Deputies help confused driver get fed, home

9-1-1 call made about erratic driver that nearly 'caused a couple of head-on collisions' on Ohio 18.
Cary Ashby
Feb 16, 2013


Huron County sheriff's deputies assisted a confused elderly driver Thursday by making sure she got fed and made arrangements for her to get home.

Dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call at 12:46 p.m. about an erratic driver on Ohio 18 near Chenango and Vesta roads in Clarksfield Township.

"The reported vehicle was all over the road and about caused a couple head-on collisions," Maj. Greg Englund said.

Sgt. Todd Corbin and Deputy Randy Chase responded. They located the 81-year-old woman driving on Ohio 18 near Arcade Road in Townsend Township.

At one point, she passed one deputy's cruiser "going the same way," Englund said.

Deputies determined the woman lived in Avon Lake.

"They were able to get the vehicle stopped," Englund said. "She drove to an assisted living (facility) that she will be living in starting March 1. When she pulled out, she went the wrong way and ended up near Norwalk."

A deputy brought her to the station and made arrangements for a relative to pick her up.

"She said she was hungry," Englund said.

Corbin went to McDonald's and bought a hamburger and iced tea for the woman.

"He pulled the money right out of his wallet," Englund said.

While waiting for a relative to come get her, the woman completed a driver's license re-examination form, which will be forwarded to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

"Before she can drive again, she has to pass that test," Englund said.

"We talked to (one of) the relatives," he said. "He thanked us for getting her to safety. I'm just glad we were able to get her some help."



This story could have been a tragedy. Glad our local law enforcement stepped up to help this woman. Kudos to the sheriff's department!!


these kinds of stories are heart felt and touching and all... but what in gods name was a woman at 81 that cant handle the stress of zigging when she should have zagged doing behind the wheel of a car? i realize the elderly need to get around... but if this woman was planning on moving to an assisted living facility, which means she needs assistance to live, she shouldnt be able to drive or have any access to control of a motor vehicle... if she cant take care of herself, how can she then be well enough to put other peoples lives in danger... it's a sad fact that we're all going to have to face once we reach a certain age...


blessing to all


Good job, guys!


Gene Damschroeder?

Kottage Kat

She wasn't flying a plane
Just glad for a good outcome on this one.

hit the road jack

Hell,I've seen people drive like this and thinking they were in a such circumstances only to see them with a phone in their hands.

Brock Lee

note to self stay off side walk


Great job guys. Here we see the positive side of our local law enforcement officers.