of the art" equipment? I think they want it to look pretty. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

Whiskey Tango F...

would you rather have a surgeon that does 30 surgeries a year or 30 surgeries a month handle your condition? Norwalk simply isn't large nough to keep a specialty surgeon in house. Fortunately, there are larger facilities that the smaller hospitals all refer to in the area that are able to support a specialist! Had you gone north to the mistake on the lake, they would have gladly assigned a non-english speaking butcher to you case and you would have received MRSA for free.


This is exactly why people shouldn't post on things they do not know about. Not every heart procedure is alike. Sometimes there are more complicated situations or a surgery that requires a specialist or someone who has done a certain procedure more than a local doctor has.

You simply cannot win with this crowd. They ship you out to get the best treatment and Fisher T gets ripped on. Fisher T keeps the patient and get ripped on because the surgery took to long....etc.

Are any of you a Dr? Do you see and know what comes into the hospitals on a daily basis. So many people do not take care of themselves physically and have so many bad habits (smoking for 30+ years, alcoholism, drug addiction, OBESITY, Diabetes.....etc) and are on so many medications that simply surgeries aren't so simple anymore. Everyone complains about the healthcare field until they need a professional to save a life!!!!

Then factor in the crowd that is just hoping and waiting for something to go wrong so they can sue and get paid........all this adds up to hospitals more and more weighing in on what they can and cannot do.


My point is if they are going to spend millions and millions then they should be able to treat people and not just patch and ship. Now if that is all they do then why spend the money? Usually when you spend that much money you keep people on the floor that can handle cases. if they are only going to get people stable then send them off to other hospitals why build such a nice facility? Seems to be a waste of money. And no I am not a Dr. and don't pretend to be one. But like I said- you can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. I think the people that work there do a wonderful job in patching and shipping, but I think it's about time to spend money on good docs instead of average and quit making FTMC a joke around here.

swiss family

well I am sure that many will not be as happy about this as I am.. but that fine facility and skilled staff have saved my life several times now...in my opinion, for the size town we live in , we are extremely blessed to have such a fine and up to date Hospital locally... Thank you Mr Martin and every staff member that treated me so professionally..and "Wasp" you might now more first hand about that pig with lipstick.... but I would guess that you must have other redeeming qualities...


Nice try at an insult Swiss. Try harder next time. At least make it as interesting as some of your lame and stupid posts. I'm sure they saved your life from when you clipped yourself with the nail clippers or cut yourself shaving. They sure didn't save you from your stupidity, it's still as good as always.

swiss family

wasp.. it wasn't an insult... I said you must have other redeeming qualities... that is a compliment!!!!! and you think WHO is STUPID????hahahahahaha


Oh I didn't insult you either... I said your as good as always....


NR, Nov. 4, 2011

Patrick J. Martin, president of Fisher-Titus:

"Mayor Sue Lesch and Norwalk Economic Development Corp. Director Ellen Heinz have been actively involved in this project which stretched out over the past year as we investigated various options. We certainly appreciate their efforts and expertise."


Kottage Kat

And when was the election that year.????????
Pure politics.


@ Kottage Kat:

Yea so what?

And...ah...wanna bet that....uh...Rob...doesn't...ah....put it on his list of...uh..."accomplishments"...for 2013...in the....er....SOTC address?

Have a drink, relax and continue to enjoy the placement of your head firmly up the tush of ol' hope and change.

Kottage Kat

Don't. Drink
Went to church
and prayed for you