Norwalk school chief shares $1.08 million worth of proposed spending cuts

Read specific details of the proposed cuts here.
Cary Ashby
Feb 13, 2013


Superintendent Dennis Doughty gave a presentation on proposed cuts in the district Tuesday during a school board meeting.

(NOTE - To read details of the proposed cuts, click on the link below.)

The total cost savings would be about $1.08 million and impact the equivalent of 18 1/2 full-time positions.

Some of the cuts would be eliminating field trips requiring busing, reducing library time throughout the district to half-time in every building and reviewing and reducing "specialist coverage" times for classes such as music and physical education "according to (the) minimum need."

"I believe these things need to be done," said Doughty, whether a levy passes or not.

If the levy fails, he said there will be more cuts.

School board members had an passionate discussion about the implications on staffing, curriculum requirements, class sizes and scheduling.

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Go ahead take away my busing, music, gym! But don't you dare touch my library time!! ROFLMAO Come on Doughty, cut the things that really need cut, like administrators salaries to start!

Estrella Damm

Start building more jails now to house those who are not educated.


How in the frip does library time enter into it? Are you freakin' kidding me? Talk about scare tactics...

No wonder Norwalk people "caint speel"...:)


Cutting library time means that one librarian can cover two buildings, thus reducing faculty. Middle School and Main Street already share a librarian.


They caint speel because their parents are dumba$$es and see no reason for their kids to be any better.

Now The Rest of...

Why weren't these cut made earlier to reduce any deficient? Seems convenient two months before a levy vote, this is why the taxpayers don't trust politicians asking for more money.


"If the levy fails, he (Doughty) said there will be more cuts."

Want to improve the odds that the levy will pass?

IMO, reveal the outlines of "Plan B". Let taxpayers know what those additional reductions and possible fee increases will be.





An informed citizen makes the best voter! Get the facts!


So I guess we are all going to have to get used to "minimum standard" education. Nothing like having our future workforce skilled for minimum wage jobs. Thank you so much Governor Kasich.


Really? You blame Kasich?? Do you remember Kasich trying to break to the Teacher's Union to control salaries and benefits?? Then do you remember Ohioans voting for Issue 5 to stop Kasich from renegotiating the teacher contracts? Since you are blaming Kasich, I'll infer that you are a Democrat, so you voted for Issue 5...and now you get either a property tax increase or you get to live in school district that declines. You made a with it.

Now The Rest of...

If the school spent their money wisely they wouldn't be training for minimum wage jobs, more money does not equal better education unless you are liberal. What did Strickland do to improve education or fund it?


Cant win with this crowd. They say NO NEW LEVY and want cuts. Give them cuts and they CRY about minimal education.

And what does Kasich have to do with any of this. The lack in state funding is a national problem....not just an Ohio one.

Really are you ...

Saving 1.08 million dollars impacting an equivalent of 18.5 full time positions. Or 58,378 dollars per position a year. Really? That is just as bad as the politicians kicking the can on Capitol Hill. We pay the members of congress to be undecisive when it comes to agreeing on something to strengthen our economy. Only passing some medocre bill that companies can twist to mess over their employees. When I was in school we used pencil and paper, and when we did a report it had to be done handwritten in pen or typed out on a typerwriter. Now kids are submitting reports and homework by email. Classes at NHS are becoming more college oriented. Before I went to college I never knew what a syllabus was. Seems like NHS is going more ECOT, with teachers giving instructions only when the students have a questions. Also good luck trying to find someone who knows how to do college bound courses at study tables, when students stay after for help. And that is what we are paying for?


Its called technology. Nobody uses a typewriter anymore. Are you kidding me?

believe it

Lol...obviously someone doesn't want to keep up with the changing world.


@ arnmcrmn:

Can you imagine if it was a different time the libs could be exclaiming:

Obama saved the typewriter industry! :)

believe it

I think it's funny that everyone acts like they know what to do or what the solution is...put yourself in Doughty's shoes(or anyone that is in charge of a large business) and see how hard it is to make decisions. By reading some of these comments it's obvious people think it's just so easy to do things. There's lots of factors that go into making decisions, especially when dealing with government. I'd love to see some of you have to make these decisions.


Why is it always the first decision of administrators to cut the music, art and PE classes down to the bare minimums? Not only are those the few classes in which some students are able to excel, but years of research show that Arts Education is closely linked to almost everything that we as a nation say we want for our children and demand from our schools: academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity. Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.


@ Windy:

So where should the reductions be made?

It's pretty simple:

Either local taxes and fees need to go up or the quality of ALL public services and benefits will decline - TANSTAAFL.

Without a large commercial base, tax revenue must come from the residents.

The largest employers in Huron Co. are not-for-profit and govt. which do not pay RE taxes.

Seniors, who are an increasing demographic are sheltered too.

It's estimated that by 2020, 25% of Norwalk will be 65 yrs. of age and older.

Brock Lee

to bad the race track aint in the city maybey they change the city limit an get tax from badar

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : For conversation sake. Currently, there is roughly 4500 homes in Norwalk. Of which some 1100 or 25 % are owned by senior citizens. ( source auditors oFFice)

We may assume since senior citizens tend to be very responsible citizens. That, they will comprise ( pick a number) roughly 50% of the actual voters that go to the polls.

Which means ,of course,that---the demographic---- that the school system needs to convince,to raise their own taxes are likely to be conserative,quite often Catholic ( translation: They know teacher salarys have nothing what so ever to do with being great teachers)senior citizens living on fixed incomes,who in large numbers took the rash of plant closing's right square in the teeth( read that: Massive pay cuts).

All of which is to say; I am grateful for our school board,which runs the most eFFicent system in Huron county. As well as, if I were Mr. Doughty contemplating these grapics,while mulling over another levy try.I think,I'd be a regular tylenol user


@ CC:

Thanks for the confirmatory points. Sad, but that's the direction IMO.

An aside:

Gov. Kasich was on Kudlow last night. I caught most of the interview. Sounds positive.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " Sad,but that's the direction ..." O.K. ,I'll buy that it is sad,that the bulk of homeowners are not young people today. However,that's where my 'sadness' stops regarding our great city.

Because, again my point is strictly about registered voters, and my geuss,as to who they are.However,I feel very strongly that Norwalk's future is a bright one.

Will it be as bright as the days of new factory's opening like crazy around us ? No,but where in America will that happen ? After all automation,let alone Nafta and Cafta have cut drastically into the need for factory workers everywhere,hasn't it?

Still,given the quality of people who call Norwalk " home " I have no doubt,that as our poplulation continues it's slow growth. That our ability as well as ingenuity to meet that growth,will surprise you.


@ CC:

Back to topic (and in light of your optimism for the future):

So should I assume that you'll be voting "Yes" for the levy if or when it comes up again?

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : One of the area's of vast disagreement between us is of course,our opinion's of the " common good "

So I can tell you honestly , that every levy, I feel helps our city has been given a 'yes' vote by me through the years.

I also,feel very strongly that given the vast amounts of pride,energy,determination,ingenuity and just out and out goodness that lives in the hearts of so many of Norwalk's citizens.

That we will,not just "make do " in an uncertain future. We will, make the " best of it " and this we will do for what ever period is required of us. After all doesn't a city as great as Norwalk,deserve our best ?

I understand there will be many setbacks. I understand,there is something in all of us,that would like to live as we once lived. However,since time will not permit that. I choose to look to Norwalk's future confident in the knowledge that the pride and perserverance of our citizens will once again carry the day, no matter the challenge's we face


@ CC:

I give you credit for putting your vote where your sentiments lay.

Gotta ask: So, if it fails, will you be sending them a check for a sum comparable to what an increase in your taxes would have been?

With all due respect: Your "hope" for the community is a bit thick for my tastes. As an investor, I tend to look at the odds of a ROI and it looks very speculative to me.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: The movie,I wrote of in the asteriod article,that we watched is called: " Here comes the Boom " which is about a school teacher trying to save his school's music dept. with his donations.

Which of course,with out a massive donation ( which he ended up getting) small donations were of little use. So to any answer your question; If there is a levy and it does fail.No I will not send a check.

As to my " hope " for my beloved hometown. I simply ask: What choice do we have,other than to both give, as well as do our best, to make sure that Norwalk remains as awesome as it can be ?

Best of all, in giving our best eFForts to this great cause. We give our lives what all lives truly need : Purpose

So I am not sure what better ROI there could possibly be for an "investor",other than to give wholeheartedly of themselves to a cause they believe in ?

swiss family

I am all for supporting our community, and investing in our greatest assets, which is our children. I will not do it blindly and I also feel that to just keep, giving without calling for the administrations accountability is not doing anything as far as helping our future.

As a parent, I would imagine that when your kids asked you for a dollar.. you wanted and wondered what they used it for, and wanted to make sure that they used it wisely, and got the most for their money.. correct? then why is it suddenly an anti future of Norwalk position to ask for the same accountability from our schools. I happen to think that until they are willing to put the facts on the table,they must be ashamed of the money that they are wasting, so I refuse to give them more until they prove to me that , just like your child with their dollar, they are using it wisely and getting the most for OUR money

I feel that if they would become completely transparent, like they should be with our money after all, they know that the public and taxpayers would see the waste that they have become accustomed to, and we will see how many Principals are being paid top dollar, to govern over so few students.. and Since all of our schools are within a 5 mile radius to one another, and when we see how much the individual Principals are costing the school system, and especially in this age where we are instantly connected by cell phones, I feel we might be able to do ,away with some of those positions. I have heard it said that "those with nothing to hide, hide nothing" well then lets see how they are spending our money before we just open our wallets and give them more, WITHOUT any accountability..

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " a bit thick for my tastes " Point acknowledged.God knows,I love soaring oraratory. :)