Local pilot concerned about tree stumps at airport

Airport board applicant complains to commissioners about 'safety hazard'
Scott Seitz2
Feb 22, 2013


Thomas Routh, local business owner and recent airport board applicant, recently complained to Huron County commissioners about stumps at the Huron County Airport.

"My purpose in doing so is to make this board aware of the safety hazard that has been created at the Huron County Airport due to the actions of this board and to ask if any actions have or will be taken to eliminate the hazard that you have created," Routh said.

The commissioners recently hired an outside firm to remove trees at the airport. Many stumps remain.

A story about the commissioners' meeting, including their comments about the stump issue, was published recently in the Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.




If the tree service removal company left the stumps they should be the ones to remove them. I could see this being a potential safety hazard. I agree they need to be removed./

Brock Lee

who caers


I'd say if there worried about the tree stumps they are not seeing the big picture here. I'd say your 14 inch's from a crash!


No wonder it was so cheap the expensive part is taking stumps out .

Kottage Kat

Bet this one will " stump" them for a bit.


I am sure the county has a backhoe. Dig around them pull a cable thru the roots and load em up. ????


26 aircraft registered. Maybe some of the "few" can help on this.


If it is really a safety hazard maybe they should shut down the airport until action is taken.


When they cut down the trees, did they pile the stumps on the runway?? How are the tree stumps a hazard? Is someone afraid that a hillbilly is going to trip and fall this spring while hunting mushrooms??


Fine, Lets leave stumps in the safety run off area of the drag strip.
Does that get it through your head?


Leaving the stumps not only keeps an obstacle hazard in place, it means that the land cannot be made productive for farming unless the stumps are removed and the land is graded properly. This could have been resolved easily had the commissioners just taken a small grant to have this work contracted out.

It is just typical commissioner decision-making. You get what you pay for so they cut a deal to get the trees removed for "free" and did not do the complete job required.