Architectural firm plans to meet with Monroeville community about new school

Firm recently met with teachers about new building.
Aaron Krause
Feb 22, 2013


An architectural firm that will provide the basic design for the new Monroeville Local Schools building recently met with teachers -- and announced plans to meet with the community -- to discuss ideas.

Voters in November approved a bond issue to pay for school additions.

The funds generated by the bond issue will be used for a new 30-year roof for the entire campus, 10 new classrooms to house grades pre-K to third grade, two new special education rooms, one new music/art room, offices for occupational and physical therapy services, new boys' and girls' restrooms, a 15-foot expansion of the cafeteria, including new floor and asbestos removal and an elevator to the second floor of the high school to make it handicapped-accessible. The levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home between $6 and $7 per month.

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traffic cams will pay..funny how public groups keep trying to take our money

Estrella Damm

Still not sure why this school district exist. They seem to have the highest taxes locally and the district could easily be dissolved into Norwalk, Bellevue, Perkins, & Willard.

hit the road jack

Don't forget the 20x20 teachers lounge,equiped with all new vending machines and all the latest video games and recliners.think they will actually put a roof on this time?

swiss family

I agree with "Estrella"... why keep putting money on a school that is in such crisis?? In my opinion, that school system is wasting too much money by having the Superintendent and Principal, or maybe more than one Principal all at the same location.. it seems to me that their biggest problem is not the condition of the school, but their problem is foolishly spending the taxpayers money on their NEEDS instead of their WANTS... they are top heavy, and that is why it is so hard to pass a levy. I suggest doing away with the school altogether, and letting the students be absorbed into other school systems.

swiss family

sorry... on their WANTS instead of their NEEDS...