Reward for Randy Ruff's capture hiked to $5,000

Bondsman faces Feb. 28 deadline to get defendant back to court.
Aaron Krause
Feb 14, 2013


Local bondsman Zac Crumrine has announced a $4,000 increase to the reward for information leading to the arrest of Randy Ruff.

The former Detroit resident who has been living in the Willard area is wanted on an original charge of grand theft.

The award is now $5,000, Crumrine said. He added the court has imposed a Feb. 28 deadline for authorities to locate Ruff.

"It's super frustrating," Crumrine said about not being able to find the defendant.

"It's the first time in six (or) seven years that we haven't been able to find someone," Crumrine said. "He's just a bad guy to have out there. Everybody's looking for him."

"He's definitely armed. ... He's got guns and he said he's not going back to prison," Crumrine told the Reflector last month.

Crumrine said the pick-up radius for Ruff has been extended to the entire country. That means if, for example, he's pulled over for a traffic violation anywhere in the United States, authorities can arrest and hold him to be picked up on the warrant. Previously the pick-up radius didn't extend outside Ohio, Crumrine said.

Anyone who knows Ruff's whereabouts or has seen him recently is encouraged to call Crumrine at (419) 577-0078 or Crumrine's business partner Shon at (419) 917-2663. People also can call the Norwalk Police Department with the information at (419) 663-6780.



Eeeeeeh ya wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would ya?



Simple Enough II

-Qoute "He's definitely armed. ... He's got guns and he said he's not going back to prison," Crumrine told the Reflector last month. End Qoute.
Then why did you bond him out?

-Maybe instead of $5K you should offer a months supply of Smack and I bet the calls would come in fast from Heroin county of his whereabouts!

-I bet you guys are hoping he wasn't holed up with Christopher Dorner!


Risk of a bondman.. Many show, then once in awhile you have to pay up... I sure hope in all reality they find the guy, but at the same time if they don't i sure hope they hold a "buddy" to the court, accountable as any citizen who put up money for a court date then for unknown reasons can't make it and lose there money...But i am sure in the society we live in someone will say it's not fair.. All business need to be a pure 100% success.

Yall Make Me Sick

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You really don't believe that "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is real, do you?

Yall Make Me Sick

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Sarcasm is hard to read in print, Yall. Calm the frip down.


Ya know, you look at the news. All these rewards are being offered and yet they fight you to somehow not pay you.. It's not worth the aggravation to try n turn someone in for the reward as there's always some clause that keeps them from paying you the reward fee.. Uhmm like the cop in L.A.