Sister of local policeman recounts nightmarish experience aboard ship

Woman was stuck on cruise ship victimized by a fire that left it without electricity and with limited food and water.
Aaron Krause
Feb 15, 2013


The sister of a local police sergeant was a passenger on the cruise ship victimized by a fire that left it without electricity, creating nightmarish conditions amid five miserable days at sea.

Becky Miller, the sister of Monroeville Police Department Sgt. Frank Gleason, was aboard the Triumph as a birthday present for her co-worker. The ship departed from Galveston, Texas, last Thursday and was on its way to return there Sunday, having stopped in Mexico, when the fire occurred.

Miller, her colleague and the 3,000-plus other vacationers had enjoyed pleasant weather Saturday. Miller and her co-worker went kayaking and snorkeling for the first time as they both "were trying to be teenagers."

They shopped during an excursion, arrived back at the ship, had dinner, went out to the pool and listened to music before settling into bed for the night.

At about 5:30 a.m. Sunday, a voice on a loudspeaker announced that fire had erupted in the ship's engine room.

She shares the story of her ordeal today in the Norwalk Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.




i am soooooooo tired of hearing about this.


Agreed. I was hoping after the big return we could quit hearing about it. Now we get to listen to all the interviews.


No one was burned, no one drowned. It is a very disappointing vacation for everyone, but everyone survived it and will win the worst vacation trip ever award. End of story. And I saw that the lawsuits have started.


Most of the lawsuits will get dropped. When you sign your ticket and step on the boat the FINE PRINT on the back talks about the liability for these types of things. They will offer compensation, but I do not the the HUGE lawsuits will go anywhere. One prime reason I will NOT go on a cruise. I have no desire to sit on a boat in the middle of nowhere.


Yawn. Hey - if you were in a sandstorm or went without H20 in triple didget heat you'd have a story.

The sarge

I believe Carnival has went above and beyond for the passengers on this ship. Its such a shame that we already have lawsuits on this. Things happen,and you make the best out a bad situation. For those that sued and kiss the ground on national television........GROW UP!!


Any frikkin' ship of that size that doesn't have back-up generators for electricity, plumbing and whatever should never sail again. I'm not saying they need power to "run or move on the water", but those are basics. WTF? The Titanic didn't teach us crap about ships? This is 2013.

Oh, and those passengers that kissed the land....yeah...freakin' drama queens.

hit the road jack

I think these people experienced what the U.S. will be like in a few years if we don't rid ourselves of the misfits we have running this country.

Brock Lee

who caers

OSU 2008

Sorry this happened, but people live in these kind of conditions and worse everyday of their lives. Everyone should appreciate what they have. They survived and everyone probably lost a few pounds. That never happens to me on a cruise.