Double fatality goes to prosecutor

15-year-old girl was the driver in crash that killed her grandparents.
Cary Ashby
Feb 13, 2013


The state Highway Patrol's investigation of a double fatality will be going to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office for the consideration of charges.

North Fairfield residents Rodney D. Williams, 69, and his wife, Betty L. Williams, 66, of 203 N. Main St., were passengers who were killed in a two-vehicle collision Feb. 2. Their granddaughter, Karlie Conaway, 15, of Greenwich, was the driver of the vehicle, a 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.

The accident occurred on West Ohio 162, just west of Townline Road 79 in Fitchville Township.

The other driver was Troy A. Green, 40, of 91 Birchpark Drive, New London.

Lt. Douglas Hamman said the investigation by Trooper Thomas Halko is complete except troopers haven't been able to get a statement from Green, due to the extent of his injuries. Hamman said the patrol will add a supplement to Halko's report once troopers are able to interview Green.

Hamman said he last heard Green was in critical condition at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. A hospital spokeswoman confirmed that information Tuesday, saying Green was in the surgical intensive care unit.

"We weren't able to get specifics," Hamman said. "We do follow-ups occasionally, but it's not something we do daily."

Paramedics transported Conaway and Green from the crash site to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with serious injuries. Hamman said the patrol hasn't been able to get any information on Conaway's condition.

Conaway's grandparents were pronounced dead at the scene.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer DeLand said she hadn't received a report from the patrol as of Tuesday morning.

DeLand, who handles most of the juvenile cases for the prosecutor's office, said troopers typically drop off their reports during their "court run," which usually happens anywhere from the day troopers complete their reports to a few days afterward.

"Normally, they are very prompt," she said.

DeLand said she's had conversations about the crash with Hamman and Halko. She declined further comment, citing the open case.

At 2:18 p.m. Feb. 2, Conaway was westbound on Ohio 162. Troopers said the girl lost control, went left of center and was hit in the eastbound lane of Ohio 162 by the 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck driven by Green.

Authorities have established Conaway has a temporary instruction permit, which allows her to be behind the wheel.



The pain that this girl has to live with for the rest of her life isn't enough punishment? Give me a break!


It happens in many car accidents. Not just this one.


that was my first reaction too!
what lesson will that teach this girl! wow
sometimes bad things happen to good people.
you can almost bet on the courts to add burden to this family.
pray for peace and understanding on this young life.
such a terrible thing for her to carry as it is.
God Bless


Black boxes in vehicles are coming. It'll help take some of the guesswork out.

jack langhals

There will be a lot of bleeping then.If there is any punishment I think she is being punished more than we will ever know already !


Black boxes are already in the vehicles..But seriously, this young girl lost her grandparents that day. Like others have posted, she will have to live with that the rest of her life. Getting your learners permit is suppose to be something to be proud of and to be able to take your grandparents for a ride, she must of been very proud earlier that tragic day..Maybe just maybe there could of been some black ice on the road. We all can only speculate. My heart goes out to this young girl and her entire family for the lose of the grandparents and now what the court system may try to drag her through.


@ lugnut2511:

None in the ones in question. Liability will change in the future as more vehicles have them and the older vehicles leave the road.


Oh, for cryin' out loud!! Hasn't this little gal suffered enough already?!


Throw the book at her! The Good Book (A.K.A. the BIBLE) and let's all pray that she can find a way to deal with the pain she has to live with. And let's also pray for Mr. Green for a speedy recovery.


I think they should really concentrate on making sure the girl gets some serious help, such as counseling. If she ends up in jail or anything, it won't help. We have to make sure she gets the help she needs to deal with the tragedy so she isn't one of the kids who turns to drugs like heroin in a few years. I wouldn't want to see her in the paper for that because she turned to drugs because she didn't get the help she needs so much. (yes, I know...holy run-on sentence, Batman!)


I hope this is just a formality, the girl apparently was driving legally on a learners permit under her grandfather's direction and not breaking any laws.


I think it probably is just a formality. Leffler has a family and kids. I doubt he will decide to charge her if puts himself in her shoes. But maybe he's not allowed to do that. I don't know, but I really hope he considers she will be punished every day of her life.


Would someone answer the question was the Grandfather her legal gaurdian? I know the patrol said she was legal but ohio law says you have to be 16 before you can drive with a legal drive other than a parent or legal gurdian.


I don't think he was. I also thought that because I thought our daughter was only allowed to ride with me or my husband, but I think they might be allowed to drive with a family member if they are over 21. I'm not sure though. My daughter thinks that's what it is.


This is from the Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws page 1 "Applicants under 16 years of age must practice driving with a licensed parent or legal guardian that occupies the seat next to them. If 16 years of age or older, they may practice driving with a licensed driver 21 years of age or older occupying the seat next to them." I posted this with the original articel as well. If she was 15 1/2 and they are not her legal guardians then she was driving illegally!

tell it how it is

While that's what it says, I do know from personal experience and viewing that grandparents tend to take the children driving more often then the parents in many situations. Though by the book it should be "illegal," no one gets in trouble for it if it is the grandparent.


So your saying it's ok for parents to give their kids alcohol as long as the don't get caught? Even though the law says it is illegal? If the parents don't not have the time to take their children driving, then they can wait till they are 16 to fullfill the driving requirement.


It is legal for parents to give their kids alcohol.

tell it how it is



Thank you for posting this. Maybe her grandparents were her legal guardians but if not, technically she shouldn't have been behind the wheel. It's in the handbook that is given out when kids get permits. I'm not sure people pay attention to details these days.


I am sure that if the troopers, who know this law inside and out, said she was driving legally then that has all been determined. Please do not consider the reports in the newspaper as all of the facts. There is a lot more information that does not make it into the newspapers.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

The last sentence is so true on here.


I don't think that there is a choice in charging her in the accident. I think that we just need to pray that the judicial system seeks to help her more than punish her.


I'm telling you what Huron County has got to be the worst flippin county to live in. The Williams are rolling over in their graves thinking that their granddaughter is going to suffer more because of this tragidy! I pray for this family everyday, and for the Green family. May God hold them all in his amazing grace.


It seems like more and more of these accidents occur nowadays with a student driver driving. Why did most or all schools take out drivers education for their students???


I think it's a horrible tragedy all the way around. I can't imagine what her and family is going thru.

Cliff Cannon

I personally have but one question regarding this " case " going to the prosecutor's oFFice considering the unspeakable life long punishment bestowed upon an innocent child already: " Why ? "


There was no need for this article Reflector.
Until the prosecutor decides to charge or not you should have left it alone.
Miss Conaway has enough to deal with already. Let her get stared with her recovery without digging at her wounds.
Mr Green,May you recover fully and soon.


Give it a rest people, Reflector and judicial system. Bad accident, horrible loss and one that will leave scars.....isn't that enough?