Donnelley official counters rumors about Willard plant closing

Willard facility continues 'making lots and lots of books'
Aaron Krause
Feb 20, 2013


Not only is RR Donnelley's Willard plant not closing, it is "making lots and lots of books," vice president of manufacturing Dirk Hiler said at the Willard Area Chamber of Commerce's recent annual banquet.

Hiler said at the recent banquet he knows rumors have been floating about a drastic step plant officials might have had to take due to challenges posed by the economy.

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Yeah ... heard this before. Few years back there was a rumor of layoffs and early buy outs, they said that wasn't true either. Five years from now ... Pepperidge will be using it for storage.


It's difficult to be a printer in a digital world.

The stock (RRD) carries a nice 10.70% yield.

Mr. Touchdown

Imo, It's just a matter of time before RRD closes. A few local schools have already gone to e-books & Willard has the oldest equipment out of all the Donnelley plants. By far the biggest surprise is that Dirk Hiler is still employed there.

believe it

The comment about the oldest equipment actually isn't true. Back when I worked there they were in the process of putting in two new lines(replacing old ones) and updating a lot of Hi-Tech.

Mr. Touchdown

By equipment I'm talking about all the 30 plus year old presses!

believe it

One of the things when I was there was a press too...not all the presses are 30 years old!


That's what they all say ...before they close. Squash rumors, spin a false sense of security and then boom .... lock the doors.

We've all seen it too many times in this area.


If im not mistaken, the willard plant is one of RRD biggest plants

Mr. Touchdown

You're right Aaron! One of the biggest Donnelley plants there is but it's hard to make a big profit when you're not running at full capacity for a plant that size. Biggest don't mean squat when you have half your equipment down & shortened work weeks plus all the old equipment..(presses)..The work isn't there anymore for that industry & it's pretty hard to compete with other places with newer equipment who can do the job faster,cheaper,higher quality,& with less people. I hope it doesn't close but their future looks pretty bleak!


Pepperidge Farm in Willard will be expanding in the ball park of a 100+ million dollars expansion and adding roughly 100+ new jobs. Thats good news for Willard.


thats not enough to replace the jobs willard will lose. Willard will also see home values fall when Stackhouse loses most of his properties for being a crook... Why isnt that slum lord in jail yet?


What jobs are going to be lost in Willard? Please explain. And Stackhouse won't see any jail time. That's way old news.


Glad I left Willard.

believe it

We're glad you left too.


leave it to kurt to always bring something relevant to the topic at hand.