Ohio 61 re-opens

Highway had been closed near Norwalk after concrete falls from overpass.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 15, 2013


Authorities closed Ohio 61 south between South Norwalk Road and Johnson Road sometime after dusk Thursday after chunks of concrete fell from the U.S. 20 overpass.

Ohio Department of Transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers said a couple pieces of concrete fell from the bridge due to deterioration of the concrete along the bridge’s edges.

Myers said to her knowledge, nobody was injured.

Initially, Myers said workers were scheduled to make repairs Friday and she wasn't sure when the road would re-open.

However, by 1:15 a.m., Ohio 61 had re-opened.

No portion of U.S. 20 was closed, Myers said.


Estrella Damm

"Road will remain closed at least until Thursday morning."

Like next Thursday morning, so a whole week?


Shouldn't they close traffic over the bridge as well?


Good question.


WLKR said it re-opened overnight.


The road reopened at about 1:30am this morning!


Nothing else seems loose I guess, since I highly doubt anyone magically repaired it overnight lol I drive over that bridge four times a day with my two young children, boy do I feel safe now!


You can gauge the health of a nation by it's infrastructure. Based on what I see we are a nation in decline (getting up in our years so to say.) Think of our roads and bridges as arteries bringing much needed oxygen and nutrients to it's muscles. Problem is with the 16.5T debt sitting on it's chest and trillion dollar budget deficits year and year, our government can not breath in oxygen to sustain it's heart and other vital organs. Money spent on frivolous wars and entitlements have kept our nation unable to breath in what is needed to keep it alive, instead we are kept alive with shallow gulps of air from infusions of cash from the Fed infusing 85B dollars per month in QE and loans from China and Japan. The patient is being kept alive, but the long term prognosis is bleak.