Officer suspended after inmate assaults inmate

Female prison guard accused of locking handcuffed prisoner in cell with another inmate, who raped and beat him.
Feb 13, 2013


A state-prison corrections officer has been suspended while the State Highway Patrol investigates allegations that she locked a handcuffed prisoner in a cell with another inmate, who raped and beat him.

Theresa L. Daniel, 60, was placed on administrative leave with pay on Jan. 19, said JoEllen Smith, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Daniel is accused of failing to follow prison policies and procedures, Smith said.

The state will not release the names of the two inmates involved. The incident happened on Jan. 18 in the segregation unit of the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima. The facility houses both general-population inmates and those suffering from mental illness.

Smith said her department is investigating separately from the patrol, and she could provide no more details.

Lt. Anne Ralston confirmed that the patrol is investigating. A report says investigators are considering the possibility of criminal charges against both the officer and the inmate accused of an assault. The officer could be charged with dereliction of duty, a second-degree misdemeanor. The inmate could face a felony charge of rape by sodomy.

The patrol’s brief initial report said Daniel (who is not named in the report) “has been accused of leaving handcuffs on the victim/inmate while in his cell in segregation. The victim/inmate alleged that he was assaulted while he was still handcuffed.”

Daniel has worked in the prison system since 1996.


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highway patrol is investigating this?


Ohio Highway Patrol is the police of the ODRC (a.k.a. prison). When ever there is a issue like staff being removed or an arrest for staff or visitors taking in drugs. The OHP is called.


i bet they get a buzz from all the "criminal indicators" in that place..


Yes, that's right. On STATE property the highway patrol is the chief investigative entity in Ohio. If a murder, for instance, took place on an OSU campus they would investigate it. The county sheriff's department or Bureau of Criminal Investigation may assist but OSP would present their findings to the county prosecutor.


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Gota be a reason a 60 yrold woman felt it was ok....


In America criminals have rights too.


She should be charged with alot more than she was- that's b.s. she allowed that!!

Mr. Touchdown

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