Boy bitten by pitbull in Norwalk

Bystander helps get the dog away from boy; Victim sent to hospital.
Joe Centers
Feb 13, 2013


A 13-year-old boy was bitten by a pitbull Tuesday afternoon on West Seminary Street.

The boy was taken by ambulance to Fisher-Titus Medical Center but Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp (pictured with the dog) said the bite did not appear to be serious.

The dog broke out of his collar and bit the boy, according to a witness, who helped get the dog away from the boy.

Hipp said the dog will be quarantined for 10 days by its owner, who lives at 37 W. Seminary St. The dog was up to date with its shots.

The boy is home from the hospital and doing fine, according to the Norwalk Police Department.



Oh, please don't put that poor thing to sleep. Everyone will say "Oh pits are soo bad" all dogs are bad in some shape or form. We don't know if the boy was teasing the dog or pestering it. We don't know the WHOLE story! :( :(


I hope the boy recovers quickly. I just wonder...where was the boy? Did the dog chase him down or was they boy in the dog's yard? Dogs belong inside, curled up on a warm couch, not tied up outside. Cute pit bull...I hope they don't euthanize him for this (at least not before getting the whole story).


Aww "Purplebonnie" touching. You go over and sit down and pet that pit bull and get the whole story for us.




Yea, I will go pet him. Wanna join me with that attitude of yours? Maybe after the 10 day quarantine period....lets set up a play date with that pit bull :)


yeah look at that mean old dog as the police walk by....... can't you see the teeth and everything.....ppl are stupid.... dogs are dogs......I'm sure the kid did something and like the artilce said THE KID ISN'T EVEN HURT! NR making something out of nothing just becasue it says PITBULL oh NO!!!!!! I for one have been around many pits and never once have I been scared (but than again I don't hang with ppl that fight dogs) Any dog can be mean if trained to! I have a lab and a mastiff! More ppl are scared of my mastiff....should be scared of the lab JS........


I have beware of dog signs and do not enter and live on a property that has a gate to get into so you come on my property you deal with a dog or a gun js.........

Lloyd Christmas

What was the boy doing? Provoking it? Was he somewhere he shouldnt have been? If this was a beagle we wouldnt even have heard about it.

Dogs typically dont bite just because they're bored. Wheres the rest of the story?




How very true. Many dog bites/attacks are not reported. If the dog is even remotely close to possibly being a pit bull it is all over the front page. I am also curious as to what the "rest of the story" is.


Same thing happened in PC and they shot the dog


I am more cautious of a little rat dog, than I am a Pitt, Shepard, or Bulldog anyway. Those netvous lil b____rds will get ya as soon as you turn your back!




hope the wound heals well.
dog bites can be bad,they can abscess and infect.
i had to clean this house once after a bunch of junkies lived there.
when i went to sweep the heat vents i was sucking up needles.
really gross!
was so afraid i would be guilty by assocciation even just being there.
they quarentine the dog,if it dies within 10 days its possible positive for rabies.
let the shots begin for the kid.
poor dog!
great pic Eric!

Mr. Touchdown

Pitbull bites boy in Norwalk?...Doesn't Norwalk still have an ordinance against pitbulls Mr. Ousley? Either way I'm sure the owner will get off with a slap on the wrist. I doubt if they even get charged with dog at large. There goes your theory that pitbulls only attack other dogs. Should've sent Slone & Draper over for some target practice!


No ordinance. You have to pay extra for licensing, register with dog warden with pics of your dog & have $100,000 insurance policy. I think there's more but I'm not sure.


no longer in Ohio ...... keep up to date


maybe dog wasn't at run thru those back yards all the time.
Hipp is purdy durn close there and dog looks furocious!

David Deerest.

Looks like swiss family has changed her name again...
Seriously? You people really think the dog is the problem?? Was the kid teasing the dog?'s all THE DOG's fault. You ignorant poor excuses for human beings never cease to amaze and amuse me, day after day, article after article.
Ya bunch of freaks.


i know you don't mean me changing my name David.
always been a onegirlarmy!
"furocious"===sarcastic...eye roll Deerest.


Ill go get a roll of quarters and smash that f n dogs face in I hate pitts and especially after they have bitten a person. Need to destroy the thing before a parent does!!


Someone needs anger management.


Wait!! I'll give you 3 bucks for that roll of quarters and I'll even toss in a roll of dimes. Call me.


slimwhite56-my aren't u a little whupa** how about u and purplebonnie set up a playdate? there's 2 for you, purplebonnie-gotta keep the dog busy you know? lol


Our Cocker Spaniel jumped on a guy( our dog was on a leash) ripped the guys pants, but we had to quarantine him for 10 days, got a notice about the 100,000 insurance, and have a micro chip implanted.


pitbulls are attack dogs, it's in their blood. doesn't matter how you raise them, their instinct is to attack and kill. i know a lady whose son had his face almost completely ripped off by a pitbull while they were walking down the street. it broke off it's chain and charged them for no reason. i say ban all pitbulls, put every one of them to sleep.


Do you happen to know how that particular pit was raised? Obviously not like mine if chained up out side. In most cases it all comes down to whether they're in a loving, stable home & have been well socialized. However, I do agree that SOME can have mental problems...just like humans. Just my opinion though.

Lloyd Christmas

Heitsche... you clearly are CLUELESS when it comes to this topic. Stop listening to the talking heads on the TV and do some thinking for yourself. An ANIMAL... not just a DOG... or a PIT... will take on the personality of its owner, not to mention it will respond in the same manner its treated. It has NOTHING to do with "its in their blood". Ive seen plenty of crazy cats that wont let people touch them. Should we kill all the cats too?

Thats like saying someone is going to grow up to be a serial killer because their great uncle was. Same blood right? GET A CLUE!

My guess is you're also an Obama supporter...


i will go sit with this dog and dont he look so mean .the dog is only as dum as the owner and when they are young no they not be tied outside by theirself that shows u what u should not do as a pit bull owner .COME ON ITS LIKE ANY DOG BUT WITH PIT BULLS U SHOULD NOT LEAVE THEM TIED OUT BY THEIRSELFS. I DO HAVE A PIT BULL .


"haterwalkme"...No need to announce you own a pitbull. Your grammar said it all!