Norwalk school chief shares $1.08 million worth of proposed spending cuts

Read specific details of the proposed cuts here.
Cary Ashby
Feb 13, 2013


Superintendent Dennis Doughty gave a presentation on proposed cuts in the district Tuesday during a school board meeting.

(NOTE - To read details of the proposed cuts, click on the link below.)

The total cost savings would be about $1.08 million and impact the equivalent of 18 1/2 full-time positions.

Some of the cuts would be eliminating field trips requiring busing, reducing library time throughout the district to half-time in every building and reviewing and reducing "specialist coverage" times for classes such as music and physical education "according to (the) minimum need."

"I believe these things need to be done," said Doughty, whether a levy passes or not.

If the levy fails, he said there will be more cuts.

School board members had an passionate discussion about the implications on staffing, curriculum requirements, class sizes and scheduling.

A story about the school board meeting was published in Wednesday's Reflector. To read the stories, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.



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swiss family

I still don't think that the administration understands the way that a good amount of the community are feeling. I know that I think that cuts need to ,be made in the administrative layer... I think that there are too many highly paid Principals, and vice everything's.. I say lets be transparent about this if you really believe that you can't see any administrative waste, then please come up with a list of ALL of the schools , employees, which are after all paid for by our tax dollars, and let us see what all of the teachers, Principals, janitors, library staff etc earn with our money.. that would make the most sense to me, unless you know that for us to see that, we would demand, not ask for cuts to be made at those levels..Until the school system will be so open and honest with what our tax dollars are paying for, me vote will always be "NO"


You all asked for deep cuts. 18 positions and over a million dollars and you still cry. Until this entire school is dissolved, some of you will never be happy.