Edison Elementary encouraging acts of kindness

Students inspired by 'heart attack.'
Aaron Krause
Feb 21, 2013


This was a welcomed heart attack. It was part of Edison Elementary School's recent Act of Kindness Week.

On one particular day, students in each homeroom received a cut-out heart. On the heart, they had to write a positive thing about an assigned person. The hearts then were placed on the door of the assigned staff member for an event nicknamed a "heart attack." Students also participated in a door decorating contest promoting kindness, with the winning class earning an ice cream sundae party from principal David Hermes.

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Truth or Fiction

And who said that your school system doesn't define your community. Great job Edison Elementary. The citizens of our school district should be proud.


I think this is great but the schools need to that tree are students that help with bullying. My grandson became a lunch buddy with a boy that was being bullied now that child wants to go to school. Before he didn't want to go. I say thank you to Justyn and we are very proud of you.

Kottage Kat

Way to go justyn
I did this and she and I were friends for 52 years.
She passed away and I miss her every day