Milan residents could see increase in water bill

Village officials discussing whether to raise the rates.
Aaron Krause
Feb 19, 2013


The village is considering increasing the water rate by 2 1/2 percent across the board.

Village council last week introduced an ordinance to that effect. A story about that and other topics discussed by Milan council was published in the Reflector.

To read the story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Reflector or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read the story now.




It is bad enough they raised the RITA taxes on milan residence without their knowlege now they want to raise their water rates? what next? next thing u know the residence will have to pay a fine for not having the cobwebs off their mail boxes...geesh!


Higher price for water in Milan? Are you f'ing kidding me?!! This is the worst damn water in the state, and you are going to charge more? First you screw up all of our electric bills, now this..... Huron looks better everyday.


amen to that Outspoken1

Most Wanted

Absolutely right! DISGUSTING! My black pans have white water stains, my glasses have hard water stains...and this is with a water softener. I finally bought this stuff from this lady in Milan who sells chemical free cleaning items that cleans the crap off my pans and glasswear. Milan water is not worth what you pay for it now considering you have to pay for softener and salt and chemicals on top of the water bill monthly just to use it!


I know the trick to cleaning it too.....really cheap......plain old white vinegar. I live in a different area that has BAD water also. I buy vinegar on every trip to the store. It cleans the crud out of coffee pots, cleans faucets, shower doors, everything. I soak the dog bowls, pots/pans etc. Cheap, natural, and safe for everyone. You can soak your shower head in it, your hose sprinkler anything with a build up.

Kottage Kat

are these natural products?
Can u send me an E-mail with her info
Thanks kat

Most Wanted

Kat, it's Norwex products. She sends me an email update every month. I deleted it this month because I didn't need anything. I'll send it to you next time I get one from her. Her first name is Lori...I can't remember her last name. She's really nice, all chemical free products.


The picture sure don't resemble a Milan faucet.


Stock photo. Looks like a hotel room faucet and sink.


I am so glad to hear this! I wish there were a bill passed to meter wellheads in Milan! ! :)


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You are joking...right?