BREAKING NEWS - Alcohol in the park measure fails

Norwalk City Council voted four to two to deny a resolution to allow alcohol in city parks so Berry's could sell drinks in Bresson Park. Steve Euton, council president, indicated the matter was settled. "There are no further items on the council agenda or in committee," he said after the meeting Tuesday night. Council members Robert Carleton and Dwight Tkach voted for the proposal, while Chris Mushett, Tera Thornhill, Shane Penrose and Skip Wilde voted against the measure. Tom Stoll was excused from the meeting.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


        Norwalk City Council voted four to two to deny a resolution to allow alcohol in city parks so Berry's could sell drinks in Bresson Park.

        Steve Euton, council president, indicated the matter was settled. "There are no further items on the council agenda or in committee," he said after the meeting Tuesday night. Council members Robert Carleton and Dwight Tkach voted for the proposal, while Chris Mushett, Tera Thornhill, Shane Penrose and Skip Wilde voted against the measure. Tom Stoll was excused from the meeting.

    But Doug Berry, owner of Berry's, said later he will consider alternatives. "You pretty much only get one shot to do the same thing in the same form and that would be hopeless. But we're not going to give up," he said while eating later at his restaurant.

    "There are a whole bunch of ways to do this," he said. Had the measure passed, "tonight we'd be packed," he said, speaking of the mild weather and empty outside seating.

    "The hang-up is on city property," he added. "The restaurant business is extremely difficult. We'd like to keep it in town."

    Opposition to the proposal from residents was strong.  Ashford Mullins, of Main Street, spoke at the council meeting to oppose any form of alcohol served in a public area.  "It's bad enough on the inside and it's worse on the outside," he said.  A resident since 1948, Mullins said he opposed alcohol served on public property in any form.

    Mike Babcock, of Linwood Street, didn't give his personal views on the issue, but asked council members to follow the will of the majority's will. "Remember the oath of office you took when you were elected, to benefit the majority of the people," Babcock said.


HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

When is Doug gonna wise up and figure out the people of Norwalk don't want him selling booze on public land? You bet the big hang up is it's on city land and you just figured that out? Here's an idea and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, if you want to peddle booze outside, GO BUY YOUR OWN LAND just like any other business in Norwalk would have to do. Why do you think every tax payer in Norwalk is required to make sure you have a place to conduct business and help your personal bottom line? I hope the voters of this town remember who voted yes on this issue the next time elections come around. Both of them promised to serve the public but I wonder now who they're really serving?

Humanoid (Anonymous)

Norwalk is on the verge of being a top level town but the only thing that's missing is a classy night life. Having an adult atmosphere in the park from the Berry's crowd would be nice. However the council members represent the 90 year old crotchety community that flips out at the thought of anyone having a good time that doesn't involve playing solitaire or bingo. Good call by the 2 that voted for this issue, at least there's some representing this town that realize this isn't 1953 Kansas.

People cheering? Restaurant / bar owners on 250 N headed to Milan. So much for keeping downtown Norwalk on the cutting edge.

Jack (Anonymous)

Maybe I could get Stoutenburg Park to use as my place to serve alcohol? Can you imagine what kind of precendence this would open up if it passed. At least 4 of the 6 are aware of that. If they want the land, buy it from the city and put a fence around it.


I believe this was the right move by City Council.
I have nothing against Berry's, but for various reasons, the proposal seemed like a bad one.

For Progress (A...

I commend Doug's determination and respect his ideas. Had it not been a public park, it would have worked. I am opposed to the idea but only for that reason. Now let's move on and encourage Doug in helping to make Norwalk a better place. Let' work TOGETHER.

smalltowner (An...

Well lets hope this is a dead issue . as to you, "Humanoid" I am not in the 90 year old range and I do not want alcohol sold in a public park so what do you say about that?

just thinking (...

with all the drinking talk it just seems that norwalk has nothing but drunks living in it.

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

Hey Humaniod, Have you ever really stopped and noticed the average age of the people going into Berry's? I think you found your 90 year old crotchety community that seems to rule the world (right behind the Freemasons of course). So all those old people are eating their meatloaf and applesause with their right hand and stabbing Berry's in the back with a fork using their left? That's amazing and here I thought the whole time it was the fact a few people still have morals and community standards they want to be upheld. Now I have to make sure to go visit my 94 year old Grandma at the nursing home quite a bit more often. If she's one of the leaders of the free world, I want to stay on her good side!

BBB (Anonymous)


I go into Berry's from time to time, and I'm under 40.

Doug, You gave it your best shot, but it's over. Time to concentrate on other things.

Objective (Anon...

This is to: HAHA with their response in opposition to alcohol in the park. Your idea sir/miss of going and buying your own property is definitely a great one. Yet I do believe that the reason Berry's Restaurant is requesting to serve alcohol in Bresson Park is because of the fact that the park is located "connected" to the restaurant. Now I'm not sure where you else Berry's Restaurant would purchase property which would allow them to offer outside dining other than Bresson Park. Secondly, I do believe that it would be possible for the city to sell the property, yet due to it being a city owned piece of land, to my understanding that land would have to go up to public auction. Meaning that anyone, whoever the highest bidder is would be able to purchase the land. This would include a humbug scrooge like yourself, as well as a Mr. Ashford Mullins from the article above. Now I would imagine that Mr. Berry and Berry's Restaurant would like to keep this as a last option. I also would like to state that purchasing property costs money and the restaurant business isn't as lucrative as many believe it to be. Especially these days when competition is popping up quicker than a day turns into night. Obviously Berry's Restaurant opted to present the idea of modifying their current lease of the park to allow them to serve alcohol along with the meals already being served. I applaud Berry's Restaurant for their persistence and their attempts to keep up with todays consumer demands. I also realize the restaurant business especially independently ran ones are one of the hardest businesses to get into and succeed. Berry's Restaurant has done a remarkable job with over 60 years of business. Astounding these days. I wish the the best of luck in their efforts and hope that one day soon they are able to provide the complete dining experience they desire, alcohol included, in park adjacent to them....In conclusion Mr/Mrs HAHA maybe you should educate yourself a little more about your comment of any other business having to purchase land for their business because I do believe that the city of norwalk as made a few altercations/donations to business in norwalk, business that come and go like the seasons including the verizon store just to name one.

T$Robinson (Ano...

to "Objective" in your letter, you stated first that Bresson park was "connected to Berry's , well you make it sound loke it is a part of Berry's , which it is NOT . you did get it right though , the second time, when you said that it was "adjacent" to the park.. they are two seperate locations , and the city is flexible to lease the park to Berry's for them to use as an outdoor dining experience .. Selling and drinking alcohol is a whole different matter altogether .. i understand that Doug Berry had to, as a good business owner ,try to ask permission from the city , to sell alcohol .. he wouldn't be as successful as he has been if he didn't try to implement creative ideas, but the towns people have stated that the majority of the vocal citizens at least , do not want drinking in the public that should be the end of the story .. you also said that you could not see Berry's moving to any other location , than where they are to allow outdoor drinking , this is where you are failing to see the big picture .. look at Casa Fiesta.. they have outside dining there , and if i'm not mistaken , you can drink with your meal , on their patio . also , Bluto's has an outside patio , that is enclosed in a fence ,and you can get food and alcohol there too. i believe that the city had to establish a guide line for this , and it was not a personal attack on Berry's .. what happens when East of Chicago , goes to their now location , and a new restaurant goes in there ,, they havea small space there for parking , and would the city be willing to lease them a part of the uptown school's lawn , so that they could have outdoor dining and drinking there too ??

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

Re: Objective. I've never run across the law or common practice of people being able to convert a neighbor's property to their own use because it simply shares a property line with me. Your saying that simply because my neighbor has a big backyard, I am instantly entiltled to use their property any way I see fit because it touches my property? That's amazing, I never knew that! Do you have a pool in your backyard? If you do, tell me where you live so I can buy a house next to yours. I love to swim and I wouldn't need to buy a pool that way. The price of land here in Norwalk that touches any city owned land has just risen by 1000%+. I'll go buy a lot next to Baines Park and instantly the ball diamonds become my personal property to do with what I want because I simply own land next door and it would cause me an undue financial burden to buy that much land on my own. Thank you for teaching me the errors in my knowledge of what it meant to "own" something. Apparently I'm terribly uneducated on this issue like you pointed out. Here I bought a land/house and have a monthly payment for property I will truly never own. Boy, do I feel like a big dummy!

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

HA-HA-HA, you can but the property next to mine and I will LEASE you the use of my swimming pool.

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

funny, I read their statement again and I didn't see the word LEASE in it 1 time. What I read was Berry's should get their way because the park was "connected" to their property and buying the land would be a financial burden for them or some scrooge like myself might swoop in and buy the property.

re:ha ha ha (An...

Hey, you sound like a big dummy, too!

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

The old phrase is true then, "takes one to know one". Isn't that right?

Humanoid (Anonymous)

smalltowner: I bet you are a blast at parties. You and ha-ha-ha act like you're 90 so you fit into that category. Thank you for being the moral compass that we can all rely on to point to the North Star of goodness. ha-ha quit visiting your 94 year old grandmother, she says you're a buzz kill.

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

Sorry that the whole world can't be one big bar for you and sorry I have morals, I apologize for that. Apparently you're so worried about where you can consume your next drink, you've lost yours. How bad of an alcohol problem do you have Humanoid? Don't worry dude, someday you'll be able to get all wasted and stuff in a park and be like, "look at me man, I'm totally wasted". Then you and your buds can run over and be like, "dude, watch me like, take a leak in the fountain". I mean, come on, how cool would that be dude? If it was legal, all the grown-ups wouldn't be able to kill your buzz.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

ha-ha-ha, are you sayting that a moral person can't drink alcohol?

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

Absolutely not, I never said that. I'm saying a moral person would know the proper place and time to consume alcohol.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

OK, so hsving a beer or glass of wine with dinner is not moral. I am just trying to get your take on this, because I can't see where morals have a place in this issue. There is nothing immoral about a beer or glass of wine with dinner.

Gas Guzzler (An...

i know that i am changing the subject here , and i am sorry for that , but i have to vent my frustration , and i don't know where else to turn to ...yesterday , i drove to Bellevue, and i was shocked to see that the price of gas is $.20 higher per gallon in norwalk , than any of the surrounding areas?? why??i feel that the local dealers are taking advantage of us because people have become too complacent , and they aren't happy about things, but they will go ahead and fill their tanks at the inflated price anyway !! please help us in showing them that they are wrong ... please join us in a summertime "gas out" and purchase your gas out of town , anywhere .. Sandusky, Avery , Fitchville .. anywhere but in Norwalk , until Norwalk lowers their prices to be at a competive range !! even if it takes all summer!! please , lets show them that we can , and will join together , to show them that we are "mad as hell , and not going to take it anymore" if they want our business , they will have to compete with other lower priced stations in the surrounding areas for our hard earned money !! please join us , and tell all of your friends and relatives and neighbors , and anyone in your email adress book , and convince that that this will be a good thing , and it will be something that we are proud of , if and when we all join together , and show these money gougers that it us us in control , not them ... Thank-You

Humanoid (Anonymous)

ha-ha-ha if you're going to argue your point, at least for crying out loud be entertaining. That was one sorry bit of comedy you just tried to spin. Forgive me for being a wee bit smarter than you are, I socked you good and you went into some God-awful void of all comedy rant. You thought you were just going to get on here and gloat and win arguments against some hillbillies with dialup staying at the Dreamland Motel. Wrong. Also wrong that I want to get smashed and turn the town into my own personal keg stand. I rarely, RARELY drink. I'm just one of the few that has the vision enough to know what may be good for downtown even if it's not something I partake in personally. Besides, who in their freaking mind goes to Berry's of all places to get smashed?

You need to swallow a little pride and just admit you have an axe to grind against the Berry's. That, and stop taking comedy lessons from The Best of Tim Conway vol. 3.

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

I'm sorry. I should've known beeeter than match wits with you Albert. Whoops, can I call you Albert or do I need to call you Mr. Einstein? The shock I'm experiencing right now in the presence of your greatness is making it rather hard for me to read your last statement. But, I think I read that you're a hillbilly that's using dial up staying at the Dreamland Motel? Aww, isn't that nice. It's good to see you've worked your way up in the world with your intelligence.

college grad (A...

>>>>>>>>>>> thank-you "gas guzzler" this has bothered me for a long time too , and i was hoping that someone would try to organize something to try to change this so we stop getting overcharged by the norwalk gas stations , when we can travel to the next town over , in almost any direction , and buy it alot cheaper .. i support "gas out" and will tell all of my friends to do the same

Humanoid (Anonymous)

Wow great reply ha-ha-ha, I'm not embarrassed to see who I've been matching 'wits' with. I feel like Bobby Fischer realizing he's been playing online chess against Bobby Bouchet.

I'm assuming I can speak for the Berry's when I say thank heaven you are not on their side. It would be subtraction by addition.

'Albert'. For the love of Pete find someone with a sense of humor and have them proofread your posts before you type in the 5 digit code.

HA-HA-HA (Anonymous)

So you feel like Bobby Fischer? A chess playing nut who is quoted saying, "the all Jewish American government is out to destroy me". Sounds like you did make a proper comparison between you two. You both have about the same grip on reality and opinion on how important you think you really are.

gas guzzler (An...

please everyone .. please don't buy your gas in Norwalk , until they bring their prices down to a competetive range with the surrounding area !!! why should gas in Norwalk be as much as 30 cents per gallon ,higher in Norwalk , thancompareed to any of the surrounding areas?? i really would like an answer to that question ?? please , everyone lets make a stand against these dealers overcharging us , and buy our gas anywhere but in Norwalk , until they decide that they really do want our money and they are willing to be competetive in their price , to get it .. together we can make a difference