Monroeville motorists could face traffic cameras

Images from eye in the sky would be used to catch traffic violations.
Aaron Krause
Feb 22, 2013



Motorists considering running red lights here might want to smile for the camera -- or not.

Village officials are considering entering into a partnership with Redflex Traffic Systems to install traffic enforcement cameras at intersections in the village. The Reflector recently published a story about this subject. So you don't miss stories such as this one, sign up for home delivery by calling 419-668-3771 or by clicking on this LINK. You also can subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week.



What do they need camera's for?! You can't swing a dead cat in Monkeyville without hitting a Patrol car! It's already a speed trap and has been for years!


There can't be but a half dozen intersections in the whole town. Now that's lazy!


its like passing a levy..get it... passing


Good Thinking the same time the State is considering a ban on cities and counties using cameras for law enforcement...

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swiss cheese kat

Guess they don't get any news over there in Monkeyville. Redflex Traffic Systems Chicago scandal was recently in the news and they fired the VP.

hit the road jack

Just what they need,a lot of big cities are taking them out,they cause more accidents than they were hoping to prevent with these cameras,way to go Monroeville!


Monroeville is a truck-stop. Anyone from the area knows not to drive through that town. I don't see a problem.


Monroeville is a nice place

hit the road jack

You mean USED to be a nice place,hell 25 years ago I knew everyone in that town,now not so many and some of them act like their fresh out of Sandusky or Fremont,you know what I mean?


25 MPH through a deserted downtown and now red light cameras?

Why attempt to haphazardly increase village revenue through a patchwork of traffic violation methods; why not simply "cut to the chase" and place toll booths on the outskirts?

Just another reason to avoid Monroeville whenever possible.

swiss family

I happen to think that putting in more cameras, is a good idea in their effort to reduce crime.Most people are aware that the crime rate everywhere is increasing at an alarming rate. . Obviously, the Police can not be everywhere all at the same time.It is also painfully obvious that Jurors now have become delusional, and after watching too many CSI shows, they feel that to be found guilty, they had better have a video of the crime, and to increase the chances of having that video, Monroeville wants more cameras. I think it just might be able to prove to the Judges who was guilty and who was not, and hopefully put an end to so many "Plea Bargains"

I think that every town, cite, municipality, etc would only be helping themselves to think about this. It is Obvious that the crime rate is increasing, it is also an accepted fact that crime seems to fester and grow, in dark and secluded areas.I think that a really logical approach to helping to keep the crime rate down, is to trim out all of the old trees, and provide the most and brightest lights available , along with as many cameras as possible, because with Norwalk being an "OLD town" and with all of the huge old trees, making and limiting any light produced by our outdated street lights, with the proven theory that crime does not progress so well when the places are sufficiently light.. and as long as there is a chance that the crime might be caught on tape.

Sure we could hire more Police, and hope that they make a difference in the crime rate, but I honestly feel that the more lighted a place is, and the more cameras installed around town, the less attractive it becomes to criminals.. and also possibly the most cost efficient way possible as well.. in my opinion