Huron County projected to receive $900,000 from casinos

County auditor keeps his estimate at half of what association projects.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 22, 2013


Huron County Auditor Roland Tkach continues to remain conservative when considering the benefit of casino revenue for the county.

Tkach said Huron County should receive about $42,000 in casino funds for January, but won't actually get that money until the end of March because it is paid quarterly.

The County Commissioners Association projected about $900,000 in casino revenue for Huron County, but Tkach won't budge from his $450,000 estimate.

"I'm still keeping my estimate for the year at half of what was expected," Tkach said.

Tkach doesn't like what he's seeing with the whole casino process.

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Good to hear that Huron Co. is getting a portion of the "stupid tax."

IMO, OH needs to follow the lead of NV and NJ and begin the process toward legalizing on-line gambling.

Brick and mortar is too capital intensive. There are more efficient 21st Century methods to fleece the public while maximizing the take.

On-line gambling: Lose more money faster than you ever thought possible.


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